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Reloop Tape audio recorder (1)

At the BPM Show last week, we showed you Reloop‘s very tidy Tape audio recording interface thingy, which bizarrely garnered more interest than most, if only from a retro coolness factor. And while we were lucky enough to fondle it for ourselves, we lacked the all important official words. We can now fix that.

Those words I mentioned:

Reloop Tape audio recorder (2)

RELOOP Tape – Tape your Mix

The mixtape is back!

DJs….you know the situation. Inspiration hits you and you want to record a new live mix to share with friends or promoters online. The only issue is, there’s no fast or hassle-free way of capturing the moment without the need of a computer and recording software. Reloop has created a smart solution to this problem with the launch of TAPE – an easy and secure digital recording device with the retro design of the beloved mixtape.

With TAPE, there are only 3 basic steps:
Step 1. Connect your USB drive.
Step 2. Connect your mixer and input cable.
Step 3. Press the Record button. And that’s it.

The beauty of TAPE is that your mixes are recorded in digital MP3 format straight onto a USB drive. There’s no need to burn the recording – you can simply pass it on to friends or feed it directly to your media player. Thanks to the phono/line switch including a GND grounding post, digitalizing your vinyl classics is also a breeze. Even mixers that do not feature a separate record output can be connected as Reloop has included a smart thru port which routes the signal to the amplifier or speakers. The possibilities are highly versatile.

The recording quality can be adjusted to 192 or 320 kbps via a switch, depending on your requirements and available storage space.

Even in dark surroundings like nightclubs, convenient status LEDs keep you informed about the active power supply, whether a USB storage device is connected, current recordings, and whether the incoming levels are in the green or not.

Good by experience: The Reloop mixtape 2.0


  • USB mixtape recorder with retro tape look
  • Direct recording of mix sets on USB sticks or external USB hard drives
  • Connection of line and phono sources (e.g. mixer or turntable)
  • Easy operation without complicated settings for secure recordings, even in dark surroundings
  • Can also be used for converting analogue vinyl into digital format, with a dedicated turntable grounding post
  • Direct recording as MP3 files on a USB storage device; no computer necessary
  • 3,5mm stereo jack input (including appropriate RCA-to-stereo jack cable and turntable grounding)
  • Hi-speed USB port (for USB stick or external USB hard drive)
  • Switchable recording quality (192kbit/320kbit)
  • Numerous status LEDs (power, USB, record, signal/peak)
  • 3,5mm thru connection for signal routing; convenient for when the mixer does not have a record out connection
  • Various design sticker sets available
  • Mains connection (mains adapter included)

technical datas

  • Input: 1 x phono/line 3,5mm stereo jack
  • Output: 1 x line 3,5 mm stereo jack (thru port)
  • USB port for sticks and external hard drives
  • Grounding: GND screw
  • Dimensions: 103 x 14 x 65mm
  • Weight: 59 g
  • Incl. RCA-to-stereo jack (3,5mm) recording cable with grounding, mains adapter and 3 design sticker sets available for retro look

I don’t know about you, but being the age that I am, and actually making real mixtapes, I grew to love certain brands. I’ve had a hunt around online for labels for my particular favourites (TDK AD90s and 120s), but couldn’t really find anything useful. But I think that if I had one of these, I’d make my own labels that resembled the tapes I used for mixtapes.

As mentioned before, it’ll cost you around £90 and be available in the new year.

  • Ah yes. Tapes, I remember them fondly….

  • Maiki Vince

    I bet the guys over at Reloop had fun making this one; Compact Mixtape-I like that.

  • buddha

    love it 🙂 Will probably get one. An input level control would have been nice.

  • it’s like an iKey Plus…

  • Still got a lot of tapes on my attic. This ‘tape’ should have also internal memory or micro sd card slot to record mixes, anyway great desingn and idea. So now You can plug in Your phone as mass storeage device via usb and record anything.

  • Kingpinn

    Got to be one of the most over priced pieces of crap i have ever seen…

    1. doesn’t have internal memory.
    2. doesn’t record in wav
    3. its £90
    4. no input volume control

    Im not normally one to put a product down like this but this is rubbish.

    if you want something that does all that this doesn’t and more for less money, get a Zoom H1.