FonoFaders — think fretless fader but more

When John Beez released his fretless fader project, sections of the DJ community went nuts. Some took it further, but none quite so far as Genesis Alejandro. Take a look at the FonoFaders prototype — eight faders on a sliding frame linked to a turntable. But can you work out what is going on?

beatport website

Beatport finally announces streaming service

The digital age rampages onwards like an unstoppable juggernaught, laying waste to much in its path. So for businesses in this industry, you either adapt or die. Thus Beatport, an originator in the digital music industry has announced a music streaming service — think Spotify for dance music.

rane mp2015 mixers Factory

GEAR PORN: Rane MP2015 as far as the eye can see

We have seen and lusted over the new and MP2015. But brace yourselves for a massive dose of DJ gear porn — a factory full of almost ready rotary mixers.

pro x fade promo

Throwback Thursday – the original Pro X Fade ad

A version of the original Pro X Fade promo video is circulating on Facebook right now, one that sadly has edited out any credits. So as a Throwback Thursday thing, we present the original version created by Chris Cairns, and also remind you of another classic DJ video of his creation.

wild style beat street vintage mixers

Retro mixer update: Wild Style and Beat Street mixers ID’d

By today’s standards, vintage mixers are featureless lumps of trash. But we’re still fascinated by them and want to know all about them. We successfully tracked down one used at the end of Hip Hop classic “Wild Style”, and now we’ve managed to fulfil a couple of DJWORX community member’s requests. Behold, the mixer used by Grandmaster Flash in the classic kitchen scene, and the one used in the Beat Street trailer.

udg hard case push DDJ-SP1 RMX-500

New controller hard cases from UDG

We may batter our DJ gear, but it still needs to be cared for. Thus UDG has made some small hard cases for a range of smaller controllers.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000 multi player review (1)

REVIEW: Pioneer XDJ-1000 multi player

After years of asking, and an equally lengthy period of Pioneer DJ doing the “lalala-we’re-not-listening” thing, they’ve finally unveiled the rekordbox-centric CD-less XDJ-1000 multi player. Andrew Unsworth returns to the DJWORX fold, dusts off his Pioneer reviewing trousers, and takes the XDJ-1000 for a turn around the reviews room.

Raiden Fader box Frisk (2)

Raiden Fader — another fader in a box

Everybody seems to love the simplicity of a fader in a box. And here’s another — the Raiden Fader is in its beta phase, but you can still buy one today.

amen break laser cut wood (2)

A new definition of cutting tracks — Amen break in wood

Starting as pure analogue and getting abused in the digital realm, the Amen break has now made it back to analogue via this wooden laser cut version.

Scratch Machine plugin UVI (2)

Can’t scratch? Use the Scratch Machine

Making dance music and want to add some scratches? Buy turntables, learn the craft, and record your own like we had to before laptops. Or alternatively get Scratch Machine — essentially a scratch DJ distilled into a plugin.

E.A.S.Y. Coming Around Again

[VIDEO] E.A.S.Y. presents “Coming Around Again”

DJ Shiftee and Enferno aka E.A.S.Y. are back, this time with a new track called “Coming Around Again”. This is the official video.


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