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Serato DJ - What's new?

After the initial secrecy surrounding exactly what Serato DJ might look like, they finally released screenshots of just what goodies it was bringing to us. But nothing quite explains the feel of something like a video. So that’s exactly what Serato have done in bite-sized chunks via a 4 minute and 49 second clip.

Here it is:

Now I could do the equivalent of close captions and replicate everything that was said in the clip, but that’s just wasted effort. Watch it for yourself, and if you want to get more of an idea of what Serato DJ will feel like, you can now grab v1 via the the Serato site and try out the offline mode.

Sorry ITCH DJ Intro controller users – don’t be expecting any early action. You’re going to have to wait until the long list of controllers have one by one been enabled. We’ll obviously be only too happy to let you know as and when that happens.

  • Jared Helfer

    So… they added SSL’s MIDI mapping engine to work on secondary controllers, and that’s it? *sigh* I can’t change functionality for premapped controllers based on my needs? Sucks.

    • Ken Uston

      I know. Looks like no MIDI out for LEDs……again

      • Jared Helfer


        Also, to follow up with a comment above, can I use 5 hotcues if 4 are displayed with 4 loops? At that, can I map 8 hotcues and 8 loops to a controller, but have it display different ones based on my needs?

    • Serato has always been that way Jared, you buy a controller that will just work when you plug it in. I’m grateful that there is the option to map a secondary controller if you need extra control of anything that the primary controller doesn’t cover, which besides the SP-6 isn’t much.

      Agreed on MIDI out Ken, would be a big help to have LED feedback on secondary controllers. Hopefully a future update will add this.

      • Jared Helfer

        I know, Joe. But what about when Serato releases new features? What if I have a controller that only controls certain things, but I want to change their values (loop, as an example)? Or the order of things? Just because it’s how it’s been doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Traktor stopped using Pages for Modifiers.

        It isn’t as much of an issue right now, but after three or four iterations of Serato DJ, and more things being added or removed, it could matter a lot.

  • The_KLH

    I suppose that we can say that ITCH’s FINAL version is 2.2.2

  • The_KLH

    The MIDI mapping feature is straight out of Torq. Nice. Now Serato just needs to be able to save the mappings into templates.


    I’m not sold on the cues/loops display.
    I have 5 on my hardware and always use the #5 for the out point of my tracks as a limit (shouldn’t play the track beyond this point).
    Now with this new display, I can see cues up to 8 (even if i use 1/2/5), or up to 4. Am I suppose to redo all my cues out points ?

    The display lost space with those stupid big on screen button (like the FX on/off !!!) It is still upsetting me, may be it is to use on W8 tablet ? If not it is as useless as dumb.
    Displaying the % value AND the control position ??? Double checking when you’re in the middle that it is a 50% value ?

    The SP6 section is ugly as hell because of BIG (again) items for people with 11′ MacBook Air. Ok, and for those having 15, 17 screens ? Waste of space and uglyness.

    The chapter on the record button doesn’t bring anything new because it is already working like that.

    They advertised these as new things inside Serato DJ, the only positive thing for existing user is the midi mapping. Everything else just plain sucks, they have simply spitting on their Itch user in favor of tablets user or mouse djs (great !).

    Yes it will do the job (mixing) but having this Toys’rus approach is simply killing me. (yes I really hate buttons on a GUI). Buttons are for hands and should stay where hands can go to trigg them. We don’t have touch screen (yet ?) so don’t start to do touch GUI pleeasssseeee.

    • there is absolute no reason to make any changes to the way you use cue points you get 3 extra grate but no need to use them. I do agree on the a gui that is so hardware dependant should only show info that is needed not need for buttons that you have on you controller. But still Windows 8 is out already but no way am I going to DJ with a touch screen I need to feel the buttons and knobs only an XY pad or browers would be cool on a touch screen. When I was using VDJ I made a skin that had no buttons or knobs because the controller had them.

  • Ryan Supak

    I hope the time/bpm display improvements make their way to SSL…

  • I’m really happy about these changes. They are huge in my opinion. Serato has answered every one of my gripes with a solution. Midi Mapping! Isotope Effects! Improved Beatgriding!It will sure be nice to tweak the volumes and trigger the effects from a separate unit. Thank you Serato!

  • ace

    I actually like the changes to the UI. Not impressed with the effects at all! 6 of the 10 are already in Itch, make that 7 if you add the filter easter egg. They’ve taken away Braker & Tremolo, the only 2 effects that I enjoyed using & replaced it with echo & ping pong. Did Serato actually look at these fx and think “hey….now that’s a killer list of effects”. Distortion is probably gonna be the same as crusher. Hopefully the effects sync with bpm properly now. I guess I shouldn’t diss it until I’ve heard it.
    Gizmo…. a full on review asap pleeeeez.

    • jprime

      From what I hear the FX that were in ITCH previously don’t even compare to the sound of the new ones…IE they just *sound* miles better.
      I did like that Braker though….good for Glitching out some stuff – I am confident that izoTope will continually be adding new FX to the arsenal as time goes on.

  • jprime

    Imagine a NAMM where serato introduces Scratch Live to seratoDJ….

    Best. Namm. Everrrrrrr.

  • Yorick

    No Kiwi accent in the video? What is this?

  • VCI-380

    So disappointing that long-suffering Itch users have to wait months for this long-needed update.

    Serato always makes the development game look so hard.

  • upset

    ridiculous to me that itch is getting the additional cue points and loops while Scratch Live is left behind. Scratch Live is supposed to be their premium product, yet they are giving better capabilities to their second tier product. It just makes not sense to me. Walk into any club in Las Vegas and not a single professional DJ will be using any form of Itch or Serato intro. Why do they not give the best software to those who know how to use it? I just hate what Deejaying is turning into. As much as I love technology it is literally killing the art for many of us who have been doing this for years.

    • Dj ear

      Times are changing. Musicians used to have save money to buy studio time to record a demo. Now artists get record deals from music they record in their dorm rooms. Won’t be long until every club makes room for controllers. Get used to it.

    • There’s a whole world of DJs who do not play in clubs, and probably never will. But they should have access to every single high end feature that’s available. And they should be able to get them on controllers too.

  • Loudist

    I was very impressed by the look, feel and quality of the DDJ-SX, but that Serato GUI is so offensive to my eyes I think I’ll wait for the DDJ-TX…

  • Deejay Bishop

    No pioneer ddj sx review? I know there’s ton’s of them on you tube. but i value DJ Worx opinion, hey you guys motivated me to buy the NS7 with the great run thru u guy did. so i am waiting for the review. I already bought one and sent it back do to them damn platters, waiting on a replacement unit.

    • I only got it on Monday. It takes time to formulate a valid and detailed opinion.

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