stems d2 kontrol traktor

Traktor 2.9 is out now — Stems are go!

Traktor 2.9 is out, and with it come Stems. You can head off to the usual sources to buy some, but you’ll have to wait a while to make your own.

20,000 tracks music mp3

#TBT: What 20,000 tracks looks like

Do you feel that you can never have enough music? Let’s #TBT an article I wrote a good few years back to remind you what 20,000 tracks really looks like.

djay pro dj rasp pioneer dj a. skillz

VIDEO: DJ Rasp, djay Pro, and Pioneer DJ in The Worxlab

DJ Rasp applies his considerable skills to taming Pioneer DJ gear with algoriddim’s djay Pro and the sounds of A. Skillz’s “Drop the Funk” in The Worxlab.

Landscape EDM coined term richard james burgess (2)

Is this record from 1981 the first use of the term “EDM”?

While the term “EDM” is a relatively recent acronym, it would appear that the first appearance is well over three decades ago. I dug out the vinyl to check.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ controller review (7)

REVIEW: Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller

At launch, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ wasn’t exactly ready for the market. But after some fixes, Andrew Unsworth lays his hands on one and writes words.


Friday Fun: Can a tortilla play a tune?

I used up all my puns in the intro paragraph. Basically, here’s a tune playing off a tortilla on a record player. Happy Friday!

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 serato DJ Intro controller review (11)

REVIEW: Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Controller

Entry level DJing doesn’t have to mean gimmicky rubbish. Numark’s Mixtrack Pro 3 is the ideal first controller. Mark played and turned thoughts into words.

producer DJ performer

DJ or producer? Or should it be performer?

We know that some people who are called DJs really aren’t DJs. So why do we continue to give them this name? Dan ponders on calling them performers instead.


Akai Pro Updates: MPD218, MPD226, and MPD232

Akai Pro has given their MPDs a bit of a spring clean. The new MPD218, MPD226, and MPD232 have coloured pads, new layouts and new features.

Vestax Extravaganza DVDs scratch turtablism (1)

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Win Vestax Battle DVDs from the Worxstash

I’ve uncovered some gems while cleaning up. These Vestax Extravaganza DVDs hark back to a time before even skratchworx, and can be yours.

Mobile New design Cross DJ Android 2.3

Add some colour with Cross DJ 2.3 for Android

Cross DJ for Android is already great, but now it’s just a little bit greater. Version 2.3 is prettier and faster, and has tons more stuff.


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