Scratch DJ Academy launch Sandy relief fund

We all like to moan about crappy weather – oooh it’s a bit cold… oh no I’ll need an umbrella etc etc. But let’s spare a thought for those who really do have been badly affected by it. Hurricane Sandy tore through the Caribbean and east coast of the US, leaving a trail of death, and too many people without a home or even the basic necessities of life. I can only imagine the horror of being evacuated, only to return to your home to see your entire life blown away or burned down. So my good friends at the Scratch DJ Academy have started a fund, to help those who find themselves in dire straits post-Sandy.

This is specifically for the DJ community who may suddenly find themselves in a bad place. It could be that their houses have been destroyed, along with their DJ gear, and now have no means to support their families, especially if DJing is their sole income. I would imagine that any funds raised would go towards immediate financial aid rather than replacing turntables or a record collection – this is about providing the basic necessities for our DJ community when they really need it it.

So if you want to help those in the DJ community caught up in Hurricane Sandy, please make a donation now. Thank you.