DJ QBert — so much more than scratch vinyl


When we watch the relentless torrent of Qbert videos, you could be forgiven for thinking that he only has 2 records — one with the classic ahhh and fresh scratch sounds, and the other with a selection of beats. But you don’t get to be Qbert without putting in the behind-the-scenes graft. And when your chosen style is all about vinyl, it’s reasonable to expect that he has an impressive selection beyond his chosen performance tracks. So it’s pretty cool that as part of their continuing Crate Diggers series, got to take a look at Q’s extensive wall of vinyl.

Oh look – IKEA Expedits, and lots of them. Understandable when you’ve travelled the world and its record shops in search of raw material with which to build your repertoire. Impressive wall Q.

So where exactly was the DJWORX picture disk? You’ve got some explaining to do.

  • Peter Mapanao

    Mark, I am still so embarassed for handing out this limited edition vinyl to Q. I had a total brain fart and thought that I was has just handing out a regular record to him. The really sad thing is that I had learned the next day that my grandma had passed from cancer and it was exactly at that same time that I gave that record to Q. I’m not sure if the powers above had something to do with it. Naw, I was just and idiot! Lol

    • Hard Rich

      Peter, don’t be embarrassed, now Q has a picture disc representing his favorite site for news! The real reason it didn’t show up in that episode of Crate Diggers was that it was filmed a couple weeks before we went down to NAMM and met you/Jared from the DJWORX crew! Don’t feel bad though, there were lots of picture discs in that segment that ended on the cutting room floor, the Super Seal picture disc was one of them, ha!

      • Jared Helfer

        Yeah I told him not to feel bad too.

        It was great meeting and hangin with you guys, though

  • Brent Randolph

    QBert is a class act and his enthusiasm for what he does is infectious. Thanks for sharing this video 🙂

  • Djs of the round table

    Hes a real inspiration, so great, so big in the world, and so humble, damn many should head in his trax, i know im gona try, The great Q

  • Loudist

    My copy of Schoolly D’s Saturday Night has a green cover – Q’s is orange. Odd… I wonder how many different versions there are…?