All about Technics — a poll and a petition

Technics Petition

While the passing of the Technics brand from the retailer’s shelves has passed without too much kerfuffle, some haven’t really got over it. One such person is Moni Daniel, who via the medium of public interest petition site, has taken it upon himself to attempt to bring back Technics.

Things seem to be going well — the petition has achieved over 10K signatures, and has even reached the desks at Panasonic, owners of the Technics brand. They’ve responded via the Facebook page set up for this campaign, expressing thanks for the support of the brand. Well it’s a start, and at least the people who would make that decision are aware of the growing support.

I’m not going to linger on this for too long. We’re simply alerting you to the petition, and urge you to sign if you feel strongly. It’s important to remember that the decision to end Technics wasn’t taken lightly, but was done so because the numbers no longer worked. So to start up all over again with all the associated costs in a niche market with more competition than ever (Reloop, DJ Tech and possibly Pioneer) is going to be tough, especially as they couldn’t sell enough to stay alive without the additional competition.

Forgive my pragmatic tone — in reality, I’m a terribly nostalgic romantic soul and would love nothing more than to report that Technics are rolling off the production line again, even if it was for one last “this is it people” limited run to draw a line under the brand once and for all (because they never did do it properly). Here’s hoping that there’s a bunch of spares sitting in a warehouse somewhere, so that a few hundred people can say that they had the last Technics off the line. Good luck with the petition Moni — you seem to have the attention of Panasonic, which is what you wanted.

A quick unscientific poll

Because it’s Friday, and I know people like being asked questions, I’ve knocked together a poll, one that I think covers most bases. There’s also an option to add your own thoughts should the questions not quite adequately cover your feelings.

  • bkbikenerd

    Although I would like Technics to re-enter the turntable market the people begging for them to re-enter the market will not purchase them (or enough of them) if they do. Making it a money losing proposition for Panasonic/Technics. It’s like asking you to do something you know will lose you money. You just don’t want to do it. If there could be let’s say 5000 pre-orders at 700$ each then I could understand a limited run from Technics.

    • LoopCat

      That would be achievable for sure.

      • sinjintek
        • LoopCat

          That link shows dead stock that’s in high demand…..

        • bkbikenerd

          You just proved my point. Everyone wants them back but, nobody really wants to pony up the dough. Technics was not making money on them when they where priced in the low 500s. To retool, restaff and ramp up production it will cost a lot. Unless Technics gets a bunch of pre-orders there is no point in bringing them back.

          If told you that i want you to DJ a gig that pays 500$ but you knew it would cost you 500$ just in equipment rental would you still take the gig?

  • St3pupDj

    Is not as though we cant get a good condition used set is it?
    And as for updating for the digital age, like what built in dicers? Surely as the digital age keeps moving forwards any “updates” would soon be obsolete and we’d still be wanting an original and standard set of good ol’fashioned tech’s??

  • L-Biz

    its a lovely idea but sadly (and I may be well off the mark) I reckon most people signing will either oalready own a pair or never get round tk buying them anyway. There is some much competition for other mediums that are very capable it hust doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
    That said it would be lovely to see this make a difference and I wish them all the best with the petition

  • Zach Fang

    We all know these Techs will not come back to life, Panasonic is just a company which is trying to survive in this worldwide market. Their CEOs are not dumb enough to believe some petitions will actually bring sales to them. These petitions can only or maybe bring out a number of limited edition Techs for a much much higher price, and that’s it.

    • Delaware

      A limited edition new 1200 will sell out im sure, Panasonic is not just a company, it’s a freaking multi corperation selling LCD tvs and what not and Technics was a sub division of the large business. Technics was also known for their hifi speakers since the late 60s before they started manufacturing direct drive turntables.

      I’d love to see a new limited 12 and i’m sure a lot of sellers would love to stock them but i don’t see that happen either.

      • sinjintek

        they still haven’t managed to sell off the new stock in the nearly 3 years since discontinuing production, i can point out some NYC vendors with stock if you’d like a new pair, so what makes you so certain a limited edition model will “sell out”?

        • Delaware

          i’m sure those vendors sell for ridiculously high prices since they’re discontinued..i wouldn’t spend that either on a 12..if you look at the poll you can see many votes from ppl who want to buy if the price is right..around $700 is a good price for a brand new limited 12..and im sure it will sellout if that happened

  • Borislav Petrov

    If! they ressurect the technics, they will never be the same, or better, just because noone thess days makes reliable products…

  • jesusishere

    I got 5 – 2 LTD’s – why would I buy 2 new ones? You tell me…

    • LoopCat

      You don’t need to obviously. But I have a scratch up set and allot of them on the second hand market are not well looked after.

  • DJ Kompiler

    Panasonic should create a kickstarter campaign and let folks put their money with their mouth is. If enough people fund the initial run then problem solved.

    • sinjintek

      agreed 100%. it’s easy for anyone to say they want the product to return yet have no actual intention of supporting with purchase. it’s foolish to think that Panasonic should reestablish production simply out of the goodness of their heart when it had already proven unable to sustain profits well enough to carry on. if people are truly behind the return of the SL-1200 then they should contribute towards the capital required to see it happen. as the old saying goes: Money talks, bullshit walks.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Or stokyo with the 7″ modified ones…

  • TheQuakerOatsGuy

    I put that I’d buy them if they were improved. At the very least they need to have removable RCAs. I’m so damn tired of having to get someone to replace them. Removable cables in general would be nice.

  • Richard ‘Richie T’ Talmage

    Moni has asked me to look into the UK side of things regarding this
    petition, and I can happily confirm that talks are already with UK
    distributors with buying power to place orders for Technics SL1210mk2
    units (and 1200mk2)

    The reason for the mk2 units is that they are the most popular and most accurate as they have an analogue pitch control.

    As a service engineer I can confirm that Technics build quality and
    manufacturing tolerances are far superior to any other DJ brand
    (including brands who are releasing turntables) and the DJ industry
    knows this. It is an unwritten rule that only Technics will do when it
    comes to DJing. There are also ethical reasons for this.

    I shall be compiling a technical report which will be sent to Panasonic with the petition.

    And to avoid any confusion, I can also confirm that no patents/copyrights have been given to pioneer by panasonic.

    Lets get Technics back to where they should be, as always, the industry standard.

    Keep signing the petition – even though we have passed the 10,000 mark, the more the merrier!

    • LoopCat

      You are a legend sir. I really hope they come back.

    • sinjintek

      I’m not really sold on the so-called acuracy of the analogue pitch considering i’ve seen many brand new SL-1200s that didn’t match pitch ranges. I will however subscribe to the notion that analogue pitch offers better pitch resolution over digital.

  • Pdang

    How about setting a new standard in the way of an active platter direct-drive controller with built-in Serato noise map and USB input..? Take all the failures of the DZ and others to create a new standard. If Homebrew can customize SL-DZ1200 and make it better, why can’t an entire corporation do the same? There’s actually a petition to Serato to make the Denon SC3900 HID compatible and a serato have been sitting on this for over a year! Although I said yes also and love the feel of vinyl, bringing back turntables will not gather enough capital (even if they’re limited edition) but something to dethrown the CDJ’s can stir much more hype and attention – especially if Technics takes this chance! I’m sick of Pioneer being everywhere! A Technics direct-drive controller can generate good sales and in the process, progress the craft of Turntablism, bring back DMC battle identity to Technics (Doesn’t anyone realize that an Energy-drink company has been doing more in DJ competitions in recent years?), and finally, make turntables INFINITELY FUCKING COOL. PERIOD.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Because there is no standard anymore (sorry pioneer)… But why not going for it? (The platter you described)

      The pieces are out there but instead a Corporation doing the job (as dlz mod that you referenced) innovation will come from individuals and user communities.

      If you want help drop me an email. I invest my last 10 years in this field.

  • Time to look forward to the future not hark back to the past.

    Technics are nice decks but there is a lot more going on technologically these days so if they did bring them back then it would only make sense if they did so incorporating the tech advances which people require nowadays.

    Let’s face it – Dj’ing and clubbing didn’t die when Technics stopped being produced. It is a massively niche market – 99% of clubbers or people listening to folks DJing don’t really give much consideration to the equipment facilitating the music into their ears.

    I favoured my Vestax over the Technics I had (blasphemy!) and something with a richer feature set more geared towards the digital needs of today would be a safer and better bet I’d wager.

    • sinjintek

      I prefer my PDX2300mkIIs over my M5Gs. Even if updated for the digital age, how would they compare against the capability of Reloop’s RP-8000? If Technics had a problem with the market at the price they were sold at when discontinued, how will they fare against the price of models on the market now?

      • Delaware

        the price is about quality, more features is welcome but if the Reloop RP-8000 was exactly the same build quality as the 1200 then it would have cost more like at least $900.
        I would love to see a great quality Pioneer turntable identical to the 12 coming out this year but i don’t think it will happen. The precision in wich the 12 was build is really hard to match, and i would love to have a turntable with more features but im still using my 1210s

        • sinjintek

          I’ve disassembled, reassembled, calibrated and customized my share of Technics over the years and I fail to see this level of build quality you speak of. the SL-1200 is an exceptionally simple product whose components are quite inexpensive. the Reloop RP-8000 is sold at $800 per deck while the M5G sells for $2,199. labor costs aside, can you specifically identify the reason for the vast difference in price?

          • Delaware

            The M5G wasn’t mass produced like the regular MK2s and had some extras, also the fact they are no longer manufactured raises the value. I had 2 M5Gs and sold them both, the Reloop RP-8000 is a great deck but it still has an OEM tonerarm and i had to return 2 of those decks to the seller due to screws being too tight on top and the arm slightly loose.

            I had all of them in my studio, Vestax PDX2000Mk2, Omnitronic OEMs, Numark TTX, even the older Vestax PDX-A2 MK2 and a bunch of other decks and i found myself switching back to the 1210s for reliability and also the feel of it.

            Doesn’t mean i wouldn’t want an RP-8000 but im not that rich buying every single turntable coming out these days and i also sell 2nd hand techs a lot quicker than any other deck

            • sinjintek

              Preference wasn’t the question, although it does raise the question of what you do to your turntables to make reliability such a concern.. but that’s another discussion.

              the question, is also not really a comparison of the two decks but of the prices and the willingness of the consumer market to choose the Technics at double the cost. It doesn’t matter what you prefer, but what those with cash to spend prefer. the fact that you can easily sell 2nd hand Technics is again, hardly a factor.. people tend to buy on namebrand, and often for the “peer factor” rather than actual knowledge of the product. in the end, you’re only supporting the fact that consumers would be just as willing, if not moreso, to buy a 2nd hand product over paying full retail.

  • Scott Frost

    Wasn’t the problem that they couldn’t sustain the parts needed to keep them going?

    I would love a 1200 mkd (digital) with some midi controls and a detachable RCA connector on the back.

  • sinjintek

    I already own M5Gs, MK2s, and even one M3D.. the only reason I might consider a new Technics is if there were a sufficient update in capability.

  • Whitetbandit

    A 7inch platter turn table

  • Professorbx

    Give me a break. Let it die. Seriously. There are so many used units on the market that are still in grade A condition that there is stock for years to come, and plenty of replacements of a better feature set. People, let it go. The numbers didn’t add up not because people were not buying, but because the thing was too expensive to manufacture.

    • IST

      You must be a HOOT at parties bro.

      • Professorbx

        Probably. I like seeing stupid things brought up over and over about as much as I like being called “bro”. Here’s the thing-I started DJing in 1993. I got my first 1200s in 1998. I used and loved them for years, and then I sort of got over sacred cows in DJing. Its not going to happen, and instead of wasting time talking about what was, lets talk about what is or could be.

        • delaware

          i never heard of you, nobody cares what you did, but many still love the 12s and i’m sure you never put out a product on the market that ppl have been buying for decades:)

          • Professorbx

            Actually, I was a product developer for years for more than a few DJ equipment compamies, and have my fair share of “worlds first” products. I don’t speak from a place of ignorance. I just know that it’s ridiculous to still have this argument. Plenty of people still love their blackberry bolds, but every tech site still called blackberry fools for relaunching the old model last month.

            • Delaware

              im pretty sure hardly anybody buys those world’s first products you developed anymore and im pretty sure ppl today still buy the 1200 as im a seller myself :)…there is profit to be made in the 2nd hand market for a very good reason Mr. Professor

              • Professorbx

                So you have a sales incentive? Huh….so, your customer pays you, you make money and you expect Panasonic to put out a product they make no money on so you can make your profit. Last I checked Panasonic isn’t a charity. Cool dream though, keep on going with that.

                • Delaware

                  i don’t expect anything from Panasonic, just saying that their turntables were the best ever build and there is a pretty big 2nd hand market for it..any of the products that you contributed to are going going gone and nobody frankly cares

                  • Professorbx

                    Blablabla. What products have you ever designed? What products have you ever built or managed the building of? When you have an idea of the realities of building product speak up, otherwise let grown folks talk.

          • sinjintek

            I’ve heard of him, Professorbx is actually a well respected man in the DJ community and has certainly had a hand in developing some products that have excited the industry.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Agreed and as a utopic developer why not to focus in upgrade old models with new technolgy dropping cost in the “interested user”?
      It is clear how people could become mindstated by “shut up and tale my money” or “please technics do my dreams (and the work) for me… But hey, don’t so expensive

      Djing growth from diy (from Dub over the “slipmat” concept itself and so many other hacks (scratching? What is it?)) but most of the djs forget it (or never undertood themselves) going the “elitist” route (technics or die… Vestax pdx? Numark ttx? Oems with better torque and price?)

      They want inmortality and then it goes pricey… Of course.

      Do you (people) want a well implemented digital technics based turntable?
      Do It Yourself. We have the chance since technics units are still in good condition.
      Do you want to encourage Panasonic/technics to do it for you?

      Then expect expensive price or quality loss (for the same money)

      Technics died by success (and turntables by elitism dogma drive by inmortality of technics) meanwhile wathe rise of Controllerism… But that’s another history…

    • LoopCat

      There are still allot of people that like vinyl including my self and the technics 1200 is still the best turntable for it. For you, you are over it, for others they still love it. I would pay the best part of 2k for a pair if they re-launched them.

      • If I may ask – why would you pay 1K for a turntable when others exist that can do the same job and more for between 300-400? What does a Technics 1200 do that makes them so much better for you personally?

        • LoopCat

          Sure, the pitch and the torque while not digital and as powerful I still find allot smoother to mix with and that is after having str 150’s for a few years. They are still the best looking deck, the minimal flush and balance design is timeless. The build quality, spare parts, and the huge amount of resources’s online for fixing them if something go’s wrong is probably the most important part for me, and I can imagine it would be for allot of clubs also. Not many people know how to service/repair a super OEM deck.

          • sinjintek

            It’s not so easy to find clubs that feature turntables anymore, and it’s only going to get harder. Clubs care as much about DJ “purity” as much as the average club goer cares if a DJ uses a sync button.

            even the $1000 per deck you propose to pay is only about 50% of the current price for a new SL-1200 …so what can Panasonic do to slash their prices in half to appease you? bear in mind, not only will they need to reestablish or repurpose factory space and retool machinery for this purpose, but they will also need to replace vendors for components they no longer have access to.

            my point being, this could very well be a fairytale quest you are on my friend.

            • LoopCat

              I visit about 10 different clubs in Sydney and all of them have 1200’s, plus every out door party I go to will have them standard, I know 5 people who are in their early 20’s who have bought a set in the last year, over in Europe there’re tones of clubs with them and Berlin is another story all together. The current 2k each price is based on dead stock, of course it is going to be a stupid price when they’re in high demand. The retooling and vendor point is the only one that sticks imo.

              • sinjintek

                I can’t speak for Sydney, but I know your country is more supportive of genres that have long “died” here. I can attest for much of the east coast of the US and you’ll find club installation of turntables in less than 10% of venues. Some won’t even allow you to bring in turntables anymore, and many that do require you to bring a table to mount on because they no longer save space in the booth.

                Deadstock or not, even prior to discontinuation the price of MK2 was over $1299, and that I recall the MK5 for $1699 and M5G for $1899. so far I haven’t seen anyone claim they are willing to pay in excess of $1000.

                • LoopCat

                  The street price for a 1200mk2-5 was sub 1000k (AUD) in store. MG5 was around 1300-1500 (AUD).

                • Delaware

                  There are many ppl using the MK2 as a home set-up and im sure in the US there are a load of DJs that use them with Serato, also many radio stations still got them set-up.

                  Sure a typical club doesn’t care about turntables as long as ppl buy the drinks at the bar to generate revenue. However the good clubs still have them.

                  As far as prices pay for better quality..if you want an inferior product then you pay less..if the Stanton STR-150 was as good as the MK2 in terms of specifications and build then it would also cost you over $1000. it has more and better features but its not better quality.

                • Linz

                  I think mk2’s cost about $400 in the US before they were discontinued.
                  I don’t know about other cities on the east coast but in Philly 90% of clubs have turntables.

                  • sinjintek

                    MSRP for MK2 before discontinued was $699 per deck. While I do believe Philly will offer more than most cities in the east, especially considering their proud history in the roots of turntablism, I sincerely doubt that 90% of all nightly entertainment venues feature turntable installation according to DJs and promoters i know from the area. Maybe that’s true of the venues you frequent, it would only make sense that anyone interested in turntable DJing would gravitate toward venues that support what you like.. but of the 100s of places a DJ might find a gig to play? Likely far less than 90%.

                • DJ Why

                  Wrong info – I bought a pair of MK5 6-12months before they were discontinued and I paid £700 for the pair. Don’t know where you got these figures from.

                  • sinjintek

                    MSRP in the US for MK5 in the US was $1,199. MAP pricing wouldn’t even be as low, however it doesn’t mean you couldn’t get the price you paid if the dealer wanted to get rid of stock. Publicly advertising prices lower than allowed by distribution rules merely runs the risk of losing your vending license for the distributor violated.

        • LoopCat

          Just to add, I probably wouldn’t pay 2000k but I would bay around 700 – 800 per deck

        • Ryan Supak

          I can’t prove this…but something tells me that there will be a lot more 20 year old Technics in active, fully-working, service than any OEM deck. I could be dead wrong but that’s what my gut tells me.

          That’s why I would personally pay more for them — I believe I’d get much more.


        • Platinius

          It´s not always about features and performance vs. money. A lot of the time I buy stuff just because I like the look or feel of them. My 1210´s are like that. I like how they look and feel plus they are the original DJ turntable which adds to the feeling of it.

          Otherwise we would all be driving Toyotas or something like that, probably a way better choice than my Jeep and my truck but it´s just not what I want if you understand what I mean.

  • thugsucker

    I’m alright with getting paid dealing and servicing the used ones.

  • lazysoul

    My 8 years old TTX’s have a stronger motor, a straight tonearm, a wider pitch range, are WAY cheaper and are still working like a charm . Why would I want Technics ?

    • Delaware

      Technics is better for records as the tonearm is curved and better constructed, i had TTX as well and compared the sound quality and noticed the sound was slightly less..i like the TTX platter and look but not the tonearm.

      Same with Vestax, those tonearms are pretty bad for vinyl playback.

      • sinjintek

        the sound difference in your TTX may have been due to the tonearm design, but then it could also be due to the internal signal process.. as it is switchable between line and phono using essentially the same circuit path.

        while i won’t deny the straight arm design contributes more to premature vinyl wear, Vestax also offers a “J-arm” design as featured on my 2300s.

        • Delaware

          the PDX23000MK2 is a nice looking deck but i don’t get why the body had to be in plastic, the tonearm construction looks like the one on the PDX-2000MK2 only J-shaped so i wouldn’t recommend them for playback. For scratching or mixing they will probably stick in the groove better than your M5Gs even though the M5G has an extra non-skip spring feature.

      • Mauri Moore

        better sound ? are yor serious ? the sound comes from the cartridges , never from the TT’s

        • When I reviewed the TTX, I did a sound test (with graphs) and showed that the sound difference between the TTX straight and s-arms was none.

          • Delaware

            i tested str8 with curve and noticed the vocals were clearer with curve, the record i tested was AM-FM by natasha in wich the vocals are pretty loud..with str8 angle it was a little distorted. After i did the test i switched my needles back to normal again..unfortunately str8 is more skipproof but it comes with a little loss in soundquality..with DVS all this is irrelevant of course

            • lazysoul

              If you want an audiophile turntable there are better (and cheaper) turntables than technics. If you want a dj turntable (in terms of possibilities in scratching and/or mixing) there are better (and cheaper) turntables than Technics. Once again, why would I want a Technics ?

              • DJ Why

                Because with Technics you get both plus durability. 😉

                • lazysoul

                  By owning both of them I can tell you that in terms of durability , in my own case, the TTX’s won.

              • delaware

                with Technics you get the best of both worlds,both suitable for DJ and hifi usage 🙂

        • Delaware

          thats absolutely not true, i tested the same cart on both turntables, its a combination of both tonearm and cart

          • Delaware

            also the phono connectors play a part, also bare in mind that the the phono pre-amp on a deck like the ST-150 is not that good, light background noise has been really is true that you get what you pay for..don’t expect the best when the price is right.

      • Mark

        TTX come with both curved and straight tonearms.

        • delaware

          yes interchangable ikr, but i didn’t like the construction, i also had some problems with the lift being it a bit too high at the lowest point

    • kebzer

      Why would you want a 1200 over a TTX or PDX? Because the 1200 is a different turntable. The platter feels different, the built quality is different and it looks different.

      The above, combined under the 1200 hood, are still the best combo in the market. Anybody can prove that another company’s TT is better at one point, but never combined. This is the winning area of 1200s, the combination of features they offered.

  • DJ Why

    For me it’s not all about turntables when it comes to Technics brand, it’s a lot more. I own Technics tape deck, CD player(670a), amplifier, loudspeakers, SL-1210mk5 (pair), SL-DZ1200(pair), headphones. For me even though it was regarded as Meduim/Average in the world of audiophilles, the Technics brand means quality, durability, nice feel, nice look etc. I own a Pioneer MJD-505 (I think) that was buid in the same factory as the famous CDJs’ and guess what, after 50 hours of work the unit is unusable at all. Would I buy another Pioneer product – certainly not! Would I buy another Technics product – let me think – half of my Technics equipment is over 20+ years old and still gives other highly respectable brands a run for their money. Build quality is excellent, sound quality is excellent, durability is certainly there. YES, definitely will buy again. Even the product everyone says was a failure – SLDZ1200 – is so useful for me and is such a fun to play with.

  • filespnr

    i dont know about anyone else, but me personally, i have seen A LOT of jacked up, broken 1200s over the years. lots of tonearm problems. lots of start button problems. so the whole “theyre built like a tank” metaphor, is way overdone.

    • Delaware

      normal abuse won’t break it, you got an invalid argument here..lets take a TTX on the road or in a club with a lot of abuse and lets see how it turns out after 30 years..i bet it won’t run at all like a tank, just like the Rane mixers are build like tanks

      • lazysoul

        I had 1210’s for 7 years , TTX’s for 8 years and both had the same treatment . I will never go back to Technics . My TTX’s are as solid as my Rane Empath except I never had to change a part on my TTX’s . ^L^

        • Delaware

          you didn’t get the point wich is that a 1200 doesn’t just break..first it needs to get heavily abused. Im pretty sure a 12 outlasts a TTX, 8 years is still new compared to a 79 unit.

          • Mark

            I think you’ve missed lazysoul’s point. He has experienced less wear on the TTX after 8 years than what he has on his 7-year old 1210’s.

            • lazysoul

              and after 5/6 years I had problems with the Start/stop button, the arm and the pitch on my technics (yes, I’m not a poet) But still no problem on my TTX’s after 8 years .

              • delaware

                your problem is pretty rare and unheard of, i used over 20 years, never had a problem with thestart/stop button and i must have pressed it over a million times..the TTX is a great deck but still the construction is cheaper than a 12

                • lazysoul

                  My own experience tells the contrary and I see frequently dj friends reporting those kind of problems with Technics , most frequently with the pitch (which is a bit annoying for a dj).
                  Actually, in my crew (12 dj’s), only 3 dj’s don’t have problems with their turntables. 2 of them (including myself) have TTX’s and the other one (DJ Skillz 3x DMC France Champion) has PDX 3000’s. And when I have to mix in a club , I can tell you that I have 70% chance to have problems with the Technics I have to use (mostly with the pitch or the wires).

                  • delaware

                    The pitch control on a Numark is not more accurate than on a Technics, no matter the digital display..if there is some problem than you can always buy a new pitch slider on ebay or you can calibrate it to factory specs with the 2 potentiometers. Also it’s pretty easy to replace the start/stop function as parts are widely available but again i never heard before someone having that issue, maybe its a French thing? The French seem to love Numark & Mixvibes.

                    Mixing with a Vestax PDX i tried but found myself getting in trouble and out of synq so i had to constantly adjust, never had that problem on a Tech.

                    Button line, you prefer TTX, i prefer SL-1210

                    • lazysoul

                      Once again you understand what you want . I never wrote the pitch on TTX were more accurate but more resistant. And I see what you are trying to do with the Mixvibes thing . C’mon son !

            • delaware

              are you telling me that plastic wears out less than metal?

              • Mark

                No. I simply told you what lazysoul said.

                • delaware

                  the point was that a Technics just doesn’t wear out by normal usage, what part of that point did you miss? i’m sure you are smart enough that in clubs the environmentment is a bit harsher than let’s say in your bedroom

  • filespnr

    i think the ttx is the best tt.just dont leave it plugged in for extended periods, because the power supply will burn out.

    • Will Grucza

      YES. Love my TTX. Built like a tank and it runs like a dream.

      • LinZ

        I liked my TTX’s but 1200’s *are* tanks. TTX’s are cars with fancy features but over heat easily.
        That’s why I’m back on 1200’s.
        I do miss the extra pitch control though.

        • lazysoul

          the over heat problem was with the first TTX model and was quickly fixed.

          • Mark Stewart

            I was unaware they had problems, and I use my TTX’s outside in the sunshine every summer … i leave the SL’s at home. when I say sunshine I mean Barcelona not Brighton … 34/35C and they haven’t ever given me a cause for concern.

        • It’s fair to say that everyone has different experiences with a wide variety of units. Even Technics have been known to fail out of the box.

    • GuesetDJ

      the tt500 is a better player than the ttx. it has more torque and simpler and cheaper. all of them ttx1, ttx, ttxusb, tt500 have motor issues though. i’ve had them all and my favorite is the tt500. i still have both my ttx and tt500 but my one of my tt500 has issues so i don’t use any of them. i use the technics m5g’s but they aren’t as good as any of the numarks. the technics will outlast them though.

  • Djs of the round table

    Never happen, Panasonic are to fucking stupid to realize the facts!
    The ditched the SL 1200 / 1210, the best dj vinyl record player IN THE WORLD
    the also ditched SLZ 1200, which was by FAR the most beautiful CD player in the world, and even with a decent firmware they scraped it. Well people at Panasonic, you are really stupid fuckers, did you know that, you are what Nintendo are for the gamingindustry right now, stupid, lazy, ass, to rich motherfkkers.

    Personally, i hope you TANK!

    • Mark

      Pot. Kettle…

      • Knights of the round table

        Dish or spoon

  • Knights of the round table

    Petition Numark to BUY Panasonic and maybe then, maybe, they reanimate the SL1200 *lol*

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