Rekord Buddy — the Traktor and Rekordbox converter

My displeasure with the plethora of library formats is well known, but it seems that Next Audio Lab’s Rekord Buddy may well smash down at least one wall — the one between Traktor and Rekordbox — with some style, provided you’re on a Mac.

Trying not going to re-rant over old ground again, but my core issue is that unless you use the basic library tools afforded to you by Apple’s iTunes, you have to commit wholeheartedly to a particular piece of software with little in the way of translation, other than the handful of 3rd party library wranglers. But what Rekord Buddy promises is a smooth 2-way conversion between Traktor and Rekordbox.

This doesn’t appear to be some half -arsed conversion either. You can choose tracks, playlists or whole libraries, and also decide exactly what metadata to shift across as well, including beat grids. You’ll still have to generate waveforms internally of course, as that kind of thing is beyond the scope of data translation. Well right now it is anyway — most things are just a matter of time.

DJ software libraries Mixvibes Traktor rekordbox serato virtual dj denon engine

6 different software libraries — 6 different and hostile formats. Just stop it.

Unity approaches?

I understand why different software companies use their own libraries, but it’s not good for the end user. Ultimately, they all provide the same end result, deployed in more or less the same way. It’s not like the Traktor Library offers anything radical over the Rekordbox, Serato, VDJ or any other library for that matter. But the increasing number of products like Rekord Buddy shows us that a time will come where there will be one product (that should be called Unity or Conduit or Ultimate DJ Library Translator Pro) that will allow you to repurpose your lovingly crafted library into another format at the press of a button. It could even go as far as bouncing changes in one automatically through all the others.

We’re a little way off that right now, but given that there are Traktor/Serato translators (Alchimie Zinc is one, and NI’s own is here), it seems like Rekord Buddy should be able to do a 3-way translation soon enough. Seems that Virtual DJ is missing from the translator game though, unless anyone can tell me otherwise.

Take the Survey

In a bid to help shape future versions of Rekord Buddy, there’s a survey for you to take on the site where you have the chance to win an iPad Mini. It’s painless and quick, and simply asks a little about you (no names necessary) and what you do and don’t like about your current DJ software. I did it, but in my own name, so I’m not expecting to win an iPad Mini, but simply offering a little help.

Buying Rekord Buddy

So there you have it — one more barrier eliminated between opposing libraries. I don’t know if Rekord Buddy does a perfect conversion just yet, as I don’t have a Rekordbox library of any note or size. But I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences. Remember, Rekord Buddy is Mac only right now and can be grabbed from the App Store for $7.99/£5.49.

  • ShaunW

    Great write-up. I absolutely agree, multiple library formats is a major drag. I’d personally like to try other programs, but the thought of redoing all my cues, loops and etc. is a massive deterant.

    • ace

      That’s probably why they keep them different!

  • Gulli Johansen

    I have used Rekord Buddy for some time now and the conversion is seamless. I personaly like better to use memorie points on CDJ’s instead of hotcues. In Rekord buddy you can choose if you want Traktors cuepoints over and it will set the first 3 cueponts then the remaining go into memoriepoints.
    I’ve also switched from Traktor to Mixvibes Cross and because of Rekord Buddy already having converted my Traktor Library into Rekordbox all I had to do was inport my Rekordbox library into Cross and all cue points were transferred. Took a few hours to reanalyse the beatgrids but was ready to use Cross the same day.
    So 1 more step then Traktor->Cross that takes no time if your library is not to big. if it’s to big do it in steps

    • b

      So, are the grids you have done spot-on when converting from traktor to rekordbox and vice versa? And after conversion you then have separate traktor and rekordbox libraries? Cause i read somewhere that if you want to go back from rekordbox to traktor and vice versa you have to do it again?

      • Grids, cue points and hot cues are accurately converted back and forth. You always keep separate libraries since this is not a replacement for either program, just a syncing tool. Hope this helps.

        • b

          This certainly helps…again a step closer to using cdjs.

  • Did you use it yet?

  • Slightly off topic but I’d like to see Traktor offering iTunes style smart playlist functionality directly in the application, or at least allow you to sort on two columns.
    I’d rather not have iTunes on my laptop but currently it’s the only way to generate dynamically updating playlists in Traktor.

    • Sergio Pantaleo

      I remember few years ago Traktor had Beatport store embedded for direct purchases. Still, it’s a question of marketing strategies.

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  • D.j. DJones

    This article is right on time for me. I ditched Serato a few months ago and started exclusively using Rekordbox. Now I’m expecting my Traktor Kontrol Z2 to arrive tomorrow! Thanks!

  • Alexander Wyatt

    No Serato=No deal.

    I’d pay double if it could transfer between the three easily.

  • Sergio Pantaleo

    I do not understand why the do not support standard XML for playlists. Marketing?

    • The file format is only part of the problem. They all support different features and all do things slightly differently.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        Ultimately, these files are not that different. It’s like trying to put a Ford wheel into a Chevrolet. This problem is more about Ego than optimal use.

        • The files are very similar, like I said, but that’s only part of the equation.

  • Ron Maran

    Exactly what I’m after. Great work! When Serato integration kicks in, will finally allow for a “united” tool for library management.

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  • Kyle Thom Hughes

    Although its good at transferring your playlists over from Traktor to Rekordbox, it does not however transfer cue points which it states; or at least it does not for me. Support is also non-existent. Disappointed RB user.

    • Hey Kyle, Sorry to hear you’re having problems. We have 1000s of users happily transferring cue points, hot cues and beat grids so I’m sure it’s something fairly easy to fix. We also have one of the best support team in the industry, have you tried emailing support or posting on the support forums?

      • Kyle Thom Hughes

        I’ve tweeted and fb’d you a few times.

        • Sorry, we can’t seem to find any tweets from you in the last 2-3 months. We usually reply within 24 hours max. Why don’t you email support at Next and we’ll help you out in no time.

        • Tried to contact you on FB to fix your issue, not getting any replies since last week so I hope that means you found the solution. If not, don’t hesitate to email support at any time, they’ll be more than happy to help.

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  • Honest opinion

    I know I’m going to sound like a Dinosaur here but… will the app for mac not work on 10.6.8? I’m SOOOO close to 10.7 GDSOB

  • steven seagull

    mixvibes already has record box intergration

    • Not at the time of writing this story it didn’t.

  • Rob

    Bought the Record Buddy app and it doesnt work. With the syns framm traktor to recordbox it shows the list in recordbox, but recordbox cant find the actual files…..

    • Email me via support and I can help you out. It’s most likely a missing step in the setup or syncing.

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