Native Instruments UK #futureofdjing

OPEN FLOOR: What is the #FutureOfDJing?

A brief excursion to London for a visit to Native Instruments UK new offices (lots of windows, wood and bare brick – lovely) gave me a insight into their roadmap, and their new #futureofdjing hashtag was a key part of the presentations. But this is just NI’s vision, and they are not the only player of the DJ game. So what do you think is the #futureofdjing? The floor is yours. Unleash opinions.


The Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable — all the facts

Pioneer takes it back to the times before they changed everything with the CDJs. The PLX-1000 turntable is their take on the classic Technics.


MEGA MOD: Fretless fader in Mackie d.2

John Beez’s original fretless fader project has inspired many people, including RhYmEs who has turned his Mackie d.2 into a fretless fader MIDI mixer.


REVIEW: producer collaboration network

Arkaei checks out Blend, a new producer collab network – join him and get your VIP access via DJWORX to participate in iZotope’s Break Tweaker contest!

Reloop Beatpad djay ios controller review (13)

REVIEW: Reloop Beatpad djay Controller

Applying their established controller skills to the iOS market, the Reloop Beatpad wears many hats, but is aimed at algoriddim’s djay. Review follows.


Numark NV — everything you need to know

As a DJ, you should be focussed on your gear, and not the laptop screen. The Numark NV Serato DJ controller aims to do away with the vacant DJ laptop gaze.


REVIEW: Reloop Keypad Keyboard Controller

Reloop dips its toe in the growing DJ/producer pool with the Reloop Keypad. Darren E Cowley flexes his established Ableton Live skills and checks it out.

Griffin DJ connect

Real iOS dual stereo output with the Griffin DJ Connect

Hot on the heels of the Traktor Audio 2 comes the Griffin DJ Connect. Working with OS X and iOS, it gives proper stereo cueing and master outputs.

morph turntables

Morph — a celeb DJ we can love all over again

Morph is back, and is merrily off down the route of being a turntablist, or celebrity DJ… I’m not sure. All I know is that I’m happy he’s back.

Akai iMPC Pro

Akai Pro’s iMPC Pro — pad bashing, but not too hard

While the tradition MPC offers awesome pad-based performance, the window into its world is tiny. iMPC Pro however opens up that window in a big way.

bpm-djworx product demo stage

DJWORX and BPM present the Product Demo Stage

DJWORX is proud to announce a partnership with The BPM Show. Presenting the Product Demo Stage — see all the latest gear being demoed and recorded.


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