ICE Headshell (1)

Broken tonearm? You should put an ICE on that

I have no idea just how people manage to break turntables, but it happens. And the ICE headshell should help them out in a dire emergency.

marq lighting inmusic dj expo

NEW: Marq Lighting brand from inMusic

inMusic just got a little bigger by plugging a gap in their range. Say hello to Marq Lighting, an all-new brand focussed on… you guessed it.

Numark TT250USB turntable (3)

DJ EXPO 2015: Numark TT250USB turntable

Numark hauls itself aboard the turntable gravy train. But instead of nextlevelness, the TT250USB turntable is a simple box ticker, the biggest being price.

ADJ American DJ VMS5 Virtual DJ controller (17)

EXCLUSIVE: ADJ’s updated VMS5 Controller

The American DJ VMS4 was the first four channel DJ controller on the market. And the updated VMS5 will be seen for the first time at DJ Expo 2015.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Serato DJ Intro controller (3)

The Pioneer DDJ-SB2 — the same but a little more

Not new, but better — the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 with Serato DJ Intro is a worthy upgrade, featuring trims, filters, and meters, plus a new quantised trans effect.

Fatboy Slim

DISCUSS: Fatboy Slim and the change in DJ culture

Fatboy Slim talks to the BBC about the changes in DJ culture over the last 20 years, and uses his record box as an example. What changes have you seen?

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Serato DJ Mixer (2)

ANALYSIS: What Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9 actually means

You read the news, saw the pictures, and watched the video. Now let’s analyse the features of the DJM-S9, and what this means for Pioneer DJ and Serato.

Pioneer DJ PLX-1000-n DJM-S9-n Gold mixer turntable (1)

More GOLD! Limited edition DJM-S9-N and PLX-1000-N

Pioneer DJ’s Midas department is out of control. The DJM-S9-N has been paired up with the PLX-1000-N to make 500 sets of gold turntables and mixers.

Pioneer DJ PC-X10 PN-X1- needle cartridge (2)

The circle is complete: Pioneer DJ PC-X10 cartridge

Pioneer DJ continues to plug gaps in their one-stop shop. Designed with Nagaoka, the PC-X10 is their own DJ cartridge for the PLX-1000 turntable.

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Serato DJ scratch MIxer (7)

Buttons and bling: Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9 Serato DJ mixer

Cat out of bag — the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Serato DJ fuelled 2 channel mixer is here. In black and gold, with 2 x USB and a lot of buttons. Full story within.

Tibo Urban Assault 500 console controller review (3)

REVIEW: Tibo Urban 500 Console

The Tibo Urban 500 is an all in one controller, sound, and lights in a mobile-pulpit like box. Mark Settle puts his back out moving it around for a review.


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