FIRST LOOK: Rane TTM57mk2: optimized for cutting

The second big announcement from Rane was one that people had hoped for. The original 57SL mixer became a casualty of Serato DJ, so it’s great news that Rane has reworked it in line with newer advents in Serato technology. Ray recovers from his MP2015 experience to pour out some words about the TTM57mk2.

Serato DJ Club Kit DVS

NAMM 2015: Serato DJ to make mixers DVS ready

Serato has announced the Serato DJ Club kit software bundle (DJ and DVS), but more importantly unlocked some Pioneer and Allen & Heath mixers for DVS too.

Reloop RP-7000 silver turntable NAMM 2015 (2)

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-7000 Silver

Nodding its head to the classic styling of the Technics 1200, the Reloop RP-7000 Silver adopts the retro colour scheme to further reinforce the influence.

Reloop RP-8000 straight turntable NAMM 2015 DJ (4)

NAMM 2015: Reloop RP-8000 Straight turntable

Reloop has hears the cries of turntablists and done the right thing by announcing the RP-8000 Straight turntable, which is exactly what the name implies.

Reloop RMX Innofader by Audioinnovate

NAMM 2015 — Reloop Innofader by Audio Innovate

“Does it fit an Innofader?” Yes, the Reloop RMX mixers do now, thanks to the new Reloop Innofader.

Reloop RMX-60 Digital

NAMM 2015 — Reloop RMX-60 Digital club mixer

The Reloop RMX-60 Digital is the younger sibling of the flagship RMX-80. With a saving of nearly £200, what’s different?

Denon DJ MC4000 serato DJ Intro NAMM 2014 (4)

NAMM 2015: Denon DJ MC4000 controller, with pics

Denon already makes solid Serato controllers. And at NAMM 2015, they’ve slotted another in too. The MC4000 is a Serato DJ Intro controller for mobile DJs.

Denon DJ DS1 Serato Interface NAMM 2015 (3)

NAMM 2015: Denon DJ DS1 Serato DJ interface, with pics

In another did-not-see-this-coming moment, Denon DJ has got in on the Serato DVS game with the Denon DJ DS1 Serato DJ Interface. It’s small and cheap too.


NAMM 2015: Numark pics from the floor

Pouring over PR and renders is one thing, but there’s nothing quite like looking at actual product in real photos to get a better feel for a products. So Ray rushed around the show before it opened yesterday, and grabbed a handful of shots of the new Numark products, namely the NS7III, Mixtrack Pro 3 […]

HF Wireless Headphones

NAMM 2015 — Numark HF Wireless Headphones

Affordable Bluetooth headphones from Numark? What’s not to like? Enter the HF Wireless on ear DJ headphones.

ray edm lightwave

NAMM 2015 — Numark Lightwave loudspeakers

Who’d have thought, a speaker would be the NAMM 2015 announcement we’d be most excited about? But the Numark Lightwave is all about the pretty lights!


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