Serato DJ 1.3 — FX Expansion Packs and more

Serato DJ 1.3 begins to flex its muscles with a serious overhaul of the effects section. Instead of just being stuck with the stock effects, you can now get expansion packs, some free and some paid for, but also configurable into a favourites list. Slip mode has also been added to suitable controllers, as well as Novation’s Twitch and the Vestax VCI-300 and VFX-1 controllers finally getting the free upgrade love.

Here’s the word from New Zealand at an ungodly hour:


Serato DJ 1.3.0 – The latest update for Serato DJ includes brand new FX, powered by iZotope for Serato’s new FX Expansion Packs. Favorite FX to customize your FX lists, Slip Mode for all supported controllers, support for the Novation Twitch, Vestax VCI-300 + VFX1, and a healthy dose of maintenance / bug fixes for continued stability and performance.

Sam Gribben, CEO of Serato, says: “We’re very please to announce our latest update of Serato DJ with the release of version 1.3.0. This is another big step forward for us with the inclusion of our new FX Expansion Packs and Favorite FX feature. This is just the beginning of much more to come in the expansion pack area, and we can’t wait to see what our users will discover when these powerful new FX are used in Serato DJ’s Single and Multi FX modes. It’s also exciting to expand the Serato DJ supported controller base with the addition of Novation Twitch and Vestax VCI-300 + VFX1 support. Alongside this, version 1.3.0 also offers all Serato DJ users the powerful Slip Mode performance feature. We’re working hard on the continued development of Serato DJ, and we’re excited about what the future holds.”

Key new features of Serato DJ 1.3.0

  • Serato DJ 1.3.0 comes with two brand new FX Expansion Packs, containing new FX powered by iZotope.
  • The Wolf Pack, available as a free download, and the Back Pack, which is available to purchase for USD19.
  • Expansion Packs can be purchased / activated in-app within the Serato DJ ‘Online’ window, or from the Serato Online Store.
  • Each new FX Expansion Pack comes loaded with several base FX for use in Single FX Mode, plus, a large number of base FX variations for use in Multi FX Mode.
  •  For the full list of FX available in the Wolf Pack and Back Pack, and to watch Logan from the Serato Product Team demo the new FX, please visit


  • New to Serato DJ 1.3.0 is the Favorite FX feature, which can be found within the Serato DJ setup screen.
  • Favorite FX allows you to customize the FX select drop down menus that appear in Serato DJ, showing the FX you choose as your favorites.
  • Maintain your growing FX list, and easily Add / Remove FX to your favorites list to suit your own performance needs.


  • With Serato DJ 1.3.0 anyone using a supported Serato DJ controller will now be able to use Slip Mode.
  • When Slip Mode is activated you can manipulate the audio as normal (e.g. Scratching, Looping, triggering Cue Points etc.) however, once you have finished, the playback position is returned to where it would be if you had not manipulated the audio.
  • Slip Mode can also be MIDI mapped to a secondary MIDI controller if your hardware doesn’t have a dedicated Slip Mode button.


  • Novation Twitch and Vestax VCI-300 controllers are officially supported with a Free Upgrade to Serato DJ 1.3.0.
  • The VFX1 FX add on controller is also officially supported with Serato DJ 1.3.0 and can be used with any supported Serato DJ controller.
  • To learn how these controllers are mapped to Serato DJ, please view their new Quick Start Guides at
  • Serato DJ 1.3.0 also supports the following Serato DJ Intro controllers as a paid upgrade: Numark Mixtrack Pro, Mixtrack Pro II, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express, N4, Pioneer DDJ-ERGO, DDJ-WeGO1, Reloop TM2, Reloop TM4, Vestax VCI-400, Vestax Typhoon and Denon MC2000 controllers.
  • Users of these controllers also have the option to activate a Free 14 Day Trial and unlock the fully functional software to take advantage of all the advanced features it has to offer. Easy to activate within the software, just download Serato DJ 1.3.0 and follow the instructions in-app.

Serato DJ is a comprehensive digital DJ platform that allows you to record and share your sets. Add acapellas and stems with 4 deck mixing for supported controllers. Color your mixes and blends with advanced FX, powered by iZotope. MIDI mapping for use with a secondary controller, and support for Serato Video to add a whole new visual element to your performance. All these professional level features and much more are available in Serato DJ 1.3.0

Serato DJ 1.3.0 will be followed by further Serato DJ support for Serato DJ Intro and ITCH controllers such as: Numark V7, Numark Mixdeck Quad and Vestax VCI-100 Mk2 in a gradual rollout this northern fall.

Serato DJ 1.3.0 can be downloaded direct from

Serato DJ 1.3 FX expansion packs

And you can get the full 1.3 breakdown in the Serato DJ 1.3.0 Release Notes

It seems that Serato’s extensive demolish and rebuild of their software is beginning to bear fruit. Effects have traditionally been an area where Serato have always been somewhat of a follower in Traktor‘s shadow. But having hooked up with iZotope, their effects implementation is finally looking like it can sit at the grown ups table.

FX Expansion Packs

Breaking this down — instead of a long list of effects that you may or may not use, Serato had essentially made effects modular. You can now expand what comes built in with supplemental FX Expansion packs. Some will be free, others paid for, and when combined with the new favourites feature, you can soon build a list of effects that suits your needs.

Many DJs have little use for the extensive range of effects on offer. Indeed to some, it becomes daunting, and often too much choice becomes crippling. So being able to decide what you want in your effects list is brilliant. I temper “well done Serato” with “about bloody time” as we’ve been banging on about modular effects and user loadable presets for the longest time. I imagine however that it’s taken this long for the aforementioned demolition to allow this to happen. That said, well done Serato. Very well done.

Slip Mode

Slip mode is a standard feature on DJ gear these days. Engaging it means that while you scratch and do other general hackery with the jog wheel, the track continues in silence underneath and kicks back in when you let go of the jog wheel. So it was only a matter of time before it would be added to Serato controllers. That said, you’ll need to map a button on your controller to engage it, or add an external controller to give you buttons that you might not have to spare.

More Controllers

Finally, Novation’s Twitch as well as Vestax’s VCI-300 and VFX-1 controllers get the Serato DJ love. In the whole scheme of things, these are quite elderly so the extensive user base will be deliriously happy to see their old controllers get a new lease of life. It’s also interesting to note that the V7 amongst others has made it on to the future upgrade list. Twitch owners have their pleas heard, and now the supposedly forgotten V7 owners have something to look forward to.

Summing Up

The extra controllers and slip mode are things that won’t really bother everyone. The FX Expansion packs and favourites however are biggies. Being able to add effects is huge, but instead of adding them to an ever-growing and unwieldily list of single and multi-effects, you can hone down to a core set of ones that you really do use. This is clever, and continues to provide a solid yet independent revenue stream for Serato. Do not underestimate the power of a low priced download. This is going to make Serato a lot of money, especially if they’re released on a regular basis.


  • DJ Skinny

    I am starting to feel like SSL is becoming the red-headed step child. Why no love with some of these wonderful updates…I would pay good money for better FX in SSL!

    Also, Serato Remote could do with some android support!

    • blackavenger

      I feel you w’ the focus no longer being ScratchLIVE. Though, I imagine the (2) separate programs will eventually merge, so that may be something to look forward to “eventually”. As for Remote getting Android support, I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one……..doubt it’s “ever” going to happen. Android has too many variables because of all the different hardware configurations…….updating/stability would be a nightmare.

      • DJ Skinny

        I guess…I just don’t like supporting apple.

        As far as the merger is considered, that’d be a long ways away. I am pretty sure that the deal with Serato + Rane is long-standing, therefore SSL + SDJ will continue along their separate ways for some time.

      • Serato DJ gets the focus because it’s a much bigger market. Like massively bigger, and a real revenue stream for Serato, which allows them to do more products in the future.

        Scratch Live is still a truly great program, and does a massive amount of stuff that vinyl DJs can only dream of. It’s not like it works worse than before, or does less than it did.

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    having a hot list of efx makes so much sense – very positive move.

  • Dizzy

    For the record the Numark V7 has always been on the future upgrade list but the date was originally supposed to be spring of this year but it got pushed back to the fall a few updates ago.

  • Gold Finch

    Please take a moment of silence and praise the Serato Gods for Serato DJ 1.3.0

    • ace

      Ok, legs crossed, hands on knees, palms up……….
      (Silently of course) 😉

  • Mojaxx

    I’ve done an in-depth walkthrough video demonstrating the new FX Expansion packs in Serato DJ 1.3, so you can really get an idea if the paid one is worth the money…


      Ur the best. Thanks.

  • I’ve come up with a list of entirely made up future packs:

    Mud Pack – dirty to apply, but offers a young refreshed sound.
    Flat Pack – build your own effects, lacking in character and will always be spares that nobody will use.
    Brat Pack – will sound cool and hot for a brief moment,in time but won’t age gracefully. Except Ringwold which will always be super hot forever.

    • Mojaxx

      Flat Pack should contain presets from Swedish House Mafia, for obvious reasons.

      My vote is for Jet Pack. Because who doesn’t want a jet pack? 😉

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    so i need to tinker for a bit longer but some of the effects work in very strange ways… or at least me anyway… i’m keeping an eye on the forum as it looks like other have come across this too.

    just wondering if i need flux mode {sic} time stretch ….

  • Bcrogan

    This is EXACTLY why I left Scratch Live. Serato is far more interested in improving Serato DJ and selling their controllers than doing any major support, innovations and new additions to scratch live. Controller support, EFX, Sampling is all a joke on Scratch live. It has become a stagnant and mind numbingly boring product. Thank god for Traktor Pro and NI with their flawless and innovative yearly updates, and awesome array of controllers and additions to all DJs, both controller and Time Code.



  • DJ Carlito

    Twitch + DJ 1.3 + Windows 8 = Unreliable for work. The program keeps crashing or causing BSODs (even worse). Serato knows about this – there are already several complaints on its forums.

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