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Reloop Terminal 4 Mix DJ Controller Review (21)

Between the two bundled pieces of software, Virtual DJ LE is much more feature-ful, despite having the LE designator. It offers four decks, more hot cues and samplers (eight of each,) a couple more effects, and it makes use of the cross-fader assign switches (which do nothing in DJ Intro since it only has two decks.) As a result of all of this functionality, the interface feels a bit crowded. Serato DJ Intro has a very elegant and simple interface, but it’s limited to two decks and four samplers. It is also geared specifically toward using a controller in that a number of on-screen items cannot be manipulated with the mouse.

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On the plus side, its filter sounds correct for how the knobs are labeled (lpf/hpf) and scratching performance is better with it. So if you’re just getting your feet wet with DJing, I recommend starting with DJ Intro until you get the basics down, then moving to Virtual DJ LE to take full advantage of what the controller offers, provided you don’t do alot of fast scratching. A full list of differences between the two bundled applications is given in the manual which can be found on

Reloop Terminal 4 Mix DJ Controller Review (20)

That said, you might have some frustration switching between the two because the way they handle the loop controls is noticeably different. I blame this on the odd labeling of the loop buttons*: the left one reads as “Loop halve” when un-shifted and “Loop In” when shifted. The right appears to be “Loop double” un-shifted, and “Loop Out/Disable” when shifted. That seems backwards to me, since as labeled, the buttons will do nothing if a loop isn’t currently set, and good user interface design says to avoid no-op controls in the average/default case. So each provided application took some liberties and mapped the buttons as they saw fit. To make matters worse, Virtual DJ changes the function of the un-shifted buttons depending on whether you’re in a loop or not. Another UI design faux pas, though I can see that it was a compromise to try to match the labeling but avoid the no-op un-shifted button issue. So looping is not intuitive as things stand currently. It’s all spelled out in the button reference in the manual, but it’s still confusing. If Reloop simply moved the white shifted highlight to the top of the two loop buttons (and the software was changed to match,) everything would make sense. I’ve gone ahead and mapped it this way in Mixxx since it’s the most intuitive and familiar.

Making a controller work with every piece of software be it past, present or future is a real problem in this day and age. Reloop have had to make compromises to get the buttons to make sense but we’re pretty confident that once you start using them with your preferred software, then the labelling won’t matter.

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I achieved 4-5ms of latency on my Intel Core i5 M 520 (dual-core HT) 2.4GHz laptop running Windows 7 with the Terminal Mix 4 on a USB 2.0 bus and the provided ASIO driver. Scratching performance on the device is very good, as you might imagine from such large, high-resolution wheels. I found it to be significantly better in Mixxx and DJ Intro than Virtual DJ, as the latter seemed not to take advantage of the higher resolution, especially noticeable during uzis. And since the wheels are at most half as tall (8 mm) as those on many other controllers, there are no issues with accidentally hitting them when going for the nearby sampler buttons.

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During my testing, I found that the unit has a built-in soft-takeover feature on the pitch sliders when you change the virtual deck that either side controls using the deck buttons at the bottom. When the Offset light is it, it means the unit will not send pitch events until the slider matches the previous position. It’s nice that they’ve handled this in hardware, but I also found that it can miss if you move the slider too quickly past the target value. Hopefully a future firmware version will tune this up, or at least allow it to be disabled so the software can handle it. (I’m quite familiar with soft-takeover algorithms. They’re a bit tricky to get totally right.)

If you don’t use the pitch fader or mixer controls and the software doesn’t send any LED updates since powering up the unit, it starts doing this Knight Rider-esque scanning light show, presumably to tell you “Hey, I’m still on!” What’s weird is that it doesn’t stop doing this unless you move a mixer control (or the software sends an LED message.) Moving an encoder or jog wheel or pressing buttons doesn’t help. It’s really annoying when you’re trying to use MIDI learn because pressing the shift button has no effect while it’s doing this, so when you think you’re pressing a shifted button, you’re actually mapping the un-shifted version, so you have to remember to move a mixer control every so often to prevent this.

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One bad thing I found about the mic and line/phono inputs is that when they’re set to go to the master output, go straight they do: they can’t be previewed in the headphones unless routed to software and it provides the ability. (Neither of the provided applications does.) This is suitable for the intended emergency/panic use case, but it would be nice to be able to smoothly mix in an external source by being able to preview it beforehand without having to involve the software or unplug the headphones. (If you have a need to mix external sources with any regularity, you would be much better served by a combo mixer/controller like the American Audio VMS series.)

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The adjustment knobs on the front (for mic, external input and headphone volumes and tone) all retract, preventing any hip-check mishaps.

Though you can adjust the LED brightness setting, the brightest one is still too dim for outdoor gigs like many of us have in the summertime. (Forget about direct sunlight.) It’s significantly worse if you’re off-axis (not standing directly above the unit.) The only buttons that are adequately bright are the white scissors and the red Deck 3 & 4 ones. Plugging in a suitable power supply had no effect on the brightness either. Hopefully Reloop will improve this in a future iteration of the controller.

Reloop Terminal 4 Mix DJ Controller Review (13)The quick-reference poster mentions a “Cut’n’Loop performance mode” when the scissor button is activated that I was looking forward to trying out, but it seems it isn’t implemented in either of the provided software packages, nor is it described in the manual. That button just accesses four additional banks of hot cues and samplers in Virtual DJ and does nothing in DJ Intro. I wish I had more information on how that mode was envisioned to operate so I could implement it in Mixxx. I’ll have to contact Reloop and ask.

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  • Manuel

    The only thing wrong with this controller is Serato Intro…

  • James Wilson

    This thing looks to be, IMO, probably one of the best three 4-deck controllers out right now. The others being the VCI-400 and the S4. Definitely have to get some alone time with it. But what else did you expect, *jeremy clarkson voice* it’s german!

  • synthet1c

    the scratch feeling can be improved in VDJ Pro by modifying the “default scratch latency” in the registry.

    And I assume the LED’s will be brighter and the soundcard louder and better quality with the AC adapter connected.

    • We will have to assume that they’re brighter. Reloop didn’t correct that part, and seeing as the adaptor is optional, we didn’t have one around to try it with.

      • Mixware

        The LED’s do not dim when the power supply is disconnected.

    • Did you miss the part where I said I tried connecting a suitable AC adapter? (I have a load of random ones lying around and one happened to have the right specs and plug.) It made no difference to the LED brightness.

    • Pras

      You can adjust the LED brightness if you read the instructions – it is not straight forward so you have to follow the instructions – Check out DJ Angelo’s Tutorial 5/5 on the TM4 on youtube – it shows what you can do. This is a great controller – I have it with VDJ Pro – of course I remapped the crap out of it – this takes a lot of patience because some of the buttons are deck specific and some aren’t – but with the shift button included you have a ton of stuff you can do with it. This review doesn’t cover much actually – there is a really detailed one on youtube by DJ Blaze.

      • Sean does state that the brightness can be adjusted. And as for not covering much… well I guess we read different reviews.

  • GroovinDJ

    When I was at school, “a lot” was two separate words.


    • I learned that too but my spell checker complained so I deferred to it. 😛

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  • kevin

    how did you guys find the terminal mix 4 when running on traktor pro?

  • Piemme22

    Very nice controller!

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  • I think there’s nothing worse than rubber buttons. The switches beneath them wear out under a year and after that using the controller is more like smacking it. I prefer spring-loaded buttons over everything else

  • Grum

    Thanks – nice review. Any chance of an update on how this or the terminal mix 2 works with the Serato DJ upgrade?

    I see no mention of the lack of channel VU meters which other reviews point out as a fairly major drawback. Any comment on that? Does auto gain work well enough?


    • D.J. Pegasus

      We have a review for the Terminal Mix 2 coming up shortly and I cover the Serato DJ upgrade in it.
      I don’t think the lack of channel VU meters on the controller matters much, though it’s a bigger issue when DJ Intro doesn’t have them on screen either.
      Auto-gain seems to work fine for me.

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  • iddison68

    Do you know for sure that a mini innofader will fit into the Terminal mix 4. Have you tried it? Also would it be the PNP or the PNP S. As you have stated that it could be could you follow this up with confirmation and more details as I would consider replacing my fader but but do not want to make the move on a footnote. Thanks

    • You’d need to contact Audio Innovate or Reloop about that.