Pioneer XDJ-R1 Controller: DJ’s swiss army knife

Pioneer run a very tight ship, with leaks generally being official and managed. But somehow, the all new Pioneer XDJ-R1 all in one wifi enabled iOS rocking controller managed to sneak out under the radar into some online communities — and also into the rekordbox manual a tad earlier than expected. So despite this not being a surprise as such, I still find myself having a little bit of a wow moment. Before my first cup of tea, my breakfast, or a shower, this XDJ-R1 looks really good.

As ever, and because I feel it’s important to have all the information at hand, so here is the extensive missive from Pioneer Europe:

Pioneer CDJ-R1 Rekordbox remotebox DJ controller (2)

pioneer logo 

Pioneer unveils the XDJ-R1 all-in-one DJ system –

the portable, rekordbox™ ready DJ unit that delivers wireless control from

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

30th May 2013: The Pioneer XDJ-R1 complete DJ system is the all-in-one dream: the union of CD/USB decks, DJ software control, a top-flight mixer, powerful performance features and – in an industry first – intuitive remote control via iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The perfect package for DJs who demand flexibility without the fuss, the self-contained XDJ-R1 enables instant switching between multiple sources: twin CD, USB and MIDI. DJs can analyse tracks in the included rekordbox™ DJ software and load via USB media to access a host of exciting features including Beat Sync and Quantized Beat FX. Or they can choose MIDI to control any DJ software, such as the included VirtualDJ LE.

The XDJ-R1’s tactile controls deliver limitless possibilities for live performance: packing in two touch-sensitive jog wheels for precision scratching, a two-channel mixer, and dedicated buttons for loops, Hot Cues, samples and studio-quality sound colour effects.

Redefining versatility, the XDJ-R1 can be controlled wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using Pioneer’s remotebox app. DJs can connect to the XDJ-R1’s own wireless LAN and use their touch screen to intuitively browse music, mix and mash up tracks – all from outside the booth. The app also introduces the XY pad: a two-dimensional way to assign and manipulate Beat FX and Colour FX using one intuitive control.

The XDJ-R1 crams Pioneer DJ’s extensive capabilities into one portable, rekordbox ready, affordable unit. All DJs need add is creativity.

The XDJ-R1 all-in-one DJ system is available from June at an SRP of 859 GBP/999 EUR, including VAT.

Watch the XDJ-R1 system in action.

Download information

  • remotebox is available for download from the App Store.
  • VirtualDJ LE will be available from Middle of June 2013 at:


All-in-one rekordbox system packs everything DJs need into one deck

The XDJ-R1 is DJ-ready out of the box, so there’s no need to add other equipment or fiddle with multiple cable connections. The unified deck packs in USB playback, two CD drawers, two touch-sensitive jog wheels, a two-channel mixer – plus effects and performance features taken from Pioneer DJ’s industry-standard set-up.

Mix from multiple sources including rekordbox USB, CDs and VirtualDJ LE

DJs can simply load tracks from USB or CD to play a range of media – including AAC (USB only), MP3, WAV, AIFF and 24-bit files. Just like the pro-DJ range, tracks prepared in rekordbox can be exported onto USB, allowing DJs to take advantage of features such as the track database, beat grids and Hot Cues. Or they can effortlessly switch to MIDI to control other DJ software on their laptop via wired connection – including the free download of VirtualDJ LE with its four-channel and video mixing.

Crammed with performance features from Pioneer’s pro-DJ range

The XDJ-R1’s intuitive controls put the power of live edits for impressive performances at the DJ’s fingertips:

  • rekordbox Beat Sync: automatically syncs tracks to the master deck using rekordbox beat grid information
  • Auto Beat Loop: automatically loops tracks at specified beat lengths
  • Hot Cues: DJs can instantly access up to three Hot Cue points on each deck
  • Sound Colour FX: NOISE, PITCH, CRUSH and FILTER FX are inherited from Pioneer’s pro-DJ mixers, offering a HI and LO Pass sweep on each channel for even mightier manipulation
  • Beat FX: dedicated buttons on each deck for TRANS, FLANGER, ECHO and ROLL beat effects with Tap Tempo
  • Four-beat Sampler: access three pre-loaded samples
  • Shift Mode: fast access to advanced features, including:
    • Quantize: locks the beat timing of effects to rekordbox beat grids for perfect sounding performances
    • Search: quickly scan through whole tracks with the jog wheel
    • Edit: delete Hot Cues and samples

INDUSTRY FIRST: Remote mixing and FX control with remotebox for iPhone/iPad

DJs can download the free remotebox app for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch (available from the App Store) to use their device as a remote control for all the XDJ-R1’s amazing features.[i] The XDJ-R1 creates a private wireless LAN for reliable connection to the DJ’s iOS device.

Intuitive touch-screen control includes browsing, loading and mixing tracks, as well as triggering FX, Auto Beat Loops, Hot Cues and samples. Plus – unique in the Pioneer range – remotebox introduces the innovative XY Pad: a two-dimensional way to engage and manipulate Beat FX and Sound Colour FX in combination.

DJs using remotebox on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch are liberated from the booth to interact more, showcase their talents and even let the crowd get involved with choosing tracks.

Custom-designed accessories, ease of set up and portability

The XDJ-R1 all-in-one system contains everything DJs need in one sleek box, including a handy iPhone/iPod touch stand to position the screen in line of sight at all times. Plus the DJC-SC3 sturdy carry bag (sold separately) is custom-designed for the XDJ-R1, with multiple pockets and a vertical structure to give DJs easy access even in confined booths.

Multiple input and output options for maximum flexibility

The XDJ-R1 is equipped with a MASTER OUT (XLR), BOOTH OUT, AUX and MIC, to enable connection to external hardware and professional PA systems. The central mixer can therefore be connected to turntables and CDJs and used as a stand-alone mixer.

High-quality audio circuitry for pristine and powerful sound

The XDJ-R1 inherits sound design from Pioneer’s pro-DJ equipment, including a built-in 44.1 kHz/24-bit soundcard and a high-performance CPU.

Other features include:

  • Independent three-band isolator with total kill
  • Dual headphone output ­– mini jack for inner-ear headphones and standard jack for full-size headphones
  • VU meters for each channel and the master output give a visual reference for signal levels

Main specifications of the XDJ-R1

Playable media USB storage devices, CD, CD-R/RW
Playable file formats MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF

(only MP3, WAV and AIFF can be played from CD)

USB storage formats supported FAT32, FAT16
No. of channels 2
Wireless communications format IEEE 802.11b/g (2.4 GHz band)
Sampling rate 44.1 kHz
A/D, D/A converter 24 bit
Frequency response 20 Hz~20 kHz
S/N ratio 98 dB or above (USB)
Total harmonic distortion Max 0.006% (USB)
Head room 19 dB
USB ports A port ×1, B port ×1
Inputs PHONO/LINE ×2 (RCA)

MIC ×1 (¼ inch JACK)

AUX ×1 (RCA)

Outputs MASTER OUT ×2 (XLR ×1, RCA ×1)



Maximum external dimensions (W×H×D) 623 mm × 308.4 mm × 107.7 mm
Body weight 6.8 kg
System requirements – rekordbox™ DJ software (included)
Supported OS Mac OS®X (10.5.8 or above)

Windows®8/Windows®8 Pro

Windows®7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate

Windows Vista® Home Basic/Home Premium/Ultimate/Business (SP2 or above)

Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional (SP3 or above)

(*Windows® XP Professional x64 edition is not supported)

System requirements – remotebox™ mobile application
Supported OS iPhone 3GS or above

iPod touch 3rd generation or above

iPad iOS5 or above


System requirements – VirtualDJ LE (free download)

Supported OS (Windows) Windows® 7/Vista/XP (SP3)

Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ XP

512 MB RAM or more

Supported OS (Mac) Mac OS X v 10.5/10.6/10.7

Intel® processor platform

1024 MB RAM or more

Required disk space 50 MB or more
Display resolution 1024 x 768 or more
Additional requirements for video mixing ATI™ or NVIDIA® video chipset

Dedicated 256 MB DDR3 RAM video


* rekordbox™ and remotebox are registered trademarks or trade names of Pioneer, Inc.

* Windows®, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista® and Windows® XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries.

* Intel® is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the US and other countries.

* iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

* VirtualDJ is a registered trademark of Atomix Productions, Inc.

* Other stated company names, product names, technology names, etc. are the trademarks

or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

* iPhone, iPad and iTouch sold separately.

[i] Scratch function is not supported by remotebox

Yep — a lot to go through, so let’s pick over the bones.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 and DDJ-AERO

AERO’s mature sibling

The DDJ-AERO was a toe dipper — a trial balloon floated to see if the whole wifi thing would get some sort of acceptance. As a unit it’s of the high Pioneer quality we’ve come to accept, but for me seemed to try to do a lot of things but perhaps without the basis of having a fully formed idea of what it was supposed to be and do. One thing has become clear — streaming music via wifi is clearly not popular and is the biggest omission from the XDJ-R1’s repertoire.

But here is the XDJ-R1 — a nameless alpha-numeric nomenclature signifying that it is most definitely in Pioneer’s pro camp. And looking at it, you can see why. For me, it sits very firmly in between CDJs and full-on MIDI controllers — all the features of Pioneer’s core products with all the form factor convenience and price tag of the DDJ range.

One thing is for sure — either the AERO is history or in for a massive price drop. I see little to no reason for the AERO now, if only because I really don’t think people want to wirelessly stream music when a cable guarantees hassle-free operation.

Wearer of many hats

The XDJ-R1 really is a swiss army knife of DJ hardware. In the general scheme of DJ things, I’m struggling to find something it can’t do. If you’re wanting the best of a lot of worlds, the XDJ-R1 offers a lot in a single box. If you hanker for a simple life without any form of electronic add-ons, you can run it entirely standalone and simply shovel CDs in, and still get a great deal of what people buy CDS and DJMs for. The XDJ-R1 certainly has enough of the new stuff that Pioneer are trickling out at the top end to make people with lower aspirations feel special.

Many of us felt that Stanton‘s SCS.4DJ was a new way forward in that it really did mean entirely standalone operation. And the XDJ-R1 carries that on further. With the same process, you create a library on your USB device and you’ve got 2 decks running from a single device. The XDJ-R1’s screens will give you enough info and some low res waveforms to make USB just fine and still remain entirely standalone.


It’s the new remotebox that is of most interest. Essentially, it’s a remote (duh) library server and wireless controller. You still have to create your library in rekordbox and offload it to USB, at which point remotebox picks it up and delivers the library list to your iOS device’s screen. It also replicates just about all of your hardware controls, but does add a few extras of its own. The XY effects pad is the obvious and most useful one, but you also get loop breakdown buttons (instead of a knob) and a track strip.

For me, this beggars the question of why this handful of features couldn’t be put inside the rekordbox app, so that the iPad could be used to serve music along with all the extras that it brings (like waveforms because DJs really like those) and have it all wrapped up in one device. Yes, you’d probably have to do it wired, but I have my doubts as to how many people are really going to control the features that are already on the hardware via the iPad. If you’re dropping over £800 on a lump of controller, why compromise with touch controls on screen when the physical ones are right in front of you? Am I missing something here?

I hope I can use both apps at once on an iPad, but would prefer to use just one. It’s available now in the app store and can be run in demo mode for you to get a feel for what it can and can’t do. And no, it’s only a remote and not a full-on DJ app. It is however just a few lines of code short of being  full DJ app though — it has just about everything needed, bar decks and a link to your iTunes or rekordbox library.

Oh yeah… MIDI

Pioneer’s message on computer use is somewhat mixed. On one hand they’re all “leave the computer at home”, and then they’re throwing out a bunch of MIDI controllers that are useless lumps of metal without one. The XDJ-R1 is different, as it can be used with or without computers, but the whole MIDI aspect feels like an afterthought rather than a primary feature. It comes with Virtual DJ LE, and gets about 30 seconds in a near 9 minute video. It’s clear that Pioneer see the XDJ-R1 as a standalone or iPad unit, and so do I.

That said, Pioneer have a habit of putting units out, only for them to become Serato ready not long after. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes Serato DJ Intro compatible very soon, especially with the 2 channel and limited effects format. And algoriddim djay too. Hell it might even get a Traktor map at some point.

Pioneer CDJ-R1 Rekordbox remotebox DJ controller (4)

Summing up

Other than this slight confusion with were rekordbox ends and remotebox begins, the XDJ-R1 is a lovely lump of Pioneer goodness. As a true all-in-one, it ticks more boxes than people thought possible and suits a wide range of needs. To get the very best from it, you’re still going to need an iOS device to get the useful remotebox goodies, but they’re dropping in size and price all the time. I personally love the versatility of being able to use this any way I please, and for anyone else to use it as well without having to be tied to a particular piece of software. The versatilely of the XDJ-R1 is great for casting the net wide to attract a wide user base, but also for clubs and bars to be as open as possible to different styles of DJs.

The long established Pioneer tax thing seems to be a lot less valid these days. In the absence of an alternative with mainstream acceptance, it is still applied liberally to the club standard products. But in markets where Pioneer are having to slum it with every other manufacturer, the prices seems to be nearer to reality, especially if you compare it to a pair of lesser CDJs and a small Pioneer mixer. In the UK, the XDJ-R1 is £50 more than a DDJ-SX, which has 4 channels and a lot more onboard features, but it needs a computer to be of any use. So as we say over here, it’s swings and roundabouts.

The XDJ-R1 has an awful lot going for it, and really is Pioneer’s swiss army knife. It’s coming in June with expected prices of $1099/€999/£859.

What do you all think? Has all the good stuff from the digital DJ age been distilled into the ultimate all-in-one? Does it do enough or must you have more?  



  • Jared Helfer

    I think it’s very interesting that they left CDs in. I mean, it looks like the ultimate mobile DJ tool, mixed with a great bedroom DJ solution for the DJ that’s just starting in clubs and is playing in those lovely dives that have no gear.
    But even then, CDs? With the line ins on the back it can accomodate them, and these are going to add to weight and cost (though probably not by much on either end).
    MIDI can be an afterthought, to be honest. It doesn’t need to do much other than send data, and as long as it’s programmed well then it’ll shine with something like Intro.
    Definitely a spiritual successor to the SCS4, and it’s a shame Stanton didn’t jump on that.

    • I’ve always thought the same — CDs? But this week my eyes were opened a little wider than before. CDs still have traction, and for the sake of $20 on the factory price, it’s worth it if only to include the huge market of DJs who still use them.

      • riddimdojo

        I think that its a bridge to bring the CDJ only resistant DJ’s into the controller world. Small enough to buy and experiment and lug around.

        • Reece

          I agree with riddimdojo. I am one of those Vinyl/CDJ dj’s and i’m really trying to find my way to a controller that gives me the feel of the club, has to be portable, and less of a worry to repair.

      • Virgil Arisola

        Great article as always, I think another reason the CD decks are there is to make it palatable as a club install(would look like just another controller otherwise), lastly as a mobile DJ with club aspirations this is the device that bridges the two worlds imho.

      • Mark Stewart

        it also works well for the mobile CD’s who at the moment either have Denon MC600/Citronic etc. all in ones with additional CDJ’s to the side.

        I’m often asked to play a track I’ve never heard of (or care to own), my excuse has always been …sorry luv, no CD players …… this could address that issue.

      • geminimech

        Don’t forget, a laptop, serato box and this would be all some mobile DJ’s need. How much more of a pain in the ass would it be to have to stick players on the sides of this and lug that around?

  • Freddy Prinze

    Mark, thanks for the update on this. If this can work flawlessly through MIDI with Traktor and Serato DJ, then it will be something to reckon with. Gives you multiple redundancies in case something goes wrong plus the option of working with your favorite software, etc… I prefer Traktor and would love to know if this would work as a standalone mixer option in case I wanted to pair it up with tables or another set of decks and have this in the middle as a mixer, etc…

    • You can hook it up with CDJs and turntables. The channels have source switches at the top.

    • Jared Helfer

      More than likely you are going to need an interface, but you could hook the channels up via an Audio2 or 4 or something. If it all sends MIDI than the rest should work as expected.

    • Albert-Kader Djehaf

      yes. that’s the whole idea behind that thing

  • Gulli Johansen

    cdj2000 waveformes on the iPad and send/return would make it perfect. but for me it’s dam near perfect already. But I might get it only so I can have a full Rekordbox setup at home. Lets just hope I get as many gigs over the next 2 months as this month.

  • Max Sebastien

    If this was traktor certified piece of gear, I will run right now to buy it. It will be a beatuful think to hook up 2 1210 and use it with Traktor.

    • Djcbz Emmanuel Wedgeworth

      I second that if were to work with traktor 2 i would be sold until then naw!

      • Virgil Arisola

        Kinda defeats the standalone functionality if used with any software(I use Traktor myself), would be great if they can merge rekordbox and remotebox into one.

      • Albert-Kader Djehaf

        I agree with Virgil. There are zillion of traktor controllers on the market, and much cheaper too (Denon DN-SC6000 of NI S4 for eg.). The standalone capability and Recordbox are the reason i’m getting the XDJ-R1.
        I would use my laptop to run ableton live. Plug in a controller (A&H K2) to control ableton and trigger samples with it.

    • riddimdojo

      My biggest issue is lack of physical hotcues/sample pads or am I wrong?

  • Mark Goertzen

    This looks like a great option for bars and lounges who don’t want to drop a ton of cash on gear. The Numark all in one consoles have become pretty common as standard house gear. Pricing looks similar to the Mixdeck so this should be really competitive.

    • Virgil Arisola

      Pioneer over Numark any day

  • Ron Maran

    This is a great piece of hardware for those wanting to get into the rekordbox workflow. The only thing I’d like is an effects send/return to run my RMX-1000 into, but otherwise I see nothing worth complaining about. Well Played Pioneer!

  • They’re getting there…

    It’s good to see some more all-in-one gear, especially from a name like Pioneer which gives the concept a leg up from a “big name”. Here’s hoping that by BPM there’ll be some more along the same lines.

    I’d like to see the all-in-one idea used at the flagship end too. Imagine an SX with CDJ2000 style displays. Four channel mixer, pads, decent on board display(s), keyboard search and ability to play standalone from SD, USB and/or an internal hard drive. I don’t give a monkeys about CD but would love some more units that took internal HDD.

    This, like the newer Denon kit, seems to expect users to still use external kit (despite the all-in-one tag) for basics like searching, browsing and track info display.

  • The_KLH

    I really like this unit as is, but think that it’s not the “category killer” that Pioneer needs it to be. This is a “CDJ-900” level device… which will address the needs of most Digital DJs. What I feel that most Digital DJs want to see is the “CDJ-2000” version of this all-in-one so that we can pick between the two. IMHO, the “CDJ-2000” version of this needs to have all of what is shown here + CDJ-2000-like jogwheels and display, 100mm pitch sliders, AND four-channel operation. Think DDJ-SX with -2000 jogs and display. It also needs a removable harddrive (the category killer feature).

    • Virgil Arisola

      Not for a $1000

      • Two CDJ2000’s and a DJM900 costs about $6,000, so they can bump up the price of the controller a little if they did what The_KLH is saying.

    • Alexander Wyatt

      $1800 and two channels.

      4 channels is redundant on such a device in my opinion.

  • klacha

    Looks like a great device, but Pioneer should take note from NI on how to do proper videos for their gear

  • C-Note

    This looks to be a nice compact all-in-one solution that will check-off most boxes for today’s DJ. That Remotebox app is the kicker for me. I would love to browse tracks from my Ipad, as I feel that is a much smaller footprint than a 13″ or 15″ laptop. I wonder if Pioneer can incorporate that to my CDJ-900s…probably not though.

    • You can already do this (brows tracks) on your iPad with Rekordbox, on any Rekordbox system.

  • tony corless

    Hi Mark does it have split cue?
    If I use a usb stick with non rb music I assume it wil still work,and will I still have the hotcues.
    Do the hotcues save to the memory on the unit to be recalled later?
    Can you plug a large hard drive into it?
    I think the reason for the cds is that lots of the new djs seem to be saying they will learn on software then switch to cdjs ergo this unit I think

  • TJP

    I like the idea of using the iPad as a remote. I think they should add this remote function, song selection and waveforms to the rekordbox app. This is how I see the iPad being used in the DJ booth. It would also be good for triggering samples/clips, and as an XY pad.

  • Sergio Pantaleo

    Wow, that’s a huge kick into NI face! Love it! This is the All of All in one most complete hardware so far. But, if they get a year to simply fix CDJ2000 bugs, I can’t imagine how long it will takes to figure out and address possible bug on this Controller/CDJ Mix. Pioneer support is very poor, unfortunately.

  • Elliott

    This unit looks and sounds really nice. Does anyone know if you can record your mixes on the USB stick or iPhone or iPad?

  • K1

    This unit is great. But it totally makes the CDJ/DJM 350 setup look like crap. Why would anyone pay $2000 for a CDJ/DJM 350 setup when this is half the price and has way more features?

    • The all-in-one may be cheaper but if something goes wrong, you lose all of it. The individual items each have their own power suppy and operate independently of each other. If one item dies, you still have the other two.

      • I was thinking about this the other day. People say stuff like this, but does it really matter? The market is saturated with all in ones, and nobody cares about it breaking. How many people have had a single CD deck fail mid-performance? How many people have had a unit fail at all?

        • Unfortunately there are plenty of people out there gigging with no backup – just a laptop and a USB controller. I regularly see posts from people who say things like “I got booed at my gig last night because my controller stopped responding”. OK maybe they learn the hard way, but the old Baden-Powell motto “be prepared” should apply.Have at least one backup source.
          Same with those compact 2.1 powered PA systems with the amps in the sub and a pair of passive tops. If the electronics in the sub goes, you’ve got no audio. With a pair of powered cabs, you’ve got an amp (and PSU) in each one. Less likely that both amps would go at the same time.

        • Wesley Whitsell

          I don’t think it really matters. I’ve had a cdj 1000 mk 3 crap out on me mid performance. Stuff breaks occasionally. I’ve never seen anyone bring an extra set of decks for backup. Generally, the stuff on the table is what you have to work with unless you bring a controller.

  • Ian M Firth

    Having one Usb slot is going to make transitions between DJs awkward.

    • CD players. Easy.

      • Ian M Firth

        I work at a student radio station, and I am always interested in these “plays any and all media” devices because with lots of shows with lots of students, we can’t expect all students to have traktor or CDJs or any one thing unanimously. So we would ideally like to buy one product that would allow anyone who wants to do a live set on their show be able to. For people who play different music every show, the most convenient format would be usb. Without the ability to go from one USB dj to another, we would have to instruct shows to put all their songs on USB, except their first which must be burnt to a CD. Sound counter-intuitive/ cumbersome no?

        If playing a song from usb involves transferring the data to the player, so the USB can be removed while the track is still be playing, I’ll no longer complain. If that is not possible then I still think its stupid that pioneer would omit an ability for USB Djs to switch smoothly.

        • Gulli Johansen

          I see where your coming from and an extra usb port would be super. But I guess this is amed at mobile single user DJ’s that would not need to swap with other DJ’s. But what if I have several USB Drives one containing 70’s music one 80’s 90’s and want to swap between those then and extra port would be good

        • Alexander Wyatt

          If you’re at a radio station, just drop a few promos…or go live on air.

          Switch over on radio is painless.

  • geminimech

    I would like to have seen remote or tethered drop of tracks from your machine into the unit like the aero, and CDJ-2000/900. I still really like this guy, and what seems like it’s obscene amounts of usefulness. I would consider this over 850’s as they don’t have any ‘killer’ features that this product does not.

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  • Elliott

    Does anyone know if it can record your mixes to USB or otherwise?

  • Mdock

    There is no USB record facility on the R1, you need a djm 350 or Aero for that functionality, but the XDJR1does have rec out.

    • Elliott

      Thanks for the information. I could just hook up the record out to a laptop to record then.

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  • Weaver2

    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but do I really need an iPad to control the effects on this unit?

    Also, the throw on the pitch controls looks really short. Why is it so small?

  • The Diceman

    It really bugs me that the R1 and the Aero don’t have “loop in/out” buttons! I would have bought one of them in an instant if it had “loop in/out”. Quantizing a song recorded by a live band in Rekordbox seems near to impossible (or am I missing something?), so I need to be able to determine the start and end of a loop myself. I’m still lugging around a 30+ kg flightcase with cdj-900’s and djm-800 because of this. I hope the next “play-it-all Pioneer” will include “loop in/out”!
    Are there actually any reasonable solutions to create loops without the use of Rekorbox when djing “non computer made music” with R1 or Aero? If anyone knows of any, please feel free to enlighten me…

  • Dj d

    Guys I planning to buy but confused between pioneer xdj r1 and traktor s4….which one u recommend

  • OMAR