OUT NOW: Deckadance 2 and DVS

Image line Deckadance 2

It’s nice that the established DJ software players come along with their assorted updates. But it’s even nicer when one comes along that perhaps was thought to have falling by the wayside a little with a full upgrade that shows the big boys a trick or two. Image Line’s Deckadance 2 is out now, and ready for download.

Firstly, the official word from Image Line:

We are excited to announce Deckadance 2 is now available for your PC or MAC from just $79 USD. Deckadance 2 is perfectly suited to today’s evolving ‘remix-style’ DJ performances and works as a stand-alone application orVST plugin in your favorite host such as FL Studio. Deckadance 2 is a free update for existing customers. Others, why not download the demo and try it out.

Why not browse the online manual to see how it works
  • Decks – 2 or 4 decks.
  • Smartknobs – Link a knob to multiple FX & Mixer interface targets. User-programmable envelopes.
  • GrossBeat – 8 user defined FX per deck with integrated editor. Program glitch, stutter & scratch FX.
  • Isolator Effects – Up to 3 insert effects per track (from 10) applied independently to High/Mid or Low band.
  • Sampler – 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes.
  • Smart Panels – User configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels.
  • VST host & client – Hosts VST plugins. Includes Effector VST plugin.
  • Library – iTunes library support. Play lists and automated mixing options.

Effector VST

Versions and pricing

We have sharpened the deal to make Deckadance now a no-brainer purchase for those looking to get into DJ remixing. Gone are Club and House editions:

Deckadance 2 $79 USD (replaces House edition) all features excluding DVS support.

Deckadance 2 DVS $149 USD (replaces Club edition) all features including DVS support.

Short feature demo

So to clarify — Deckdance 2 is free to existing users, $79 for the regular edition and $149 for the balls-out DVS edition.

What’s so special about Deckadance 2? Outside of getting 4 decks and a configurable interface, the real winners are smartknobs and GrossBeat. The former allows you to layer multiple effects into a single control with a graphical interface. GrossBeat is a smart creative tool where you can programmatically define scratches, glitches and other general glitchy performance controls at the press of a button.

Of course, scratch DJs won’t like GrossBeat, but I don’t see it as a replacement for scratch DJs. It’s a very clinical one shot approximation — watch the video and see for yourself. Drum machines haven’t killed off drummers, and pianists are still hitting the keys despite the advent of sequencers. So turntablists should still be able to sleep at night.

One thing that Deckadance has over everyone else is VST compatibility. As well as being able to be used as a VST in other apps (DVS right inside Ableton Live for example), you have a massive world of free plugin functionality at the click of a download button, as well as a lot  of paid-for plugins that are far less likely to bring your system to its knees.

So the overall package has a lot going for it. Deckadance isn’t just trying to be another me-too, but actually brings some cool new things to the end user. We’ll have a full review coming very soon.

  • “The One” also has VST capability and it’s in RC1 stage, I would expect to see it on the shelves very soon. (I don’t think that breaks my NDA)

    • But it’s not out yet. 😉

      • Virtual DJ can use VST effect plugins too. Has been able to for years. Why on earth they don’t mention it in the manual is beyond me, but it can do it.

        Rather than the usual way of telling the software where your VST folder is, you have to put the DLL in the VDJ plugins folder, and VDJ can be a bit fussy on which ones work, but…..

        • I didn’t know that.

        • m1ckDELTA

          No VSTi support though

          • No, which is understandable considering it’s DJ software, not a DAW.

      • The_KLH

        Torq has had the ability to use VSTs for a while as well…

      • that’s true for most people 😉 it should be released quite soon, it’s fully playable now, we just have to iron out all the workflow and mapping issues. You’ll like it when you see it, or I could review it for you .. (when I am allowed to talk about it publicly).

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  • it need to suport alot more controllers and I can’t seam to figure out how to map LED/midi out so it’s not going to be easy playing on my DDJ SX but I do have an VMS4 that is suported.

    • See my comment above about Ableton sending MIDI signals back to your controller.

      • thanks for the idea on the workaround, but I’d much rather be able to do this using only one software. and spending between $100 to $750 just the get my buttons to light up would be overkill

  • it’s pretty good prize for DVS Edition. But i’m still don’t know which timecodes i should use. Traktor and Mixvibes doesn’t work.

    • Decadance has its own (downloadable for free) time code you can burn to a CD.

      • i know that. but what about turntable users?

        • LLCoolJeans

          It can learn any timecode, I don’t know if timecodes that aren’t officially supported work in absolute mode, though. Officially support time codes are: Ms Pinky Gen 1, 2, 3 & 4.

          I tried the dvs with a serato vinyl and there was a good amount of latency as well as glitches when the platter was off. I’m new to dvs and trying out various software. Will try Ms. Pinky next.

  • Flexinoodle

    DJDecks had VST support so far back i can’t even remember when it got it (Think it was before Deckadance even existed) plus it was the first to offer a VST version (Pretty limited, designed just for scratching really) also people should be aware of poor support from Imageline, their “Free updates for life” guff has left a lot of imageline customers with synths that never get updated and an intense unwillingness to fix core issues/failures in their headline app FLS, If something is wrong don’t tell GOL or you will be made out to be a complete idiot, Oh and no apologies when they backtrack either (Go read the KVR forum to see how often this happens and how hated the IL developers actually are 😉 )

    • Well, one of the developers is dead, so with this release, one would imagine that they will hire someone to replace the missing person. I would only hope that things get better over time not hover at mediocre until the program eventually becomes obsolete.

    • m1ckDELTA

      I’ve been looking at Deckadance but, having sought support for Harmor in the past, I am reticent. I can attest to the, “If something is wrong don’t tell GOL or you will be made out to be a complete idiot”, sentiment.

      Assuming it would work as is, I’m trying to figure out is how to sync it with Reaper Or Cubase (or anyother DAW for that matter) when using it as a VST. Also, it looks like, speaking of backtracking, the number of VST slots has been reduce compared to the previous version.

  • Deckadance 2 doesn’t have bi-directional MIDI signaling (to light up buttons and such) but I have been experimenting with Deckadance in Ableton Live and you CAN send signals back to your controller this way.