Our new 404 page

Cool DJ 404 image

I’ve been doing a little under the hood tinkering this weekend. These days, it feels less like stabbing around with a screwdriver, anymore like adjusting spark plug gaps for optimum performance. But I decided  to add a 404 page suitable for the subject matter. Indeed, I know I should mercilessly track down every broken link, but for now this will do.

Thanks to Behringer for making a mixer that couldn’t be more suitable for the task at hand.

  • Did you ever do a review of the 404?

  • Am just wondering, will this be the portal through which the skratchworx Archives make the full transition to DJWORX?

    • The skratchworx archive will stay the way it is. There is no logic in converting several thousand pages over to the DJWORX site, especially when the content was never part of DJWORX.

      • I figured just as much. For me the most important thing after an article are the comments which readers make, and I was worried the articles appearing under the 404 tab do not seem to have tagged along the comments made under.