DJIT mixfader bluetooth crossfader

Bluetooth crossfader Mixfader hits Kickstarter

DJIT’s bluetooth fader in a box Mixfader has reached Kickstarter, and with your help aims to deliver a wire-free scratch experience.

flare audio r2 in-ear headphones kickstarter

Flare Audio’s R2 reference earphones on Kickstarter

UK audio wizards Flare Audio want to work their magic in your ears. The R2 in-ear reference earphone is in Kickstarter.

mixcloud soundcloud import

Mixcloud migration tool — the Soundcloud exodus begins

While Soundcloud decides exactly what it is, Mixcloud is making hay while the sun shines and has provided a Soundcloud import tool. Cheeky scamps.

skratch bastid rane TTM57 MKII serato

VIDEO: Rane TTM57 MKII in the hands of Skratch Bastid

Take one wicked scratch DJ, give him a wicked scratch mixer, and add a hot track. Skratch Bastid meets the Rane TTM57 MKII and messes with NWXRK by Nadus.

Brighton Music Conference Paul Hartnoll

Tech showcases at the Brighton Music Conference 2015

Playing host to a who’s who of electronic music making is the Brighton Music Conference, featuring amongst others Orbital’s Paul Hartnoll.

Mixxx 1.12 beta dj software

Mixxx 1.12 beta — more than before, and still free

Mixxx, the open source, cross platform, and importantly free DJ software just hit a major milestone with the long-awaited 1.12 beta.


Grooveshark shuts, apologises, and dodges massive fine

The music industry sharks have circled, and never-especially-legal purveyor of online music Grooveshark has been shut down. VDJ users need to read this too.

dj disasters

DJ disasters — when has it all gone Pete Tong for you?

I’m sure we’ve all had to face some bomb sites for DJ booths in our time, but what has been your biggest DJ disaster, and how did you deal with it?

soundcloud jump shark

Is SoundCloud jumping the shark?

Oh no! Yet again, SoundCloud is in the news for the wrong reasons. We keep covering the SoundCloud soap opera, yet it never seems to end. Not content with making deals with big labels, setting them at odds with their users (some of whom have been with the site since the beginning), the music hosting […]

icon i-creative g-board dj controller review (1)

REVIEW: Icon I-Creativ and G-Board MIDI Controllers

Are Icon’s entry-level MIDI controllers more than meets the eye? Ray takes a look at the I-Creativ and the G-Board.

traktor 2.8.0 Rane MP2015 Pioneer

Traktor Pro 2.8 — the walls come tumbling down

The Kontrol D2 is out, and so is Traktor Pro 2.8. Out too is NI’s closed door policy, which brings Rane certification and Pioneer CDJ and XDJ support.


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