Serato Update 2: ITCH v2.2.2 Public beta

Serato Itch Public Beta v2.2.2

Serato are rolling stuff out thick and fast now. Serato ITCH is the next to get some beta attention, with a handful of key new features and fixes.

Aside from some important under the hood Serato Video hookups, 2 very longstanding requests have been implemented. While 4 decks might be all the range, a lot of people bought 4 channel controllers with the express intention of only using 2 of them. So after much forum abuse persistent vocal persuasion, ITCH now gets 2 deck layouts for Numark’s NS6 and Allen & Heath’s xone:DX. That makes me happy. I don’t own them, but as someone who used them and liked them, I’m happy on behalf of people who do.

Serato Itch Public Beta v2.2.2

Perhaps the longest running request (bar pitch n time) has been support for lossless audio. And after taking a lot of flack (you know where this is going right?), Serato have added support for FLAC (oh my sides). I can feel the wave of fists punching the air around the world for the inclusion of this single feature.

Anyway, here’s the long and detailed list from Serato HQ:

This release is primarily a maintenance release but also adds important features such as Vestax VCI-380 support and new video features that you can use with Serato Video. Note that you do not need the latest version of Serato Video to take advantage of these new video features, but we recommend you get the latest 1.1.0 release from here:

ITCH (changelist since 2.2.0)

ITCH Features

* Vestax VCI-380 support

* FLAC support

* Added a 2-deck Numark NS6 and Allen & Heath Xone DX layout mode.

Serato Video related features

* Dedicated Video View – Display video decks alongside the virtual audio decks.

* Serato Video Delay Compensation (activated in the video setup screen)

This will allow one to offset the master video feed from the audio when there are sync/latency issues.

* Auto transition FX (in the fader panel of the Serato Video widget)

Set this option if you want a different transition effect to be used ever time a new track is loaded. There are three options.
– Auto: Turns the auto transitions on/off.
– Random: Every transition is randomly selected, rather than selected sequentially from the transitions list.
– Next: Forces another transition to load button, a Random button, and a “next transition please” button.

Bug Fixes

GUI fixes

* Fixed bug where a large grey box outline would be visible when doing a drag and drop. This only affected certain OSX versions such as 10.6.7 32 bit.

* Fixed bug where the ‘add cue point’ buttons in the offline player weren’t showing as enabled upon track load.

* Fixed bug where the ‘view’ button would incorrectly cycle through an easter egg view.

Library and Metadata fixes

* Improved iTunes XML importing.

This is to address the issue where iTunes library importing would fail when the library contained non utf-8 encoded strings. These formatting errors are an issue with iTunes, but this fix will now handle these string encoding errors and allow the entire library to be imported successfully.

* ID3 scanning by dragging a crate to the button now works.

* Fixed bug where ITCH could create a _ScratchLIVE_ folder on external drives.

* Fixed a crash when using Live Playlists.

* Track data that has non ascii characters such as ñ and ó will now be searchable using n and o respectively.

* Fixed a bug where .wav file tags couldn’t be read or written to properly because of non-wide aligned chunks.

* Fixed the library keyboard scrolling issue causeed when the bpm is being edited and the user presses ctrl+up/down in order to scroll up/down the library.

Controller fixes

* Fixed the feedback loop bug with the Allen & Heath Xone DX.

* Fixed a Denon HC5000 bug where going Shift+Relay would not make the HC5000’s display change, thus preventing the user from being able to see the time setting being adjusted. Note that pushing just the Relay button would show the display change.

* Fixed the Novation Twitch touch strip bug where the beat grid sometimes couldn’t be adjusted when the ‘adjust’ button is pressed.

* Fixed bug where scrolling through the Novation Twitch master fx time values for the delay and echo effect would not do so incrementally.

* Fixed Swipe Mode + Play button bug with the Novation Twitch.

* Fixed a Novation Twitch bug whereby the ‘Drop’ button didn’t turn off after needle-drop.

* Changed Slicer and Saved Loop lighting on the Novation Twitch.

* Fixed a linked V7 bug where using the right V7’s velocity slider and cues may make the left V7’s playhead jump to the beginning of the track.

Playback fixes

* Fixed bug where auto loops couldn’t be saved in offline player.

* The number of cue points that can be scrolled through in the SP6 is now 8.

* Fixed Alt + Clicking Sample Slot bug so that it now stops the sample playing.

* Fixed Headroom issue.

* Fixed ‘Braker’ defaulting to 12 o’clock after install.

* Fixed bug where auto gain was not being applied.

Serato Video related bug fixes

* Added the missing False Color effect to the automatically generated effects_list.xml

** Note that if effects_list.xml already exists then you either have to delete the effects_list.xml and allow it to be recreated, or add

1. <effect ID="17825797" name="False Color" ></effect>

has to be added to the “Lighting” xml element.

* The Serato Video Image effect ‘size’ param is now saved and loaded to and from xml.

* Adjusted the auto cross fade speed so that the low-mid-high speeds are 10 secs-4.4 secs-super fast. Note: The middle position is a little faster than VSL 1.2.

* Fixed bug where auto cross fading from left to right would get stuck at the far left position (only when the autofader speed is set to slow).

Backing up your Data

Please make sure you have read and understood the instructions for backing up your data here -> (click link)

Running more than one version of Scratch Live

Please make sure you have read and understood the instructions for running more than one version of Scratch Live here -> (click link).

Remember, this is a pre-release software version, so use it at your own risk!

Before the beta, please ensure that you have backed up your data!


To get access to the beta, you’ll need to be a member of the Serato forum, and sign up to the ITCH public beta here. No signup, no access, hence the previous “access denied” messages.


  • reckless

    < raises fist

  • Akabane

    when VCI-380 first introduce they have RGB color in hot cue mode., one good reason i eager to buy VCI-380.. Now why they are not implement that?

    Is there any update for that…..!?

  • Dj L-Biz

    Serato have clearly been busy but what does VCI380 Support mean?

    • That puzzled me too. I used the 380 ages ago and it worked perfectly well with ITCH back then.

      • Dj L-Biz

        I does work perfectly well. I have the VCI380 and have been using it constantly since getting not long after it was released (sketchy i know) but it was worked really well straight out the box) the only gripe is this momentary micro pause/freeze you get (but its completely random and you can’t make it happen – and is well noted on the forum) anyway its minor and nearly not audibley noticable. if this has been addressed there will be a lot of happy users

  • Serkan

    The VCI-380 had it’s own version 2.2.1 while others had 2.2.0
    Now with 2.2.2 all controllers are natively supported with one version of the software.

  • Jube

    Thank you thank you thank you Serato! Option to have 2 decks on Ns6 doesn’t seem like a huge think, but for me it’s have been the only downside on Ns6! Now it’s perfect!

  • Still no sign of Itch working with The Bridge then – how long’s it been now?!
    Or are they just not bothered because hardly anyone’s Bridging anyway?

  • janisfreimanis

    vci 400 support would be nice by the way. i really don’t want to go the Traktor route, which at the moment seems the only reasonable one if you are an advanced user (or want to utilize all 4 channels for that matter)

    • Andrew Fountain

      Ever heard of VDJ Pro… It is far more customisable than traktor for the advanced user, and the jogs will actually work…

  • Dj Richard Driver

    any word when this is to be an official update?

    • Like any beta, it’ll be released when they’re happy. You can’t put a date on that.

  • djclean

    Anyone else getting access denied when trying to get the Public Beta? All 3 are doing that for me. In the past, i’ve always used the betas????

    • dj Richard driver

      Yea that’s why I asked when its an official release. Access denied!

  • Download links fixed.

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