mistabishi electribe demo bpm 2014

BPM 2014: Korg Electribe demo with Mistabishi

While DJs play music, and producers make music, there’s a crossover area in the middle for performance. James Pullen aka Mistabishi is an established artist who uses Electribes for his sets. Watch him cradle the new Korg Electribe for a full demo from BPM 2014.

DJ entry level studio monitors group test (8)

GROUP TEST: Entry level Studio Monitors for DJs

Are you one of those DJs who has invested a serious amount of cash on DJ gear but still push the sound out through some really old plastic hifi speakers? Do you want to upgrade but don’t know where to start? Then you need to read our immense entry level studio monitors group test.

BPM 2014 arena toddla t arkaei jon 1st

2 days to BPM: BPM Arena performances

The BPM Show is so much more than just pouring over new gear. The beat heart of the show is music, so the BPM Arena sponsored by Chauvet will showcase some awesome DJ talent. There will be battles, showcases, and performances from top DJs (including our own Arkaei), and a proper old school session on Sunday via the BPM Dance Classics Party.

Apple Watch DJ

The Apple Watch — any good for DJs?

wearable technology is of a relatively minority interest to DJs. But when Apple get hold of anything, suddenly it becomes a lot more desirable. And with the announcement of the Apple Watch and the kinds of included technology, there is potential for DJ performance use. So given Apple’s usual technology midas touch, would you consider an Apple Watch for enhancing your performance?

TKFX Traktor FX control iOS Android (2)

TKFX Traktor FX control for iOS and Android

Tablets are established within DJing, and their use is becoming more diverse too. While some use them for full-on DJing, their use as an accessory is growing all the time. TKFX runs on iOS and Android and is designed to give much greater control over Traktor’s effects.

UDG Urbanite medium sleeve review (6)

REVIEW: UDG Urbanite Controller sleeve medium

Controllers, especially smaller ones, don’t always need flight cases to keep them safe. If you’re likely to be carrying your controller at all times, then a lighter and more cost effective soft case could be perfect. Enter the UDG Urbanite medium sleeve — lightweight and ideal for small to medium controllers.

wild style DJ mixer eli sl-9090

IDENTIFIED AT LAST — that Wild Style mixer

It’s been a long hunt over many years, employing deep Google trawling and forensic Photoshop techniques. But finally, thanks to the Numark Facebook page and a response from a single DJ with a photo, the mixer used in the final scenes of classic Hip Hop movie Wild Style has been identified at last.

pioneer dj sale official statement

Pioneer DJ sale — an official response

Yesterday, Reuters blew the DJ world wide open with rumours of Pioneer HQ deep in talks and near closing an alleged $570m deal for its DJ division. Many online conversations led to the DJ media posting their own versions and theories. But now Pioneer HQ has broken cover and issued an official statement.

Kontrol S keyboards (1)

Kontrol S Keyboards Komplement Komplete

We’ve followed the development of NI’s Traktor Kontrol series of DJ controllers from the start. We’ve also witnessed the birth of Maschine and the whole line of beatmaking hardware and software. And now, to coincide with the announcement of Komplete 10 comes the Kontrol S keyboards – three models designed to complete the Traktor/Maschine/Komplete trinity, meaning that as a DJ, producer, or electronic musician, NI has you… ummm… kovered.

Native Instruments Komplete 10 Kontrol (4)

Komplete 10 – more Komplete than ever

Native Instruments announce Komplete 10 Komplete 10 and Komplete Ultimate 10, a most epic collection of pretty much everything you could need to make sound of any sort. Ultimate 10 is indeed so vast that it comes on a hard drive all of its own.

DJWORX BPM 2014 (2)

New DJWORX goodies for BPM 2014

In just 8 days, the DJ world descends upon the NEC in Birmingham for BPM 2014, the premium DJ show in the world. DJWORX is there on the show floor, and if you’re there too and swing by the Product Demo Stage, you’ll get a chance to hang with the DJWORX mob and maybe even grab a handful of small DJWORX treasures.


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