Pioneer DJ Radio — with a little added DJWORX

While being behind a camera is a natural comfort zone for me, getting in front of one has always been a stumbling block. It’s not like I can’t talk endlessly about DJ stuff, because I can and in the most animated and passionate way. This is something that we (and I use we because the team is bullying me into it) plan to change. And the first pigeon step to busting my broadcasting cherry came via the very nice people at Pioneer DJ Radio.

For those not aware, Pioneer’s everso swanky media suite in hipster hell trendy Shoreditch is the place where their most excellent photography and video work takes place. But they’ve also got the most amazingly shiny DJ booth installed, where passing VIPs can perform their sets, all of which are recorded to make 24/7/365 wall to wall audio content. And yes, there’s an app for that too.

Pioneer DJ Radio

The Pioneer DJ Radio lab is very shiny indeed.

The Lab element of Pioneer DJ Radio is the section where DJs and industry pundits can yammer on with presenter Dan Tait for an hour about their particular chosen speciality while interspersing the banter with some cool music. In my case, we talk about the beginning of skratchworx and DJWORX, and cover off things like the evolution of technology, gear acquisition syndrome, the current state of play, and many stops in between, with a soundscape covering the music that shaped my tastes and DJ style. Believe me, this part alone took me a whole day to distill down. Anyway, have a listen.

DAN TAIT with MARK SETTLE – The Pioneer Lab #3 by Pioneer Dj Radio on Mixcloud

So no longer being a broadcasting virgin, the bit is very firmly between my teeth and I, and by logical extension we are raring to go. Thankfully I’ve been invited back for periodic focussed discussions, instead of the unedited ramblings you just heard. Can’t wait.

  • djandanother

    Any chance of a list of your track choices to save me having to listen through it all again?

    • RDelight

      1 – Kajagoogoo – Too Shy
      2 – Village People – YMCA (Boy George EDM remix)
      3 – The Reynolds Girls – I’d rather Jack
      4 – The Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Wee Rule
      5 – Soulja Boy – Crank That Soulja Boy
      6 – Justin Bieber – Baby, Baby, Baby ooh

      hope this helps, cheers

      • You forgot Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give you Up”

  • Otter

    Love the first tune bro. B-Boy Shizz!!!

  • Toby Self

    Thanks for the post.. really enjoying the history of scratch/dj worx

  • The_KLH

    Loved the broadcast. I hope you do it again, Mark. Great tracks, great history, and great delivery. You owned it.

    • Thanks for the kind words sir. We plan to do more of this sort of thing soon.

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