Revive Customs Serato-ise the Nike KD 6

Revive Customs Nike KD 6 Serato sneaker trainer (4)

I’m a very long way from what anyone would call a trainer whore, but I suspect that if I was, I’d be throwing money at the screen right now. Revive Customs specialises in customising trainers (or sneakers for the majority of our readers) and giving them a new look. Last year, they made some New Balance Technics, and it looks like this year Serato are getting the same treatment, albeit unofficially. Seen over at Sneaker News, here are the KD 6 “Serato”.

Forgive me – I’ve long given up on sports footwear and prefer to have my feet cradled in fine English leather boots, so I have no idea how these are made, if there are likely to be a run or just a single pair ever made. One thing is for sure — if Serato ever made these officially (which these are most definitely not), they’d sell out in a heartbeat. You may recall the official white Nike Air Force Ones that came out as part of the very limited run pack for very special friends of Serato. Perhaps the time is right for an official pair of Serato kicks for the hardcore fans.

I do have one question though — it’s clearly a Serato waveform on these, but I wonder what the track is? Some of you must be able to read waveforms like a book by now. Anyone care to hazard a guess?

More info (because right now there’s pretty much none) will most likely come from Revive Customs directly. And thanks to Mike Trix for posting this up on Facebook.

  • D.j. Fumo

    Deejay Atothel Supastar J. Kw

  • Barry Hoogsteden

    Joost de Wildt

  • Joost de Wildt

    Leuk gedaan. Verkeerde model maar het idee is kicke.

  • Richard Clarke

    They have to be the ultimate DJ fail. Tacky beyond belief.

  • Jake Clowney

    THEY look whack son

  • Luca Velli


  • Luca Velli


  • Ztronical

    What track? No idea but it has no full 4/4 beat. And random. My guess is someone just moved the colors around till the waveform was stylish.

    • GroovinDJ

      Well if they used a modern compressed-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life dance track all you’d get is a solid block of colour!

    • Trik

      Yeah it’s made to be symmetrical too I think. Right shoe waveform is in reverse.
      Now if that was a soft video strip with a CPU in the heel & Bluetooth……….

  • Ztronical

    Oh I kinda like how ugly they are. I had some Dada Orange and green about 7 years ago ugly but who cares. Wore em all the time.

  • denoizer

    Pathetic :/

  • heartyparty

    AF1′s were pretty cool but they are a classic trainer, these just look like cheapie running shoes. Could have been so much better if the’d based it on a more familiar base shoe.

  • Damien King

    I remember a mate of mine getting a pair of K-swiss (I think) Skate style shoes a couple of years back, they had around 5 stripes up the side addidas style but you could move them up and down like an EQ,

    Wonderfully pointless but I liked them.

  • Rock Well

    I was gonna try and say something half intelligent, but instead I’m gonna just go with my gut reaction. Which was “yuck”.

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  • Pdang

    It’s so bad that it’s almost worth collecting! I’ll wait until the Traktor version to choose from :)

  • Bianca Camello

    When do they come out

  • Adam ‘Dash’ Holeszowski

    not sure if i could rock that

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