OUT NOW: Video plugin for MixVibes CrossDJ

After being casually teased last week via the usual social media channels, as suspected MixVibes Cross DJ is getting video. Not built into the application you understand, but via a plugin meaning that you have the choice of doing video rather than paying for the privilege but never using it.

MixVibes Release the ‘Video Plug-in’ For Cross DJ
“Mix Video Like Music“ 


 is proud to announce the release of the ‘Video Plug-in’, a powerful tool which allows you to play, mix and scratch video files like music within CrossDJ and Cross software.

Based on 4 years of research in video mixing, MixVibes ‘Video Plug-in’ is the easiest way to incorporate video into your DJ setup. No need to be a video specialist!All features from CrossDJ work within the ‘Video Plug-in‘: Play a locator or a loop, scratch, add FX: every action that you usually perform on audio can also be performed on the video automatically, so you can focus on the music and take your mix to the next dimension.

The ‘Video Plug-in’ integrates seamlessly within CrossDJ: each player gets a video preview and the mixer can be switched from audio to video. The ‘Video Plug-in’ can be deactivated at any moment, returning to the regular audio-only appearance of CrossDJ.


– MixVibes Video Plug-in

• MixVibes Video plug-in runs inside CrossDJ / Cross 2.2
• All player actions affect the video (scratch, loops, locators…)
• Mixer actions can be linked to video transitions effects
• Over 20 video effects
• Music and video can be loaded separately
• 1080p HD support and output on a second monitor
• Supported formats .mov, .mp4, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .m4v, .mkv, .vob, .flv, .divx, .webm and .wmv.
• Free video content on our forum’s download center (http://forum.mixvibes.com)

– CrossDJ

• MIDI support for most controllers on the market
• DVS support (Cross only)
• Locators, loops, smart seek
• 8-pad Audio samplers
• 2 FX units
• Highly-accurate BPM and beatgrid analysis
• Snap and Quantize
• The best media browsing engine on the market

– Availability 

• Available November 28th, 2012
• Price MSRP 129€ / $149 / £109
• SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE : 50% off until December 31st
• The Plug-in is free of Charge for VFX and VFX Control users


One important caveat – Cross DJ is the €39 controller only version. If you want timecode control, you’ll need the full €79 DVS variant.

Mixvibes Cross DJ Video plugin

There’s no point in pulling apart the spec because it’s quite self explanatory. I’m unclear as to whether this plugin does everything that MixVibes VFX does, but it does have a lot going for it. I’m sure the more experienced video guys will have a heap of questions, and will doubtlessly see all the pros and cons that I can’t.

It’s the price of the whole cross package that is interesting. MIxVibes Cross plus the half price offer in the video plugin gives you a complete and unlimited DVS with video software solution for just €144, or $185/£116. The Cross review is in progress, and so far has met with nothing but praise. I know people who swear by it and play out with all the time with zero issues. If you find yourself looking around for a solution, Cross could be worth a look.

One last thing – the irony hasn’t escaped me that there’s no promo video for this video product.

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  • Question. I believe these are the same people that develop rekordbox, so does that mean that this plugin could eventually cross over to there and enable rekordbox to do video. Would seem like a logical step, with serato video, mix emergency, vdj and now this. Why buy DVJs when it could be integrated into the software that works with CDJ’s

    • But Rekordbox is not DJ software, it’s a database/librarian.

      • Phil

        It will be a very good idea with CDJ & rekordbox

        Look at this set up:


        • Tony

          You can also to it with:

          Mixer: midi (+soundcard eventually)
          CDJ: HID
          Computer with HID/Video capable software (+soundcard eventually)

          But you will need 3 or 4 USB ports on your laptop (or a hub)

        • brichi

          this set would be cool for “if” I ever had to do video, which I hate but have to sometimes

  • multi

    Is this 2 or 4 channels?

  • lauti

    Traktor, we are all waiting

  • I also feel this will point a spotlight at NI with customers asking why Traktor doesn’t have video yet. What is surprising is the amount of negative feedback video has received on their forum. I’ve seen people flamed into oblivion for simply asking about video.

  • warpnote

    So where are the demo videos?
    4 years in development, you would expect to see som video candy?