Turntables were most definitely hurt making this video

If you’re one of those people who treats their turntables like they’re valuable artefacts, do not watch this video. What the hell did I just watch?

NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 review (10)

REVIEW: NI Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller

NI’s Traktor Kontrol S4 gets a MK2 update to include Traktor’s latest goodies, and to work with Traktor DJ. Jared Helfer discusses the differences.

NOCS NS900 DJ Headphones review (3)

REVIEW: NOCS NS900 DJ Headphones

While the Sennheiser HD25 has reigned supreme for DJs, the NOCS NS900 DJ headphones aim to turn your head a little. Arkaei’s head is more than turned.


Windows Embedded in Numark and Akai gear?

Want to be a digital Dj but without a laptop? Microsoft and inMusic are getting cosy and putting Windows Embedded inside limps of gear.

NI Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 Review (7)

REVIEW: NI Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 DJ Controller

NI’s first Traktor Kontrol S2 was a massive success. But the revised Kontrol S2 MK2 is an update rather than game changer. Jared Helfer takes a look.

DJWORX UDG giveaway

Free Stuff Friday: 3 x UDG cases!

Time for another instalment of Free Stuff Friday, this time liberating some rather nice UDG cases from the Worxlab into the hands of 3 lucky DJWORX fans.

Groovebox group test Maschine Mikro Arturia Spark LE MPC Studio (12)

GROUP TEST: Maschine Mikro vs Arturia SparkLE vs MPC Studio

DJing isn’t just about mixing beats, but about making them. Jared Helfer gathered the Maschine Mikro, Arturia SparkLE and the MPC Studio for a bash.

vidibox ipad video mashup

Vidibox – audio and video mashup for your iPad

Video is slowly picking up steam for DJs. And vidibox looks to embrace audio and video in an iPad friendly environment to offer an intuitive interface.

CME Pro Xkey MIDI keyboard review (2)

REVIEW: CME Xkey portable MIDI keyboard

Need an Apple-esque MIDI keyboard for your Apple life? The CME Xkey is the perfect fit. Hatty Settle plays Carpenters Tunes jazz style and writes words.

Pioneer DJ Radio

Pioneer DJ Radio — with a little added DJWORX

My days are spent writing and shooting. But for one day, I spoke into a microphone at Pioneer DJ Radio. You can listen here.

Armin Van Buuren Philips A5-Pro DJ Headphones

Philips presents Armin Van Buuren’s A5-Pro Headphones

Is putting a VIP’s name on a product enough? Philips certainly hope so as they’ve announced their latest Armin Van Buuren product — the A5-Pro headphones.


Glanzmann 4tracktrigger DJ MIDI Controller Traktor (15)

REVIEW: Glanzmann 4TrackTrigger DJ Controller

Glanzmann continue with their range of boutique DJ controller, this time eschewing faders completely for the 4TrackTrigger controller. Chris Cartledge presses buttons and writes about it.

Numark iDJ Pro iPad DJ (2)

Numark’s iDJ Pro is no longer prototype

After too many months as a prototype, Numark’s iDJ Pro finally makes it out of the lab for us mere mortals to play with. So what do you want to know? Ask DJWORX!


NAMM 2014: Decksaver Pro and Decksaver LE

Decksaver is now more than just DJ gear, and with Decksaver Pro and LE, their user base has expanded into pro audio as well as DJ.


Numark NS7 Controller

Squeeze 2 turntables and a mixer, and squish it down into an all in one controller. That’s the Numark NS7. And we love it.

DJ Tech dif-1s scrarch Mixer Namm 2013 (1)

NAMM 2013: DJ Tech — DIF-1S, Checkmate speakers and getting back to basics

DJ Tech are pushing back to basics products for an affordable price. We got the inside line on new speakers, a new turntable and bundling it all together.


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