RELEASED: Serato ITCH 2.2.2

Serato itch 222 released

Serato have been busy. Following up on Serato Video is ITCH 2.2.2, which adds support for Video 1.1 features, 2 deck view for 4 deck controllers, FLAC, and best news for a lot of people now supports OS X 10.8. That’s “supports” and not just “runs”.

The words from Serato HQ:

ITCH 2.2.2

Serato ITCH 2.2.2

Serato is pleased to announce the release of ITCH 2.2.2, the latest free update for Serato ITCH DJs. This release adds support for the Serato Video 1.1 update but also has some very handy new features and improvements.

This version of ITCH supports Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Alongside adding support for Serato Video, we took this opportunity to include some great features that have been long standing requests. Support for the FLAC format has been requested for some time now and we are happy to add support in this release.

Owners of four deck controllers such as the Numark NS6 are now able to take advantage of a brand new two deck view mode.

We have also added some great library enhancements to improve load times and stability. Alongside this, we have done a great deal of maintenance, fixed a load of bugs and done some important enhancements to keep our ongoing commitment to stability and performance. For the full list of these, refer to the ITCH 2.2.2 release notes.

Release Notes

Read the full Release Notes for ITCH 2.2.2.

That’s a free upgrade – go grab it now.

  • Manuel

    for some reason this new serato updates make the gap seem bigger between ni and serato. As time passes and updates are rolled out, NI gives me an impression of being on a league of their own. Takes months and months for serato to make little changes, i wonder whats the excuse now that in theory after version 2.0 they would be able to have a faster turnaround as they rebuilt from the ground up the code for ITCH.

  • VCI-380

    Serato is basic, they will always be basic, not because all the users want it that way but because Serato can’t imagine it any other way. The good thing you can say about them right now is that they’re trying harder because they had some really big public mistakes an heavy competition in the last couple years that their users have been slamming them on. But definitely, no matter what it is, only buy a Serato product for what it can do right then, because it may never get upgraded to do anything else. They started by doing a real good job cloning 90’s DJ technology on your computer, and who knows if they’ll ever move past that into something bigger.

  • They missed the shot with The Bridge…

    • I was just about to say the same thing!
      I wonder how many visitors to BPM will be asking Serato and/or Ableton about The Bridge? Now Traktor has Remix Decks (which is IMO a better way of doing it as it’s integrated) and other s/w is following (slowly), is anyone really that bothered anyway? 🙂

  • ace

    Is this really the best they can do?

  • I think this is awesome. Not really sure why everyone complains about serato like they are a bad company. Serato has managed to do what alot of other companies haven’t done. They’ve managed to make every single release extremely stable and reliable. I have traktor and itch and serato. Serato and itch are by far the most reliable i’ve used. Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles ni has but it does the job. Really well too.

    • jprime

      Agreed 100%.

  • ace

    What is so awsome? Traktor has supported flac for years. I have an old 1982 Ford that’s still very reliable. However, the fuel economy sux, it has no aircon, airbags or electric windows etc…. I also have Traktor & Itch. Traktor is just as reliable. Is Serato unable to produce a stable app with the bells & whistles to match the competition? Decent & properly beat synced effects are “bells & whistles”, yet video mixing & transition fx aren’t? The amount of time it takes for them to release an update, most of us expect more. We’re nearing the end of 2012 – stability is expected, progress is applauded.

  • Candy Monstr

    That awkward moment when Virtual DJ will get past Serato once VDJ 8 is released.

  • luv this update!!