Serato DJ 1.6.1 — the glue that binds

Effectively being the sun at the centre of Serato‘s solar system, Serato DJ is the glue that binds all of their other offerings into a cohesive mass of DJ software matter. So having covered off a couple of complimentary releases in the shape of Serato Remote and Serato Video, we should take a look at Serato DJ 1.6.1 to see what has changed there.

Obviously, we’ll have a read of the press release first:

Serato DJ 1.6.1 Release Notes

25 March, 2014

New Software Features

  • Ability to open multiple panels (REC/FX/SP-6/VIDEO)
  • Change recordings location option

New Expansion Pack Features
Serato Video

  • Video Mix Recording for devices that support recording
  • Syphon Support (Mac only)
  • Audio Linked Video Effects
  • Tempo based Video Effects now use Beatgrids instead of BPM

Serato Remote

  • Added Slicer control

Added Serato DJ Accessory Support

  • Pioneer CDJ-850

Other Changes

  • Windows 8 Support
  • Serato Video application is included in Serato DJ installer
  • Rane Sixty-One drivers updated
  • Rane Sixty-Two drivers updated which includes new firmware (2.21) to resolve an issue where Scratch Live may crash when used with firmware version 2.14.

Bug Fixes

  • Mic/Aux Inputs not working for some controllers
  • Loop size cannot be adjusted until loop is engaged/multiple devices
  • BPM jumps when changing range in internal mode
  • Vestax VCI-400 uses wrong audio feed for recording
  • Drop to absolute position doesn’t work again when returning to REL Mode from Emergency INT mode if you click the INT button
  • Recording input selection is not saved
  • Analyzing files with “Set Auto BPM” unticked causes auto gain to not be saved
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 2 & 4 unable to activate Slicer loop mode on deck 2, 3 & 4
  • Pioneer DDJ-SP1 no longer controls offline player
  • Extended View does not remember setting of small waveforms across sessions
  • Cue Point Display is out of alignment with Cue + Loop tabs
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 2 Slicer quantize adjust (loop length knob) is not working.
  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ Loop Shift function is not mapped
  • Auto Loop Knob/Roll worked only for decks 1 and 2 on Reloop Terminal Mix 8
  • Serato Video Output window goes under the top menu and can’t be moved on Mac
  • Hang with Pioneer DDJ-SP1/SR when pressing SHIFT + PAD7 in Sampler Mode
  • Stack View mode does not display correct Sync state
  • Pioneer DDJ-SR auto loop value LED on controller does not light up unless active
  • Video files don’t loop seamlessly in Serato Video
  • Crossfader curve selection is incorrect on DDJ-S1
  • Faders not Mapped for Serato Video on the Numark MixDeck Quad in Serato DJ
  • No Time Remaining Indicator on Decks 1 and 3 when in Stack View
  • Noise Sensitivity threshold default now set to -48 instead of -72
  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ Can’t load to selected track to sample slot using SHIFT + Pads 1-8

Download Links

Serato DJ 1.6.1

Panels – all of them

The biggest feature for many will be another interface update. Serato DJ had the ability to show the various panels such as FX, SP6 etc — but only one at a time. Now, depending on your screen, you can show any or all of them at the same time. This makes me so happy as the endless and unhelpful switching was becoming tiresome.

Aside from the aforementioned Remote and Video, it’s things like Windows 8 support, Pioneer CDJ850 compatibility and a couple of Rane hardware fixes that make this release a pretty important one. As ever, it’s free and available now for Mac and PC.

Still on Scratch Live? You’re missing out on more goodies with every release that you put off installing.

  • Sonic Surfer

    Still no Bridge or midi panel:(

    • YS

      I thought the Bridge was dead

      • blackavenger

        The Bridge is dead. Why people keep complaining about it when Serato have already stated thus, is beyond me? You want The Bridge? Use ScratchLIVE.

        • YS

          Also have to run Ableton in 32-bit. You have to run through some hoops to run The Bridge now. Partnership had a pretty limited shelf life.

  • Gulli Johansen

    only thing I find interesting here with this version is HID support for CDJ 850

  • Daniel Lazarus

    Being able to open multiple panels is huge for me, always found it frustrating when recording for example that everytime I checked the record time I’d lose the sample player.

  • Djivang Scratchmaster


    • Hasn’t been announced as part of the road map in like……forever.

      Don’t hold your breath 😉

  • CasperI

    “Mic/Aux Inputs not working for some controllers”
    Interesting .. That might explain the problem i have with my NS7. Never thought it could be a software bug!

  • Jeff Malt

    The RP8000 is also supported now.

  • ME

    Still does not say anything about support for the large library issue that SDJ has. This has been an issue ever since SDJ was introduced well over a year and half ago. if you look at the Serato forum the large library thread has well over 100 posts about the issue and still NOTHING!

  • ME

    Opps over 1000 posts that is!

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  • Asu

    It can only get better,that’s all i have to say…TT (DVS) or CDJs (HID mode) or Controller…one king to rule ’em all SDJ…works for me

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