REVIEW: 1200 Plates Technics Faceplates

Make Solutions Technics Faceplates (2)

Link: 1200 Plates | Price: Chrome £95/pair — Gold £115/pair plus shipping


Technics turntables are not only iconic, they’re known as a workhorse of the DJ world, getting beaten, dropped and generally abused yet still staying loyal and reliable. They’re also very moddable, with people giving them all sort of expensive paint jobs and tweaks. But what if you don’t want to take your gear apart to give it a lick of paint?

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Enter the UK-based Make Solutions Technics Faceplates. These are precision cut metal covers with a variety of finishes that fit right over your existing set up. Although I was given the chrome finished versions, there are over 300 different colours and finishes available. From metal anodising to powder coated, there’s something for everyone.

Installing the cover is a breeze. Simply slide them over the tonearm assembly and the cover drops in place. You might need to loosen and move the tonearm to fit over it, but it’s only a minor problem. They fit over the existing chassis, leaving a bit of room to wiggle without scratching the paintwork.

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Having installed and used the covers for around a week, I can say they are definitely non-intrusive, shiny and  give new life to your decks. Given the choice, I’d always suggest going for a non-glossy finish. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, a glossy finish on hardware you’ll be sticking your hands over is never a good idea. I have found that in general use, the chrome finish attracts fingerprints and smudges, but these are pretty easy to wipe off, and the problem is nowhere near as bad as with other gear. (Photography was a bitch – Ed).

Aside from dirt, the covers are sturdy and durable, and would do a good job of protecting your decks should you need to carry them regularly. These are a lot cheaper to replace than the turntable face, should you drop something on them!


Well finished and cosy but not tight. Can suffer from greasy fingers, but seems to come off easily.

Not cheap at around £100 a pair, but you’re getting bespoke-made and individually finished covers.

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If your turntables are looking a bit worse for wear, you could do worse than invest in a set of these covers. Although a glance at the price tag may shock you, You’re getting a proper metal, individually made cover, with whatever colour you might desire.

If you fancy one of these sets, you can send your enquiries over to, or call 07487 701138. Covers for MK2 and MK5 Technics 1200/10 can be made to order, with other brand decks considered. The set I tested are the chrome versions, costing £95, with the flashier gold-plated set coming out at £115.


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  • Shaun

    These look wicked. I wonder if it’s the same guy that advertises Technics customisations on eBay? Based in Chichester I think? Regardless, I think I’ll be getting some.

  • HuguesBelgium

    Nice shots, and the white pad is quite gorgeous too !

    For about the same price you can have your gear painted/chromed.

    Mine (1210 SLMKII ) was worn and went through it, quite glad I did 🙂

  • kostas

    these faceplates and all the faceplates on the market have 2 huge problems which nobody cares to solve… they giving more focus to the colours rather than the hole construction which by the way is totally stupid and ugly looking… nobody in the market is able to fix this shit which the start-33-45 buttons are buried under the faceplate? is that a clean look for this turntable? or the matter that nobody puts the original logos or graphics on the faceplate… i rather pay a guy to coat the faceplate and put the original graphics with air spray and have a total solution for my mk’s rather than pay 120 euro for this shit which is gonna bury the hole turntable features 5cm inside …

    • Please explain “buried under the faceplate”. These are thin plates than fit nicely on top of the deck, and leave everything just as accessible as they were before. I don’t know where your 5cm comment comes from.

      • kostas

        acemc explains better what i’m trying to tell you in his post after me…

  • acemc

    What makes these any different/better than all the others out there.
    The movement you experience will & does eventually scratch the original paintwork. As Kostas said, you only have about 2mm of button protrusion, so unless this faceplate is laser-cut from 1mm thin plate. The tops of the buttons are gonna lie flush with the faceplate. Lastly at the hefty price they are charging, they should at least silkscreen the technics logo & pitch dots on it.

  • Ash

    These look ace. Is there anywhere to browse more designs?

    • happydan

      Not yet. You’ll have to contact them for more details.

  • djmixtube dot com

    that’s too expensive 🙁

  • Ric

    Hello, I made a quick video hoping to clear a couple of things up. acemc, you said the faceplate must be laser cut from 1mm face plate, well thats exactly what it is. Kostas, I’m really confused as to what you mean about the buttons being buried but hopefully this quick video will clear a few things up. Thank you for the comments and please contact us to talk about having a pair personalised using acid etching or vinyl graphics.

    Here is the video,

    Thanks again!

    • CutSelekta

      i would love these with the Technics logo/graphics and a 45 adapter cut whole..then i would order a pair right away..the ones i got from 12inch skinz do have the 45 whole but they are 3mm thick so thats not ideal either

      • Ric

        Hi cutselekta, these are 1mm so they really do look nice, we also have ones coming in stock with the 45/dicer hole cut out. We can look into any graphics you like, please email us if you’re interested.

        Thanks again


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  • Ralph Jtek Cruz

    why hassle with it when you can get them powder coated and be more permanent ???