Red Bull and Stereomusik divorce – DJ Player free for very short time

Put yourself in the position of an app developer – no sleep, money or social life to speak of. And then your hard work attracts the attention of a massive global brand, and hand in hand they develop a line of branded apps for iOS and make the DJ world a better place. But all good things must come to an end, and after a solid run and a lot of users, Red Bull and DJ Player developer Stereomusik are man hugging and saying goodbye to each other.

It’s quite an abrupt goodbye as all Red Bull BPM apps will be exorcised from the app store 1st December. But out of the wreckage comes a massive opportunity that frankly you’d be utterly mad to ignore. For between now and 4th December, the previously pretty expensive ($44.99) DJ Player is available for FREE. And if you look back to recent DJ Player developments, you’ll see that it’s an incredibly capable app, with a lot more coming down the road too.

So as of 1st December, you can grab DJ Player for free and start enjoying the ridiculously rich feature set it has to offer. Remember – it’s only free until 4th December CET – that’s central European time for those unsure of timezones.

  • Not showing up free on my iPad yet.

    • To Gabor: After accidentally purchasing the DJ Player 5.1 iOS app 24 hours before it went free, I noticed an update to 5.5 today, but I hate having to do in-app/DLC purchase to unlock DVS mode and customizable backgrounds! Be honest upfront and just raise the price to cover the two new features.

  • Strategy

    On iTunes (Germany) it still says 39,99 €! 🙁

  • I updated the story – it’s from 1-4 December. My mistake.

  • Jnko

    December 1 it will be free. Not today or tomorrow.

  • “The switch” starts tomorrow according to the website!

  • kulardj

    and what for the ones that bought it for the full price?

    • I hear this a lot when new stuff comes out – “what about existing owners?”. You pays your money and you takes your chances. If the app developer wants to give his stuff away for 4 days then that’s their decision and a subsequent loss of income for them. And your DJ player still works just the same as it did before the 4 free days.

  • Darth

    It says both on Red Bull BPM site and Facebook page that the app will be free starting from Friday 30th, 12:00 CET, only a few hours to go!

  • Gábor (iMect)

    It’s quite hard to say when 1-4th December happens because of the world: it’s not flat and we have timezones. 🙂

    So technically it will be free from 30th Nov 12:00 to 4th Dec 12:00, Central European Time.

    And there is App Store too, which has it’s own internal mechanisms to update the price in the different countries it has.

    So when will DJ Player be free precisely? Impossible to tell. Check your App Store.

  • JJ

    It is free now. Just downloaded it. Followed the link on the red bull bpm dj page. Works a charm.

  • got it

    It’s not Stereomusik, it’s iMect, isn’t it?

  • leo

    thanks !

  • jiggle

    Im so glad I saw this! Ive wanted to try this app for so long but couldnt afford the price, thank you for letting us know 🙂

  • WildchildeX

    Got My Free copy 🙂

    • emp

      Me too – mixed a couple of songs, very impressed so far. Will have to put this up against DJay and see what happens. So far, very good app

  • Yay, christmas is early! I like the GUI.

  • Not available in uk?

  • It’s not free, after getting the update, a hi-freq filter is applied every 30 secs, with a message that prompt you to update to Pro for Euro 4,99 And there are ads at the bottom. But for that price i would buy it. Muuuuuuch better than DJay and any other app out there. I love the minimal style and all controls are really well organized. I would like to know if the purchase includes the iPad version or if it’s a separate purchase (like DJay)

    • Gábor

      It was free in the advertised period (1-4 Dec). The free period is over, now it’s a free (to try) + in-app purchases.

      It’s a universal app. So your purchase covers all devices, including the iPad version.

      • Great App, but there’s a lot of digital distorsion while scratching a track 😐

        • Gábor

          Plz set the QTICKS to a correct value for your controller. Otherwise the small waveform on the screen is not made for scratching.

  • ovv

    This wasn’t a nice move. I downloaded the app on the 1st, played around with it a bit and was quite impressed, even on my iPad1. Now I finally received my mini, and downloaded the app, and there’s a stupid filter cutting out the sound and ads at the bottom. These most definitely weren’t there on the version which I downloaded earlier.

    I feel like this was just a big push to get people to download and then hopefully buy the unlock once they realize that the updated app had been crippled.

    • Gábor

      We sent multiple notifications to a webpage to read (Disqus doesn’t let me link it here).

      In a nutshell: your license is bound to your iPad1. Transferring this license to your mini can be done in 2 ways:

      – Purchase the DVS option for $1.99. It adds forever license for every device you have under your iTunes account, because we switched to an in-app purchases license model.
      – Create your iPad mini from your iPad1’s backup. This way is free.

      • ovv

        Well.. there’s a reason I didn’t want to restore from an older backup. I’d buy the DVS update for that price, but the only item in the “shop”-section I can see, is the “upgrade” for 16,99€.

        • Gábor

          You should see the DVS option on your iPad1. DJ Player’s previous version put the keychain item on that.

          • ovv

            Ha! It worked. Thanks.

            I must apologize for the tone of my earlier post, I believe I was quite tired when I posted that and as an app developer, I can appreciate the work which goes into these issues.

  • WildchildeX

    Does anybody that got this App have it setup for the Numark V7’s?

    • Gábor

      It’s not USB Class Compliant, doesn’t work with iOS devices unfortunately.

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