Serato Remote 1.1 — Slicer for everyone!

One of Serato‘s key performance features is slicer mode. First seen on the revolutionary Novation Twitch, the ability to chop up beats has been a massive success for the Serato camp and their respective hardware partners. But it does depend on having the 2×4 pads right there on the controller. Well it did depend on that, but with the updated Serato Remote 1.1, even if you don’t have pads on your controller, you can now have that slicing goodness on your iPad. Denon MC6000 MK2 users are now rejoicing.

Serato Remote Slicer

For those not familiar with the slicer function, imagine an 8 beat bar with each beat on one of the 2×4 pads, and when you press the corresponding pad, the beat rolls to a predetermined amount. This can be as the music plays so it moves to the next 8 beats, or set on an 8 beat loop. It sounds complex, but in use it’s essentially a roll/slip mashup. And up until yesterday, you had to own a Serato fuelled controller with performance pads to use it. But as of today, if you own an iPad (not for iPhone just yet), you can have slicer as part of your arsenal of performance tools without having to upgrade your controller.

This is brilliant news for all Serato users. Making key features modular reduces the reliance on constant hardware updates. It might well be that Serato can harness the power of the iPad and focus on expanding support for key features without forcing users to fuel their gear acquisition syndrome year in year out.

Serato Remote 1.1 is a free update. And if you don’t already own it, you can grab it from the app store. And for the moment, it’s 50% off.

  • Darren E Cowley

    This is much welcome and ting!

  • Mark Stewart

    thats what i would like for Traktor ….

    • Jared Helfer

      You and me both.

  • YS

    So this only works with Serato DJ and not Scratch Live?

    • Darren E Cowley

      Yes, that is how it works… It’s doubtful whether there’ll be any future developments for the code base of Scratch, OS updates and bug fixes are all that you should expect i reckon…

      • GroovinDJ

        Hold up – follow the link to the product page. Serato say this works for DJ and Scratch Live.

        • sinjintek

          That’s right. it’s a remote app. should work for either SSL or SDJ …but that doesn’t mean it’s going to add SDJ features to SSL. like any controller, it can only affect the features available.

          • GroovinDJ

            Ah, I just spotted the small print on the above “Chop it up” picture. No mention of that on the product page, where they even use the phrase “Totally Compatible”.

            • sinjintek

              i understand how it can be confusing, but going forward i’m pretty certain you can expect Serato will present most everything strictly for SDJ …SSL will be in fine print, if mentioned at all. by the end of this year it won’t even be supported.

              Still, it’s pretty exciting that SSL managed to get official Windows 8 support. I had thought they were done with developing any more updates for it.

  • GroovinDJ

    “Requires iOS 7 or later”

  • J. Edmonds

    This is pretty amazing, serato is really catching up in terms of effects. Traktor is amazing if you have time to program and configure mappings but out of the box not as user friendly.

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