Algoriddim djay goes (RED) in the App Store

(RED) is doing good work to help eliminate AIDS. And this week, Apple and (RED) have turned the App Store red, and Algoriddim has in turn made djay 2 for iPhone and iPad (RED) to help with their worthy cause.

Future Prophecy comic book DJ (1)

Future Prophecy: fusing comics and DJing

Last week it was gaming and DJing via GTA5. And this week it’s comics and DJing coming together. Future Prophecy is a project that takes DJs into the realm of comic book heroes, showing that DJs can be superstars and superheroes too. An ambitious Kickstarter campaign is running to get the project the cash injection it needs.


Soundcloud licenses Warner Music Group catalogue

Up to now, Soundcloud has been a battleground, with them simply pulling down content without notice, and alienating long standing users. But in a new move, they’ve worked out a licensing deal with Warner Music Group, that hopefully will mean that more content will remain intact.

Virtual DJ 8 DVS

VirtualDJ 8 DVS — scratching at the top table?

You might like to think that Serato and Traktor have the DVS game sewn up between them. But Atomix isn’t having any of that, and is pitching VirtualDJ 8 as a solid DVS alternative. The twist is that you can use pretty much any DVS capable hardware and timecode vinyl, and Atomix would love for you to try it out.

NI Kontrol S8 Tour

The Kontrol S8 UK and Ireland Roadshow starts today

Need to know even more about the Kontrol S8 that isn’t already online? NI UK is touring the country’s retailers to give you the lowdown, starting today.


Algoriddim Android winners — yes plural

The winners (yes plural) of the recent Algoriddim Android giveaway have been announced. Check in to see if your name is listed.


FRIDAY FUN: 2manybuttons

DJing is serious business — very serious indeed. So we must be able to have a laugh sometimes, and that’s exactly what the 2manybuttons video does. Being presented with more buttons than tracks, these DJs somehow make it through a set without a clue what they’re doing.

mr switch DMC champion

EXCLUSIVE: Mr Switch’s DMC winning set [VIDEO]

We want to make videos, so here’s one for your viewing pleasure. We perhaps peaked too soon when we got the new DMC world champion Mr Switch in to perform his winning set. Here’s the full 6 minute (plus outtakes) DMC set shot from every angle possible. Enjoy.


The music of GTA V: a DJ and gamer’s dream gift?

Some collect vinyl, and others immerse themselves in gaming. Therefore statistically there has to be an area where there’s a crossover, and this limited edition vinyl and CD collection of the GTA5 soundtrack will be getting requested in the weeks coming up to Christmas.

DJ Gear (1)

Despite all this new stuff, your old DJ gear still works

People, especially DJs don’t like change. Perhaps there has been too much change in recent years. But for change read choice, because nobody is making you use new gear, and your old gear still works just the same — you simply have more to chose from. So why fear choice? Isn’t that a good thing?

Kontrol S8 davide squillace

#Futureofdjing is here — Kontrol S8 in shops now

Today, the future becomes the present, as Native instruments’ months of media carpet bombing and hashtag owning comes to end, and their worst kept secret becomes a reality. The Traktor Kontrol S8 should now be trickling into shops near you.


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