Reloop goes dark — the RHP-20 Knight edition

Reloop RHP-20 Knight headphones

For an awfully long time, I was a terrible bag whore. I’d be borderline ecstatic when a new one would arrive, ready for me to put things in and take things out of them for no good reason. But those days are long gone, and that particular addiction has been replaced by headphones of all shapes and sizes. So when Reloop sent a pair of RHP-20s, I was equally giddy, but also quite surprised by just how much I liked them. And now a new pair are available for those who like the dark side. Behold the all Black RHP-20 Knight edition.

For those that have forgotten, here’s the skinny:

Reloop RHP-20 Knight

With the RHP-20, Reloop introduces premium DJ headphones with scene stealing, state-of-the-art aesthetics and elite sound design that is acoustically balanced for professional use.

True to the motto ‘Looks Good – Sounds Pro’: The premium DJ headphone RHP-20 is available in a complete black ‘KNIGHT’ Edition with a quality rubber paint finish.

Engineered with exceptionally high audio output for a club setting and clear frequency separation with the ideal balance of mids, highs and bass, these innovative headphones are perfect for the DJ booth or the studio.

Equipped with a rotating ear cup for on-shoulder/single-ear monitoring, the RHP-20 is rugged and ready for continuous operation in even the most challenging environment with a sturdy hinge and folding mechanism made of high-quality aluminum and a hard rubber head band that withstands wear and tear. The design is lightweight, and the ear cups are carefully crafted to surround the ears in comfort with memory foam padding covered in fine protein leather, so there is no pinching or fatigue… even on a long night. A trendsetter with pristine audio quality and robust construction, the RHP-20 sets a new standard for the professional DJ headphones.


  • Professional DJ headphones, closed rotary and retractable construction – Rubber paint finish
  • Convenient rotating ear cup for easy on-shoulder/single-ear monitoring – Powerful sound and clear frequency separation, optimized for DJs
  • Comfortable Memory-Foam ear cup padding with fine protein-leather surface – Large ear cup cavity surrounds ear for comfortable wear
  • Accented with rubber-paint finish
  • Ultra durable head band crafted with high quality hard rubber
  • Solid rotatable and foldable mechanism made of sturdy aluminum
  • Flat comfort construction with compact and lightweight ear cup chassis – One-sided cable duct with removable mini XLR plug for easy cord swap – Extremely high output rating
  • Extremely solid construction for DJs’ continuous operation
  • Innovative and stylish deluxe headphones

Technical details

  • Frequency range: 30 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Acoustic pressure: 110 dB
  • Impedance: 25 ohms
  • Max input power: 3000 mW
  • Connections: 3.5/6.3 mm jack (gold-plated contacts)
  • Cord: 3m (spiral cable)
  • Weight: 270 g
  • Incl. high-quality carrying bag with folding mechanism

I loved the originals, and love these even more. I like my headphones to be more understated if possible, and this complete move to Black ticks my boxes big time.

I don’t have official prices, but scouting the assorted retail outlets, the price seems to be the same.

  • sureshot

    Nooooo! I’ll never join you, Obi-Won told me about my Father, he told me YOU KILLED HIM! But, if you think the headphones are worth a go, then, ok, help me up will ya?

  • they sucks. Seriously, they are REALLY bad – just like SHURE SRH 750. For that prize you can buy way better headphones.

    • Out of interest, which headphones do you like?

      • RPDH 1200. Bought 3 years ago, still kicks ass. it’s not Reloop hate – they have really great controllers, and RP6000 is badass turntable. but these heapdhones are just bad. Bad construction, bad sound quality. And they are pretty expensive. You can buy for less A&H Xone XD 40 or Pioneer HDJ 500.

      • I DON’T GET IT. Reloop make great, high-quality TT,and also made a lot of shitty mixers. Numark make one of the best TT on the market (TTX) the best Itch controller available, and – gues what – made a lot of crap mixers and low budget controllers. what the hell? how does it work?

        • It’s all in the eye of the beholder. There are many headphones I would rank much higher than the Technics headphones. And outside of the accidental success of the 1200s, Technics generally have a track record of making poor DJ gear too.

          Numark on the whole make good gear, including the low budget controllers you speak of. But yes, their mixers are their weak point. Best ITCH controller? I don’t like the word “best” because it requires qualification. Best for you is not best for someone else.

          • indeed! my englishi is poor 🙁 it’s hard for me to describe what i think. i’m not saying that rpdh are the best – but they were quite cheap and after 3 years, they still working. it’s something. it’ all about the brand – imho TTX is WAY better than any technics TT – but technis is “legendary” and Numark is…ordinary.

    • These look great. I love my rhp-20. Been going strong for daily general use and gigging 1-2 times a week since Nov ’11 with NO case. I think these are pretty tough. I replaced Pio 2k with these and never looked back.

      • maybe – bu the cost almost the same asTechnics – and TEchnics imho have much better construction.

  • The_KLH

    Dammit. Now I’ll HAVE to watch the Empire Strikes Back again. Again. “I love you… with these headphones.” “I know.”

  • Darth says they go well with his…..what?

    • You know what’s maddening? I read it so many times to make sure it was correct. Photoshop is not the tool for writing copy.

  • thj1706

    Any other opinions about the RHP-20…I thought they were high-end dj headphones…
    Never read any complain about them breaking which I did read a lot of time about the technics
    + To what I read and heard the soud was supposed to be pretty good????

    Thanks for any input!

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  • i’m really drawn to these for various reasons – my only worry is i review a lot of music on the way to work On the underground and the leaking is a serious consideration. I’m guessing the changes to this version are purely aesthetic then and does nothing to address the sound leakage?

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