Post-BPM carnage — film at 11

It’s the Tuesday after BPM, the time when I not so carefully unpack my BPM kit and leave the home office looking like an explosion in a camera shop. Combine this with fighting with dodgy compact flash cards and moving into the new studio, you can imagine that not much has happened from a news posting point of view.

Thankfully, I appear to be winning the compact flash war and footage is making its way from card to disk, ready to be assembled. So tomorrow sees the BPM coverage start in earnest. There actually wasn’t so much to see, but I’ve grabbed what I can and will be posting it over the coming days.

Expect video of the Pioneer DDJ-SX, a Kontrol Z2 demo, what’s new in Virtual DJ and The One plus some interviews and performances.


  • Hope it’s going well! I was there on Sunday, did you get any footage of either Kissy SellOut or Zane Lowe on the Pioneer stand? Kissy was the first DJ I’ve ever seen where his hands were moving so fast my eyes couldn’t keep up with my ears! Literally couldn’t work out what was being mixed with what it was so mad.

    • I watched a bit of Zane Lowe on the way somewhere else. I caught the Kissy Sellout set online today – he must have been so tired after that.

  • Guest

    looking forward to what you have to say on the one. haven’t heard any news on it lately.

  • MrPopinjay

    Other than the Z2 and the DDJ-SX was there anything interesting at BPM, hardware wise?

  • I heard a rumour that your got some footage of the Tweaker? Can’t wait to hear what you think of that Mark, looks great! Goodluck with the setup.

    • We did Andre – an interview with Laurent from Electrix and a performance from Ray Gabriel.

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