REVIEW: Behringer DDM4000

In an ideal world, we’d be all over every single new product release with a team of eager review geeks hankering to lay paws upon the stream of shiny glittery boxes that are released with an unending frequency. Sadly that time is not upon us just yet, so I’m still posting things that should have raised their head a long time ago. One such piece of work is a review for Behringer‘s DDM4000 mixer – a pretty unique product with a feature set that doesn’t match up with the previous offerings of the brand.

Yes I’m more than aware that this review is laughably late, but it’s been written with care and has been very well received by Behringer themselves. And seeing as it’s still in their product range, it seems only fair to give it some love. And that love has been dished out by DJ Pegasus, who has clearly gone some way beyond the usual level of reviewing and got into a lot of the finer detail of the mixer.

For the record, I fitted the Infinium upgrade to the DDM4000 and was delighted with the improvement in feel and scratchability. For the sake of £40, it’s an upgrade worth doing.

Initial impressions

Behringer DDM4000 Review

Behringer’s flagship DJ mixer is a bit intimidating when you first lay eyes on it because of its large number of buttons and multi-function display. But when you look closer, you see that it’s actually quite intuitively laid out for anyone that’s used a DJ mixer before. Behringer just added a bunch of additional controls and features wherever there was space, and when they ran out of that, they put more in the menus! It’s almost as if they combed DJ forums for every comment starting with “It would be cool if my mixer had…” and just added all of those little — but very handy — features. Little things add up to a lot, and a lot is what you get with the DDM4000. It comes with a standard cross-fader but an Infinium optical one is available. (My test unit had the Infinium.)

I was at first a bit put off by the lighter weight of the unit and the thinner sheet metal on the bottom (both compared to my Pioneer DJM-500,) wondering if that portended quality issues. I soon found out I had nothing to worry about, and had I thought for a second, it would have all made sense. You see, this is a fully digital mixer, so what the DJM-500 — over 15 years old now — required many bulky and power-hungry discrete analog components to accomplish, the DDM4000 can do in just a few chips (and only 20 Watts,) with many more features to boot. Welcome to 21st century electronics, Pegasus.

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  • I have owned the DDM4000 for many years now, since they first became available. I knew then that Behringer’s reputation for build and component quality wasn’t in any way positive, and working for a very large DJ retailer i have first hand experienced the level of returns across their whole product range, but i have to say that Behringer have excelled them selves with this mixer and i swear by it. Both the quantity and quality of the features are amazing, their are very few things it doesn’t have that i desire. The 2 separate FX controls, 3 band switchable solo and kill buttons are brilliant for adding that extra level to the mix. To date the only physical fault i have experienced is the channel 3 headphone cue button tack has failed but nothing a hefty push won’t cure. The main down side to this mixer is the sound output, it was good at first, but i am sure it has depleted over the years due to extensive use. I could go on about this mixer for hours but to summarize i honestly thing this mixer for the price is an absolute steal. I could have Pioneer or Allen & heath if i wanted, but that would set me back 4 times the £’s and it some ways would sacrifice the features i already have with the DDM. I would love to see Behringer bring out a newer, perhaps better quality version of this mixer, especially with them recently trying to rid the image of badly built equipment. Have a listen to this mix i did using the DDM4000 and 2 x CDJ1000 MK3, i have seen many shocked faces when i tell them it was performed on a Behringer product. 5 STARS FOR THIS PRODUCT, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY AN INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DJ! – DanJam