serato dj 1.7 Flip DVS

OFFICIAL: Serato DJ 1.7 is out now

The symbiosis between Serato and its hardware partners often means that new shiny is dependent upon our friends in New Zealand getting their ducks in a row and having everything ready for multiple partners. Such is the case with Serato DJ 1.7, which delivers Flip and DVS capability for a number of manufacturers. Read all about it after the jump.

Inklen mixemergency 2.7

MixEmergency 2.7 adds sample player and Hap video

People have enough trouble mixing audio together. So I marvel at those who do video, and do it well. And Inklen’s MixEmergency 2.7 brings a very DJ-like eight slot sample player with full mapping ability. So now you can trigger all those one shots on those lovely controller pads.

Technics brand to return sl-1200 (2)

Technics brand to return? No mention of 1200s

When Panasonic essentially killed off the most iconic DJ brand and product when they pulled the plug on the Technics 1200, the world wept, especially at a time when vinyl seemed to be on the up again. And while other turntables have become available, for a good number of people, only Technics will do. And breaking news out of Japan may indicate that the Technics brand (not necessarily the 1200) could be coming back.


Sunday Session: Teeko in the SF Boiler Room

The Boiler Room Sessions are a very cool way to get up close and personal in the DJ booth from the comfort of your own home. Some legendary DJs have graced the assorted Boiler Rooms around the world, and this one from DJ Teeko is a cool showcase of technology and skills.


The Digital Vertigo Scratch Battle 2014

If you have a competitive DJ spirit, battling is where it’s at. But getting to a local DMC or IDA event isn’t always easy. But the internet gives everyone a way to take part. And the Digital Vertigo Scratch Battle 2014 is the perfect way to throw your snap-back hat into the arena and show your stuff to the whole world.

no jog wheels controller

DJs — do you even want a jog wheel anymore?

Records needed a record player with a platter to be used by DJs. But as digital media and more sophisticated technology has taken hold, the need for a real estate hungry jog wheel has diminished. Dan Morse asks if the jog wheel is even relevant in the digital age.

beat junkies record pool

Digging the Beat Junkies Record Pool crates

The Beat Junkies crew contains a total powerhouse of globally respected DJ skill. And as dedicated crate diggers, they’ve amassed a serious collection of tunes, as well as creating a huge amount of edits, mixes, and scratch material. And with a relaunched website comes the Beat Junkie record pool where for a subscription fee, you can dig into the growing curated collection.

moretrax music discovery

Moretrax and — music discovery for DJs

Back in the day, when weekly music releases counted in the tens rather than hundreds, finding killer tracks was much easier. But the digital age has enabled everyone to make music, and this they do more than ever. So it’s very cool to have music discovery services like Moretrax and to help you find and filter the stuff you really want. Dan Morse has a look at both.

Cerwin vega XD3 XD4 XD5 speaker review (6)

REVIEW: Cerwin-Vega! XD Speakers

Cerwin-Vega is a name that most would be happy to have in their lives. They make some very desirable and very large professional audio products for venues and playing out. But they also make some smaller units for home use. Jared Helfer was lucky enough to be sent the entire Cerwin-Vega XD series of speakers to test out.


feelthebeat — the wearable metronome

Sound isn’t just about what you hear but also what you feel. When the bass drops and your guts do the same thing, the vibrational power of music is clear. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel the beat when mixing? That’s what feelthebeat aims to do via a wearable bluetooth metronome.


VIDEO: Numark NV showcasing Serato Flip

It’s showtime folks — DJ Expo that is. And with the rip-roaring success enjoyed by Numark with their NS7II at last year’s show, it makes perfect sense total their latest and greatest to the same show. The Numark NV will be available for you to maul and paw, but for those who can’t get to see it, there’s a new video showcasing the NV with Serato Flip.


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