Pioneer DJM-2000nexus: The Mothership updated

The original Pioneer DJM-2000 was a beast – a huge mixer crammed with just about anything you could imagine, making it the most über of übermixers. But that was then, and the technology train speeding through the DJ countryside stops for nobody. So having filtered some of its new tech downwards, it’s now time to push some of it all the way to the top. The Pioneer DJM-2000nexus mixer gets some serious attention, mainly based around getting everything talking and syncing and adding a new sampler.

I urge you to watch the movie, performed by MonstA, firstly because it’s a great performance, but also because it shows off the sampler properly:

And the words and pictures:

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Pioneer DJM-2000nexus (2)


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Time to raise your expectations: Pioneer unveils the new DJM-2000nexus,
the flagship 
4-channel digital mixer that takes spontaneous creativity
to another level 

15th November 2012: Pioneer has raised the bar again with the release of theDJM-2000nexus: the powerful 4-channel professional mixer that combines advanced performance features and intuitive layout to empower unbridled creativity in the booth.

Building on the DNA of its predecessor, the industry standard DJM-2000, the DJM-2000nexus uses the ProDJ Link LAN connection to ensure a smooth link with up to four CDJ players[i] or turntables and two laptops. The new Sync Master lets DJs set the master BPM for four CDJ players and control it from the mixer, while Beat Slice allows tracks to be sliced and arranged in real-time. These new features combine with favourites such as Quantized Beat Effects, Live Sampler and studio-quality Instant FX to deliver truly powerful remixing possibilities.

The new flagship mixer retains its predecessor’s popular 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch screen, to offer a multitude of ways to manipulate the music. In addition to being the nerve centre for features such as Sync Master and Live Sampler, DJs can use the touch panel to control three innovative performance modes – Frequency Mix, an enhanced Side Chaining Remix mode, and MIDI mode – for even greater originality.

The professional grade DJM-2000nexus is designed with the club environment in mind. A newly designed Peak Limiter eliminates distortion and clipping, even at high volumes, while high performance channel faders provide smooth motion and a long life. Improving on the high quality audio of the DJM-2000, the DJM-2000nexus boasts a lower jitter DAC clock on the Master Out, and the best quality A/D converter seen in the DJM series so far. Plus, chrome plating and white LED illumination mirrors the design of the CDJ-2000nexus, for a professional set-up that looks as good as it sounds.

The DJM-2000nexus will be available from November at a SRP of EUR 2,299/GBP 1,989, including VAT. 


ProDJ Link enables multi-DJ play and advanced performance features

ProDJ Link set-up enables LAN connection to up to four CDJs or turntables and two laptops at the same time. So rekordbox music files stored on USB/SD cards can be shared among multiple players, and DJs can easily switch sets.

This effortless connectivity unleashes advanced features, old and new, for even more creative possibility and effortless control during performance:

  • NEW! Beat Slice: spontaneously sample, slice and chop tracks to create original arrangements – while the unit’s Quantize function analyses rekordbox track information on connected CDJs to automatically snap new creations to the beat.
  • NEW! Sync Master: set the desired master BPM and beat position on the mixer and sync to up to four CDJs, eliminating the need to set individually on every channel.
  • Quantized Beat Effects: trigger the DJM-2000nexus’s popular Beat Effects with confidence. The unit’s Quantize function uses ProDJ link to retrieve rekordbox BPM and beat grid information from connected CDJs or laptops, to automatically sync all Beat Effects in perfect time with the mix.
  • Live sampler: take samples on the fly – from a track or the MIC input – and load onto a CDJ for instant remixing, scratching, looping or playback.

SUPERIOR peak limiter eliminates distortion even at club volumes

Pro-DJs can max the volume without worrying about distortion or clipping, as the newly designed peak limiter kicks in as soon as the input is pushed too high. Plus, all four channels are equipped with a Peak Level Meter for checking input levels at a glance.

NEW high performance channel faders

The DJM-2000nexus adopts fader technology and fader caps designed for a long life in the tough club environment. Two metal runners make fader operation smooth and durable, and the mechanism is positioned away from the faceplate opening and out of the way of spillages, dust and obstructions.

IMPROVED sound quality for a powerful club sound

The DJM-2000nexus delivers superb sound quality based on the high quality audio design of its predecessor. The onboard USB soundcard can simultaneously input and output all audio signals with no degradation of sound quality. The DAC on the Master Out has been upgraded to a lower-jitter crystal oscillator. The booth monitor output and the 32-bit A/D converter are the highest quality yet for the DJM mixer range, delivering superior sound quality on all outputs, while the 32-bit DSP suppresses digital noise.

Large full-colour multi-touch display with three innovative performance modes

The DJM-2000nexus keeps the essential DNA of the DJM-2000: the 5.8-inch large LCD multi-touch panel display lets DJs see and hear the effects, samples, master sync info and channels in play – and manipulate them using tactile commands such as Tap and Trace. DJs can use the touch panel to control three innovative performance modes to put their individual stamp on every set.

  • Frequency Mix mode: seven-band cross fader so DJs can choose which frequencies are in the mix.
  • Enhanced Side Chain Remix mode: the DJM-2000nexus borrows technology from the groundbreaking RMX-1000 remix station, to deliver louder side chain oscillators and multiple effect chaining.
  • MIDI mode: to control PCs or laptops running almost every DJ software on the market.

INST FX for intuitive control and studio quality sound

High quality FX – High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Jet, Zip, Crush and the massively popular Noise – are instantly accessible via dedicated buttons. There’s a Low Pass and High Pass Filter knob for each channel, while each effect can be fine-tuned using the large rotary parameter dial.

Professional design and elegant finish

The DJM-2000nexus has received a few cosmetic enhancements to bring it in line with the stunning CDJ-2000nexus players. Chrome plating has been applied to the dials and white LED illuminates the Beat Effects for an all-round stylish design.

Other features

  • Switchable 3-band EQ and 3-band isolator (the EQ provides control from +6 dB to -26 dB and the isolator gives +6 dB to ∞ dB)
  • Digital input terminals on each channel to ensure high sound quality
  • Talk Over function lowers volume of music when MIC input is detected
  • Cross Fader Assign function allows input on each channel to be assigned flexibly to the cross fader
  • Fader Curve Adjust function allows changes to the cross fader and channel fader curves
  • Environmentally-friendly Auto Standby Function

DJM-2000 firmware Ver 3.00

Some functions of the DJM-2000nexus are planned to be available to DJM-2000 owners end-November via a firmware update. For more information, visit


Number of channels Audio: 4, Mic: 1
Inputs CD/Line x 6 (RCA)Phono x 2 (RCA)Digital In x 4 (Coaxial)Mic x 1 (XLR & ¼ inch Phone x 1)
Outputs Master Out x 2 (RCA x1, XLR x 1)Booth Out x 1 (¼ inch Phone)Headphone Monitor Out x1 (¼ inch Phone on top)Rec Out x1 (RCA)Digital Out x1 (Coaxial)
Other ports Send x1 (¼ inch Phone)Return x1 (¼ inch Phone)MIDI Out x1 (5P DIN)Control x2 (φ3.5 mini jack)USB B Port x1

Link Port x6

Sampling rate 96 kHz
D/A converter 32 bit
A/D converter 24 bit
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Total harmonic distortion 0.004% or less
S/N ratio 107 dB (Line)
Head room 19 dB
Power use AC 220 – 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Electricity consumption 40 W
Maximum external dimensions(W x H x D) 430mm x 404mm x 107.9mm
Weight 8.6 kg

Find Pioneer DJ online at:

[i] Models: CDJ-2000, CDJ-2000nexus and CDJ-900nexus

Looking at the new gubbins, it looks like rekordbox‘s features are key to this. You can now sync across 4 connected CDJs and determine a master BPM to control them all with, as well as use that same BPM info to control the effects and new beat slice. I know so many of you hate the word sync, but when you’re dealing with 4 decks, samples and effects, some sort of helping hand is useful. The crowd wants it all in sync and cares not how you achieve it, especially when using a full digital DJ workflow.

The sampler looks really cool. In the video, live vocals were sampled and mashed up, but you can do the same thing with your tracks. I’m unsure as to whether it samples channels or master, or if you can sample mixtures of channels, but I was nonetheless impressed to see  samples being chopped up with the new Beat Slicer.

There are other improvements as well – improved sound quality twinned with a peak limiter means enabling DJs to not give a crap about levels and redline everything, knowing that it’ll still sound good, if a little loud. They’ll be able to shout “but it’s not distorted” at the sound guy wanting to insert the 2000nexus where the sun don’t shine. And let’s not forget the new channel faders – hopefully lifted from the 900nexus which are allegedly brilliant.

I don’t know how many of you have used a DJM-2000, but it’s quite a daunting thing to play with. At first, you’re looking at it thinking that it’s a very expensive 4 channel mixer and why didn’t I just buy a lesser DJM. But you’ve got to get inside the screen to really understand the power that’s going on. Yes, it’s very glamorous and space age, and at first you’ll feel like it’s pure style over substance. But as the new sampler shows, you get a real performance pad to work with.

I’m so glad that Pioneer are doing a little more with this touchscreen. As the app market has shown, there’s an awful lot that can be done in such a small space, and it’s a matter of Pioneer looking at some of the cooler apps and trying to build some of that into the DJM-2000nexus. Propellerhead’s Figure springs to mind.

So is it worth upgrading? It’s a lot of cash to drop for anyone, especially those who have already parted with a heap of it to get the original DJM-2000. But the kind of DJ who uses this type of thing routinely may well want some, if not all of the new features. For me, this is a real CDJ/DJM/rekordbox based workflow – the DJM-2000 or the new nexus are not Traktor certified, so you’ll not be getting the same deeply integrated performance that the 900nexus offers. But with rekordbox delivering your music to 4 CDJs via a ridiculously capable effects laden mixer, why would you want to use Traktor in this workflow anyway? We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any movement in that area, but with NI’s global DJ domination intentions clear, I wouldn’t expect NI to make this certified.

And no, there’s not a white version. Well not yet, and unless the CDJ-2000nexus gets full-time rather than limited edition one, I don’t see it happening.

The bottom line – it’s coming out at the end of November at the same price (€2,299/£1,989 although cheaper in the shops) as the old one, which it replaces. And via an apparently much-needed firmware upgrade, old DJM-2000 users will get at least a sprinkling of the new shiny features too.


  • Shishdisma

    If Pioneer’s FAQ is reliable, all of the software additions here are going to be available on the 2000 mk1. Making this literally an update for 32 bit DACs and those new sweet-ass faders.

  • I wonder how many YouTube comments will be asking about the built in synth?

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  • As Shishdisma said, the same firmware will be used for DJM2000 and DJM2000Nexus. I’m glad I won’t have to ugrade. Here’s what the FAQ says:

    Q: Tell me about the firmware update (Ver. 3.0) for the DJM-2000.

    A: The same firmware can be used for the DJM-2000 and DJM-2000nexus. By updating your DJM-2000 to firmware version 3.0, the same functions as the DJM-2000nexus can be used on your DJM-2000.


    • beat slice remix for the old DJM2000.

      Q: What are the differences with the DJM-2000?

      A: This unit carries over the layout and functions of the DJM-2000, but also includes the two new functions below.

      1. Slicing out sampled phrases of music and adding beat arrangements – Beat Slice Remix.

      2. Sync Master for controlling the beats of tracks played on connected players collectively.

      Through this, the PRO DJ LINK function for connecting to the CDJ-2000nexus and other Pioneer DJ players is improved, and a wider variety of music arrangements can be made with greater accuracy. Furthermore, the endurance of the channel faders and the sound quality required for equipment that is installed permanently in clubs have also been improved.

      • Shishdisma

        Well wtf are they rolling over then? Theres literally no software changes aside from the new modes…

  • After seeing such an awesome performance video, it does make you wonder how Laidback Luke still gets to do so many of the pioneer routines 😛 This is definitely pushing this mixer into it’s own league though with the update, and if I had the money and time to really push the boundaries with such a setup, I’d probably do it. 2000mk1s are looking like potential bargain though considering most of the features will carry over.

  • The_KLH

    THAT shows some real nextlevelness in performance. It’s amazing what a DJ can do with a talented singer, another DJ, and $10k in equipment! (BTW, that boy can sang!) Great video.

  • well i’m glad the software base stuff is care over to mk1 the fader i not worry about cause i did this!!! Rotary!!!!

  • With all the havoc being raised over all the CDJ2000nexus issues over on the Pio forums I hope they did extensive beta testing before releasing it…

  • DJBrainStormer

    Meh! So commercial, so cheesy, so boring, and so expensive. I know this isn’t constructive but anyone is entitles to their opinion. Maybe it’s the clip, the attitude, the style, but it really is not appealing to me.

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