Roland TR-808 the movie

You’ve heard the beats, now see the film — it’s 808 the Movie

“Boom like an 808″ sang Blaque. Bassnectar has an entire track made in its honour. Roland’s iconic TR-808 drum machine has permeated music since its inception. And now there’s a film that pays homage to this amazing box of beats suitably called “808”. Watch the trailer today.

Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ Controller (6)

The Traktor Kontrol S8 — full details

Finally. After the leak came the tease, and naturally following that is the full and complete word from NI HQ about their vision of the future of DJing. The Traktor Kontrol S8 kicks jogs and pitch to the kerb, and instead focussed on loops, samples, and Remix Decks in one huge controller, that ironically is full Traktor Scratch compatible.


How I learned to let go of the old ways of DJing

Playing one track to the next has evolved into a two turntables and a mixer format, and is something that still dominates DJing today even in the entirely digital age. It’s a comfort zone that few seem to want to break free from, despite not really needing platters to support vinyl anymore. But is this legacy holding DJs back from finding all new ways to play music? Craig Reeves asks some difficult questions, the main one being is it finally time to let go of the old ways?

serato dj 1.7.1

UPDATE: Serato DJ 1.7.1 — Akai Pro AMX and bug fixes

While we all wait for the Akai Pro AMX to arrive, Serato has been busy tinkering under the hood to bring support for it in Serato DJ 1.7.1 as well as despatching some bugs.

Samsung Professional Audio screenshots

Samsung releases Professional Audio SDK for Galaxy devices

It’s fair to say that Android is the runt of the OS litter when it comes to music and DJing. But that may be about to get a shot in the arm via the new Samsung Professional Audio software developer kit. Does this and the announcement of Android L means the platform is about to become a player?

UDG Creator 2XL hard case review (4)

REVIEW: UDG Creator 2XL hard case

The latest range of top end controllers are huge, and moving them from place to place requires something more than just stuffing them into a back pack. So UDG has come out with the Creator 2XL hard case, designed specifically for the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and Numark NS7 range. We stuffed one into the hard case and pottered around the worxlab for a while.

ida world finals 2014 DJ scratch battle turntablism

IDA World Battle Promo 2014 [VIDEO]

As a DJ technology site, DJWORX gets behind people and things that promote and advance the use of DJ gear, something that IDA World does better than any other DJ battle. Thus we are pleased to help promote the IDA World DJ Battle 2014. And as previous years, there’s a cool promo video with scratching and stuff.

Hercules Air S Air S+ DJ Controller (3)

Hercules DJ Control Air S and Air S+ Controllers

Hercules was one of the first companies to get into the whole MIDI controller revolution. And here they are still popping out controllers in a very crowded market. The Air S and Air S+ controllers are updates to their existing models, and also have the somewhat unique feature of exchangeable jog wheels.

scrubboard tape cassette scratching

The ScrubBoard — cassette scratching evolved

Cassettes for scratching? Been there – done that. But it’s not been done in quite the same way that Jeremy Bell is proposing with his ScrubBoard Kickstarter project. It’s a unique take on the idea involves samples on tape, and moving a cassette player head back and forth, all controlled from the Seesaw Killswitch.

nature-of-the-battle-dj-woody DMC 2014

The Nature of Battle by DJ Woody

The 2014 DMC World Finals are taking place in London today. And DJ Woody has made this track especially for everyone who has gone into DJ Battle.

Traxus Lemur iPad Traktor controller (11)

Traxus Control: The Ultimate Traktor Remote + Interview

While the DJ industry keeps chucking great lumps of hardware to cater for the needs of software, the iPad continues to offer a highly configurable interface. The Traxus Traktor Remote offers extremely comprehensive control of Traktor’s effects. Jared Helfer takes a look, and catches up with the creators for a chat.


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