Serato Update 3: Serato Scratch Live v2.4.3 beta

Serato Scratch Live v2.4.3 beta

And finally we come to where it all started – Serato have rolled out the same under the hood Serato video stuff and the aforementioned and much requested FLAC support, along with a bunch of SSL-specific bug fixes.

Here’s the full change list:

Scratch Live 2.4.3 (changes since 2.4.2)


* Serato Video Delay Compensation (in the video setup screen menu)

Offset the master video feed from the audio when you have sync/latency issues.

* Auto transition FX (in the fader tab of video)

Set this option if you don’t want to change FX manually. Transitions will change upon every track load. There is a On/Off (auto) button, a Random button, and a “next transition please” button.

* Dedicated Video View – preview decks next to virtual decks, etc.

* FLAC support

Bug Fixes

Playback fixes

* Fixed an SP6 bug where playing from the 6th slot causes a crash (windows).

* When midi mapping the ‘add cue point’ button for a cue point slot, the behaviour is now either add a cue point if one doesn’t exist, or reset the position of the cue point if the cue already exists. Note: this is the same functionality as 2.3.3.

* Fixed REL mode tracking issues when using SPDIF on the Rane 68.

* Fixed a Rane Sixty-One, Sixty-Two and 68 bug whereby the FLEX FX sends for bpm dependent effects, such as echo, where not using the deck’s bpm.

** The bpm for those effects was using a default value of 120 bpm, so the best way to hear the bug is to use a track with a bpm not close to this value.

* Fixed bug where the green midi mapped box wouldn’t appear for some midi devices.

GUI fixes

* Changed the TTM 57 hardware panel text from video-sl to Serato Video.

* Updated the Serato Video icons in the TTM 57 hardware panel.

Library and Track metadata fixes

* Fixed bug where .xml/.ovb data would not be generated for files that need it; quicktime decoded files that don’t use mpeg4 containers.

* Implemented the ability to lock/unlock the beat grid by ctrl+clicking either status column of the track library, or the song info display’s grid edit/locked indicator. The state is saved to the database and respects the settings used by ITCH.

Video related fixes

* Added the missing False Color effect to the automatically generated effects_list.xml

** Note that if effects_list.xml already exists then you either have to delete the effects_list.xml and allow it to be recreated, or add

1. <effect ID="17825797" name="False Color" ></effect>

to the file manually by adding it to the “Lighting” xml element.

* The Serato Video Image effect ‘size’ param is now saved and loaded to and from xml.

* Fixed bug where auto cross fading from left to right would get stuck at zero when the auto cross fade speed is slow.

* Adjusted the auto cross fade speed so that the low-mid-high speeds at 10 secs-4.4 secs-super fast. The mid is a little faster than VSL 1.2.

* Fixed a bug where the auto fader couldn’t fade hard left.

Backing up your Data

Please make sure you have read and understood the instructions for backing up your data here -> (click link)

Running more than one version of Scratch Live

Please make sure you have read and understood the instructions for running more than one version of Scratch Live here -> (click link).

Remember, this is a pre-release software version, so use it at your own risk!

Before the beta, please ensure that you have backed up your data!


To get access to the beta, you’ll need to be a member of the Serato forum, and sign up to the beta Scratch Live here. No signup, no access, hence the previous “access denied” messages.

And yes, I made a new version counter graphic. Easier to work with and suits the site much better. But I’m kinda screwed if anything DJlike gets to v10 or above.

A question – how important is FLAC to you? Did you stop waiting and move to something else? I only ask as I cannot tell the difference between a 320K MP3 and lossless. It’s just not important to me, but I’d love to know if it is to you.

  • its amazing that serato keeps adding these useless features to ssl when we are still waiting for standard features like midi clock out or better library management (auto import new tracks)

  • ugn

    …or CDJ 850 support, and so on..

  • I’d love to see an App for library management. Being able to find cues/loops and fix beat grids while on the bus would be amazing.

  • Flo

    Midi Out for Controller Feedback + “Smart Sync” like Traktor does (I mean just matching the tempo not auto sync) that’s what I want!

  • Dj Stu-C

    Serato are pretty lazy, their website goes without changing sometimes for months, if djworx was like this nobody would come on here, thankfully its not.

    i would like to have my 3 decks shown in other modes than stack mode, eg alongside each other and being able to customise which one goes where on the screen so it would fall inline with where my decks are on the table, also good for when your dropping tracks onto the virtual deck so you are not dragging over the other decks to get there.. serato refuse to see this as important to most djs/users so said they have no plans to implement it.

    there is never anything dynamic about these updates now and they are bulling this video function up like its going to change djing forever.. speaking for myself i couldnt give a shit about pretty pictures on a screen when im stuck in the middle of a crowd in some freezing cold dark warehouse. i just want to dance and listen. its just promoting the use of their software amongst american cheesy pop dis (pauly d) so they can have rihanna on screen aswell as abusing the speakers

    ….rant over

  • as much as i love SSL, it does seem that every recent update has been targeted towards VideoSL and Rane mixer users…. I can’t remember the last time Serato introduced a new feature that made me go WOW – probably the SP6.

    • Linzmar

      Me too. I feel the last couple of updates have left me sad and disappointed 🙁

  • barty

    FLAC is important for me, i’ve been using apple lossless, and serato adding FLAC support is one less thing keeping me tied to itunes (i am still very much tied to itunes for playlists, for the time being)

    lossless audio sounds much better if you are trying to keep the key lock ON and drastically change the tempo, i cannot hear a 320 vs FLAC difference at 0 pitch, but it does make a difference when you start tossing in key lock and other digital effects.

  • sgb

    I’ve been using Apple Lossless when I edit a track (e.g., old funk tracks, etc). When I do that, I want to preserve every bit of quality I can, so I’ll convert to Apple Lossless because hard drive space is not an issue these days. Will I switch to FLAC? Well, that depends because my library right now is in iTunes, and I don’t believe that iTunes will support FLAC.

    Question though, I’ve converted .wav to both Apple lossless and FLAC. I have not seen any substantial difference in size of the file (quality should be the same). Does anybody else have a different experience?

  • is this gonna be mountain lion compatible? That’s the big update I am waiting for… I would love to update laptop and these guys are the SOLE reason I can not.

    Honestly dev kits for mountain lion have been out for a year(s) before the the official release there is no reason, Serato/Rane/NI can’t get there stuff together and have a compatible version ready by the OS release…

    • Dj Stu-C

      ive got mine running on mountain lion and it works fine, cant speak for anyone else but it seems no different to me

  • Beta link fixed.

  • Linzmar

    Dear serato
    Please stop working on peripheral stuff. Theres so many fantastic features that were waiting for you to implement. Each update is becoming as disappointing as the last.

  • frspp

    Flac support, nice! I don’t have Serato myself but there’s every now then a change to use it at gigs. I have ripped my cd collection to flac (as it’s loseless, open source and free) and I have also bought all the music in loseless format. I anyway prefer having all the sounds in loseless format (full quality) and flac packs into smaller than wav so the addition is good. Haven’t bothered converting those to other formats as there’s also enough vinyl to play.

    There’s this one Finnish audiophile who own’s few clubs in Helsinki and he have said that there’s notable difference between 320 mp3 and wav on big soundsystem. Some other people have also mentioned that they hear the difference in their home setups but those are probably really more like studio/acoustically treated rooms, where the sound is pure and clear as it should be.

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