REVIEW: Magma Laptop Stand Riser

Link: Magma • Price: $40/€35/£38


Sometimes it’s nice to not be faced with the latest box of nextlevelness demanding several days of my time to write an epic review twinned with glossy photography. What we have here is Magma‘s Laptop Stand Riser – something that lifts stuff up a bit. It won’t require much time to test, or to write about either.

The Magma Laptop Stand Riser has the singular task of raising your chosen DJ gear above your work surface. This does differ from regular laptop stands in that this is about changing the height, but with the massively increased stability of 4 feet. Unlike most laptop stands, this is unlikely to fall backwards on its pivot joint. It’s a simple matter of physics.

The stand is an incredibly simple foldaway affair. Lightweight, and made from flat bar and sheet metal, each corner has a plastic cap for grip, and foam strips on top to stop damage to your laptop. It comes with a bag to keep it and other things in your DJ bag safe.

In Use

At its lowest adjustment (110mm), the stand is rock solid with a slight incline. 4 steps later and a further 4″ higher, it’s still pretty damned stable, even with a slightly steeper incline. The heavier and flatter the device plonked on top the better though, and this is especially true of laptops. Dropping assorted media players onto it worked well. But my 13″ MacBook Air did feel a little unsafe, partly because it’s light and doesn’t have the flattest of bases, but also because the supplied foam strips didn’t grip the base so well. So Magma supply an extra foam strip that you cut into squares and stick to the underside of your laptop to make things a tad more stable. But if it still slides forward (possible on the highest setting), there’s nothing to stop it falling off.

Summing up

The Magma Laptop Stand Riser lifts things up, keeps things very stable and folds away to nothing. Lots of boxes ticked there. The lighter laptops might not be as stable as you’d like (Magma have products for that too), but most other things should be. Yes, you could just use a box, but this folds away to nothing. That’s a huge advantage for travelling DJs.

The Magma Laptop Stand Riser – it properly lives up to its name.

  • BelgianJungleSound

    That’s all I needed to know 🙂 gonna pick one up tomorrow

  • Very interested in this product, how do you think it would fair up against the Maschine and finger drumming? With Maschine being so light paired with heavy handed repetitive use, I’ve got a feeling it might dance around a bit to much?

    • Hard to say. If you’re right over it, then it should be OK. If you’re stabbing at it from an angle, it may move a little.

    • Jared Helfer

      Don’t forget the advantage of sticky velcro for this. Just put a thin strip on the bottom of your Maschine to be lined up with the other side on the stand. If the stand is secure the controller won’t move at all.

  • Thanks for the feed back guys!

    Even if it doesn’t work out for my original intended purpose, at the diminutive price of £38 I’m totally sold as I’ll certainly have job for it. The Velcro idea could be a winner to.

    Considering we are in the age of “bring ya own gear” it does surprise me a little that this magma stand is the 1st trend bucking alternative to hit the shelves. Please would some bold manufacturer develop a carry friendly stand/riser that would give users the ability to plant devices above cdj, turntables or mixers. A baby mini saw bench with roughly 13cm+ legs would do job. Dj booths are a nightmare, there must be a market for such a device.

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