PRICE DROP: Traktor Kontrol S4 — new one in the wings?

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 price drop

As of today, Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 has got a price drop. In the UK and Europe, the price if now £499/€599 respectively, but I don’t know about elsewhere, but I imagine it’s a global clear-the-shelves thing. But why?

I shouldn’t need to spell it out by now but here goes. NI has a well established pattern — drop the price of something to herald the introduction of something else. In the case of the S4, it’s getting quite long in the tooth, and very much due for an update. And given their current consumer level dalliance via the lovely iOS based Traktor DJ, it’s quite logical that NI would want to throw themselves headlong into that particular pot of gold.

I don’t know if a new Kontrol S4 mk2 could have more going for it beyond making it iOS friendly, so potentially the current S4 is still just as good with Traktor as it ever was, making this a steal for anyone teetering on the edge of purchasing. Ideally though, an update would do everything the current S4 does, including fully integrating with Traktor Scratch Pro, but better and with full Traktor DJ plug and play. It could however be NI’s take on Numark‘s iDJ Pro, rather than tipping its cap towards simply plugging in an iPad via a cable. I’m sure NI’s game plan will be clear soon enough.

So if you hankered for 4 channels of NI controller goodness, now is a really great time to get a bargain.

  • John McGrory

    That poses a fresh question I didn’t anticipate. Z2 or S4?

  • Jared Helfer

    More than likely a new product line is coming in line with the X1 mk2, which will work with the new S4 mk2. And, well, hopefully that S4 has a built in hub which can connect all of those devices to run seamlessly with both Traktor Pro (3?) and Traktor DJ.
    Yeah, good times.

  • timsensei

    How about a 4-channel Traktor Kontrol Z1 type device that can be connected to 2 iPads?

    • I really like that idea. Nice and low profile and aimed at iPads, rather than having to work with decks. An NI take on M-Audio’s X-Pression controller would be cool. I suppose the issue arises with linking the iPads together. Or would you even need to?

      • timsensei

        I was mulling this over today as it goes. I’m not sure how bluetooth works but maybe that’s an option. I’m sure a mini cable running from headphone socket to headphone socket on the iPads could be configured to work given that is capable of sending a signal (conventionally to headphones) and receiving a signal (there is a mic on the iphone headphone cable plus volume button etc).
        In the same unit it could incorporate all the features found X1. That would keep the number of usb cables used down, plus help justify the extra cost.
        It’s possible to install the iPad Traktor software on each unit at no extra cost. Heck… if the above works I guess you could then connect as many iPads as you like…
        Taking it even further then how about ipad versions of all NI software on as many ipads as you like all running through one mixer/controller.
        How would that be for shiny!

        • The simplistic starting point would be gaffer taping 2xZ1s together and running them with 2 iPads. Obviously there’s no connection between them, but as long as you duplicate the library to both devices, what are the problems?

          There’s 2 crossfaders, but that’s no biggie. The only backend issue is pushing 2 lots of outputs down to the master out. But in a nutshell, that’s a highly workable system. Beyond that, you’re looking at the dual Z1s in a 4 channel single unit, that can use dual independent iPads, or maybe a clever way to handle 4 channels in a single iPad.

          • timsensei

            mm choices… I guess technically one could say that any
            conventional 4 channel mixer is pretty much two 2-channel mixers together… I really think that given how much time and effort NI have put into traktor on iphone and ipad that they will ensure that they have sufficient hardware out there to cover all potential uses.

            For the volume of space that the Kontrol S4 takes up, you could loose the platters and simply have, say… 10 channels (with filter, low/mid/high nobs) and one crossfade. All other features are software/ipad based.

            But removing the platters may be perceived as being less pro.

  • Ztronical

    Need flexible grids!!!!! Stability…. hardware based eq kills. Better quality.
    Give me what I dream of in a box. $$ I am prepared to spend.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    I’m going to speculate that NI will have a modular “docking base” (complete with iPad slot), an internal audio card (probably with the ability to natively handle Scratch Pro), and a full-fledged audio In/Out configuration. It seems that N.I. wants to push more of the “X-family” of products (partially due to portability, but also because the modular units don’t have to have the same price-point as an all-in-one). All-in-ones with their relatively high prices and large footprint aren’t needed by everyone and modular units remain flexible in configuration so the user can define what they want to do when they want to do it… all they need is the money for each section.

  • tony corless

    What about this! something that looks like a cdj without the drive but with the ability to also plug in and use a memory unit would be capable of controling decks a and c in traktor,so you would need two of them and you get a modular setup cdj style with a larger footprint but you’re not tied in to an all in one.Thats what I want!

  • White Wulfe

    $599 CAD/USD for us over here in North America according to the email I received.

    I’m quite curious as to exactly what will be announced over the next few months… Price slashing of the Z2, and now the S4 as well?

  • now wait for maschine 3..

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  • Pingback: Traktor Kontrol S4 — new one in the wings?UniqueSquared Pro Audio Blog()

  • MadeInMachines

    Maybe an S4 Micro without jogwheels

  • S44Life

    I could see them adding a bigger auto-drive jogwheels. and possibly screens above the jogwheels. I can’t imagine them making a new micro controller with the release of the Z1. Maybe NI has thought about making a more digital version of CDJs. I would like to see timecode vynls built into a DJ controller. I think in my mind they’re going for something bigger because they wouldn’t lower the price of something to make a smaller version. I might have repeated myself but you all get the point. NI is going to go bigger to appeal back to the hardcore DJs so they don’t alienate them, with all this ipad stuff no serious DJ would touch.

  • NoName

    I wanted to buy a S4 in a great audio store for companies (we rent audio & visual). They told me to wait till september cuz Traktor told them there would be a new S4 in that month! So there will definitely come a new Traktor in september 😀