Serato Remote Mini: Is that Serato in your pocket?

Serato Remote Mini (6)

Having dipped its toe in the big wide iOS world with Serato Remote, they’re now bringing out the pockets sized version. Serato Remote Mini for iPhone and iPod Touch is the Mondrian-esque cut down pocket-sized version that aims to cram the key elements of its bigger sibling into the comparatively teeny weeny Pocket sized iPhone.

As ever, here’s the detailed gubbins from Serato HQ:

Serato Remote Mini (5)


Serato is proud to announce the release of Serato Remote Mini – Serato’s first official App for iPhone® and  iPod touch®.

The Serato Remote Mini is a special version of the Serato Remote, designed specifically for use with your iPhone or iPod touch. Designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup, we took the best parts from the Serato Remote and stripped it back for better usability with the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod touch. Now you can have the Serato Remote with you at all times, ready to whip out for a little extra control at your next party.

Serato Remote Mini will connect seamlessly to your Serato laptop software and work with all supported   Scratch Live and Serato DJ hardware. Load tracks, instant double, set and trigger Cue Points, Loops and Samples and manipulate FX. Connect over USB for ultra low latency or wirelessly, freeing you to move around the stage.

We’ve designed the app with real world performance in mind. Similar to the Serato Remote for iPad®, the Serato Remote Mini has library control, plus three performance tabs: PADS, SP6 & FX, all have been meticulously designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Sam Gribben, CEO of Serato, says: “Following the success of the Serato Remote we are very happy to release our first App for iPhone & iPod Touch, Serato Remote Mini. We worked hard to retain all the functionality of the iPad version in an obviously smaller screen area and it works very well, everyone loves the end result and we think all our DJs will too.”

Serato Remote Mini is available now and can be downloaded direct from the App Store℠ for USD4.99.

For more information visit

Serato Remote Features 


The PADS performance tab gives you control of 4 Cue Points per deck and loops panel for controlling Auto Loops and Loop Rolls.


We’ve kept it simple and focused on performance, with a play button for each slot, plus a global volume control and stop button. Trigger those airhorns straight from your phone!


The FX performance tab gives you an easier and more creative way of controlling Scratch Live or Serato DJ FX

• Select your favorite FX and use it in latched or temp mode.

• Trigger Loop Rolls and FX simultaneously using the FX Roll Mode.


Control your Serato software library on your laptop with the Library controls. Navigate your tracks and TAB to your crates, files or folders.

• Drag to Virtual Decks to load

• Perform super fast Instant Doubles by dragging from deck-to-deck

• Fast Scroll View with two-finger track load.


Serato Remote Mini is designed to compliment an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ setup, you will need:

Scratch Live or Serato DJ supported hardware.



The latest release of Scratch Live 2.5+ or Serato DJ 1.5.2+




For more information on the setup

For Technical Support with Serato Remote Mini

Check out the Serato Remote Mini pages for more details

Download Scratch Live 2.5 or Serato DJ 1.5.2 direct from

I still struggle with the idea of using of using something as small as the iPhone in a busy DJ environment. It just feels a tad too tiny for quick-fingered action. But it most certainly could come in useful to supplement the features of a controller. The new Denon DJ MC6000MK2 would be an ideal controller to have this running next to.

Side note — much is made of this being Serato’s first app for iPhone and iPod Touch. This has me excited to see what the second and third might be. It’s available in the App Store today for $4.99/£2.99, certainly cheap enough for anyone to take a punt to try it out.


  • heartyparty

    I like the idea of being able to use your phone as an add on interface.

    Wonder if they’ll show any Android love?

    • Mark Settle

      I’d like to think that they would. It is only MIDI with no audio routing.

      • Mr Wilks

        They said that Android was coming at some point on the Remote forum but to be honest I feel it should have arrived before this stripped down remote for iPhone.

        With the price of a Tesco Hudl./Galaxy Tab being so low, it’s just a waiting game now. There is no real excuse on a delay and feel that iOS is getting a disproportionate slice of the MIDI action. A Nexus 7 would be ideal here.

        No audio to pass through means less headaches in development and wider compatibility between devices.

        • Jared Helfer

          Not to mention that Android controls the vast majority of the market. I think the problem they’ll have is that there are SO many active OS’s for Android, as opposed to one (MAYBE two) for iOS.

          • Mr Wilks

            If they ever used that as an excuse, I wouldn’t buy it.

            An app works across the board on around 9/10 of all devices and screen resolutions with the exception of the odd bug that could be device specific. Android is a standard that has technical specs you have to adhere to when developing apps to make sure they do work. If you adhere to the standard then they work.

            Every app you see in the Android list works on all devices that meets the minimum software requirements (version number) but that’s the same with iOS too. There is the odd tweak necessary occasionally for some devices but 9/10 will run instantly with no issues from the go.

            Touch OSC for Andriod is a good example. It’s only interpreting touch on the screen to a midi function in software. It’s basics when coming to Android coding. If Fruity Loops, Mixvibes Cross and countless others can create an app that can route audio and process multi-channel sound then Serato can translate a button press to an action in Remote. There really isn’t an excuse apart from being elitest.

            Android is pretty easy to develop for and a phone has to comply with a technical specification to be Android certified. This makes developing universal.
            The issue with fragmenting on the device launchers (skins) is a different kettle of fish. Manufacturers customise the experience but at all times the core standards of Android remains the same underneath. You’re just skinning the version of Andriod for eye candy or the addition of device specific features, while OS code remains unchanged.

            Android is a mature software and Serato should really take their head out of the sand and open up to the sheer wealth of Andriid devices. After making a few Android apps, I see there really is no excuse with such a rudimental application not to be created when kids in their bedroom manage to make apps that work on all devices that hit a chosen software version number.

            Let’s just hope it comes soon.

            • Jared Helfer

              But this is how the market perception amongst our little crew of producers/DJs goes. EVERYBODY ever and always uses OSX and Mac, except, y’know, a LOT of people (like myself).

              I can’t disagree with your points due to my own ignorance, so, well, I’ll take your word for it. It’d be nice for it to come sooner than later, but, well, yeah. Here’s to hoping.

  • Marc van den Hurk

    Or are you just happy to see me ;)

  • Daniel Parry Evans

    “: Serato Remote Mini: Is that Serato in your pocket? –”@definitionHQ

  • SirW4LL

    When NI will do the same for TRAKTOR ?

    • Onno Suave

      So true – N.I. needs to step up!

      • Mark Settle

        In fairness to NI, they have brought out Traktor DJ that does do a lot of what this does, as well as being a fully independent DJ app as well.

        • SirW4LL

          This app (Traktor DJ) isn’t for me (and too expensive for my use). Serato has done an amazing work and with the time, I could go back to them. I am checking for an alternative (TouchOSC is getting close to my needs), but if NI would bring a similar controller it will be sooooo GREAT !

          • Onno Suave

            Plus the traktor app still hasn’t been fixed since the iOS update….still no cue point sync is working…..traktor pro – traktor app and vice versa :(

  • Grills Truceppe

    i used it on my iPod touch yesterday. This is pretty great.

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  • Guest

    Any support coming for Android?

  • stevesweets

    This works lovely – used it at a gig on at the weekend – but i did straight away have a problem firing a cue for the wrong side. I guess that’s a lesson you only need to learn once though.

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