New shiny… err matte white Pioneer HDJ-2000 and 1500 headphones

Pioneer HDJ-1500 HDJ-2000 white headphones (1)

A little while ago, Pioneer announced all white editions of their DJM-850 and CDJ-850s. At the time I was at a loss as to why anyone would want such things, until I was pointed towards a video showing the limited edition CDJ-2000 and DJM-900 in action, at which point I totally got it. In club lighting they look amazing, thus Pioneer have completed their monochromatic spectrum of colours and added White to the Black and Silver variants of their HDJ-1500 and HDJ-2000 headphones.

It’s not shiny white though – it’s matte white, which is likely to be a dirt magnet, but in the dark or UV lights, they’ll still look fine.

The lengthy press release that basically says HDJ-1500 and 2000 now available in matte white:

Now even more choice: Pioneer’s professional HDJ-2000 and HDJ-1500 headphones to be available in matte white

18th October 2012: Pioneer’s highly acclaimed HDJ-2000 and HDJ-1500 headphones range has been expanded to offer DJs and producers greater design choice. Both professional models are now available in cool matte white, to accompany the classic black chrome and deep silver.

Like the existing flagship HDJ-2000s, the HDJ-2000-Ws have been precision engineered to deliver the accurate sound reproduction, comfort and durability demanded by pro-DJs and producers. And the HDJ-1500-W boasts rich bass sound, low impedance and an exclusive soundproofing chamber for pristine sound reproduction across all frequencies.

Both models will be available in matte white from December, with the HDJ-2000-W at a SRP of 255 GBP/320 EUR and the HDJ-1500-W at a SRP of 150 GBP/189 EUR, including VAT.

Key features of the HDJ-2000 models

Outstanding resolution and sound quality

Superb clarity with clear separation of sound is guaranteed with the HDJ-2000s’ high-fidelity frequency response of 5 Hz to 30,000 Hz. Distortion is eliminated, even at sustained high volumes, thanks to the robust build and 3,500 mW input capacity.

The HDJ-2000s’ 50 mm driver units and high-flux magnets create outstanding resolution, and the 38 μm-thick diaphragm delivers plenty of bass. A voice coil rolled at the optimum width and frequency, meanwhile, produces excellent balance from bass to treble. Plus, the ear pads’ damper and airtight stitching deliver excellent sound insulation.

Snug fit for comfortable wear and long DJ play

The HDJ-2000s’ rugged but lightweight material and DJ-friendly swivel/fold design make them perfect for prolonged wear. Snug-fitting, heat-sensitive ear pads – made from synthetic protein leather and low-rebound urethane foam (memory foam) – offer excellent sound insulation and comfort during long sets.

And one-ear monitoring is a breeze with the headphones’ convenient STEREO/MONO switch and flexible headband. For maximum flexibility, each ear cup swivels a full 90 degrees thanks to the HDJ-2000s’ i-hinge with auto-return feature – perfect for DJs who prefer ‘on-the-shoulder’ monitoring.

Excellent durability for the rigours of professional use

An improved, more robust connection between the headphones’ main unit and cable makes the HDJ-2000s ideal for pro-DJs. A removable mini-XLR connector means that the cord can easily be disconnected during transit and even replaced if it gets damaged. Plus, the swivel/fold mechanism allows the HDJ-2000s to be folded in on themselves, making them easy to transport from gig to gig.

Key features of the HDJ-1500 models

Superb sound quality

With high-quality components, the HDJ-1500s deliver perfectly balanced sound across all frequencies. The headphones feature copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, large 50 mm driver units, rare earth magnets and 38μm-thick diaphragms, guaranteeing accurate reproduction of deep base notes and clear delivery of other low to medium frequencies, such as kicks and snares.

Groundbreaking soundproofing component

Monitoring tracks on a heaving dance floor is a breeze with the HDJ-1500s, no matter how rowdy the party gets. Sound insulation around low and medium frequencies (300 Hz to 1,300 Hz) has improved by an impressive 4 dB compared to the HDJ-1000s thanks to the innovative sound-isolation chamber on the bass reflex port, which eliminates background noise.

Highly durable and lightweight

The HDJ-1500s’ moving headband and hinges are composed of rugged yet lightweight magnesium alloy to withstand the rigours of professional use. Plus, the single-sided cable can be easily replaced if it gets damaged, further prolonging the life of the headphones.

Supreme comfort

The narrow ear cup design creates a tight seal on your ear to block out external sound, while the low-resilience urethane memory foam ear pads make sure the HDJ-1500s are easy on the ears even during prolonged use.

Main Specifications

HDJ-2000-W HDJ-1500-W
Description Enclosed dynamic stereo Enclosed dynamic stereo headphones
Impedance 36 Ω 32 Ω
Sensitivity 107 dB 108 dB
Frequency range 5 Hz ~ 30,000 Hz 5 Hz ~ 30,000 Hz
Maximum input 3,500 mW 3,500 mW
Drive units φ50 mm domes φ50 mm domes
1.2 m single-sided coiled cable 1.2 m single-sided coiled cable
Cable length (approximately 3.0 m when extended (approximately 3.0 m when extended –
– removable type) removable type)
Plug φ3.5 mm stereo mini-jack (gold- φ3.5 mm stereo mini-jack (gold-plated, 2-
plated, 2-way, screw type) way, screw type)
Ear pads Protein leather (leather type) Polyurethane (leather type)
Weight 290 g (excluding cable) 285 g (excluding cable)
Included φ6.3 mm stereo plug adapter φ6.3 mm stereo plug adapter
(gold-plated, screw type) and (gold-plated, screw type) and carrying
carrying pouch pouch


Find Pioneer DJ online at:

They’re available in December for the same prices as the current models, but probably cheaper is the latest online prices are anything to go by.
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