Numark talk Serato DJ updates

Numark Serato DJ update

OK everyone just calm down for a moment. Take a deep breath and change your underwear after hearing and seeing the cavalcade of Serato DJ related news. We have to now turn our attention to existing ITCH and DJ Intro product owners, and probably for the most part that’s Numark‘s extensive customer base.

It’s late, and this is a very simple message from Numark:



The leading manufacturer of DJ controllers works with Serato to provide updates to NS6, NS7 and V7, and to make available upgrades to an entire family of

Serato DJ Intro controllers.

Cumberland, R.I. (Oct. 3, 2012) – Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, announces a collaboration with Serato, the worldwide innovator in digital DJ software, to include their new Serato DJ software with select Numark controllers.

For more than 20 years, Numark has set a pace in the world of digital DJing that no competitor has been able to match, empowering DJs with cutting-edge controllers that continually advance the art form. A deep and long-standing partnership with Serato was established more than 6 years ago, and has resulted in an entire range of professional controllers that have eliminated the line between hardware and software. The NS7, V7, and NS6 controllers define the top tier of DJ performance, reigning as the go-to controllers for DJing and setting the standard by which all other controllers are judged.

Building upon that legacy of partnership and innovation, Numark is proud to announce that the acclaimed Serato controllers, NS7, V7, and NS6, will all support Serato DJ, the most advanced DJ software ever created. Additionally, any Numark DJ who already owns an NS7, V7, or NS6, will be eligible for a free update to Serato DJ. Owners of Numark’s controllers that are compatible with Serato’s DJ Intro software will also be eligible to upgrade to Serato DJ for $199.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are about Serato DJ,” said Chris Roman, Product Manager, Numark. Our professional NS6, NS7 and V7 customers will be able to take advantage of a whole new set of creative tools, and the hundreds of thousands of Serato DJ Intro users who own our controllers will be able to easily upgrade to the most advanced DJ software ever created.”

Serato DJ includes a wide range of all-new features and capabilities, including stunning new effects powered by iZotope, ultra-flexible and intuitive MIDI mapping, the ability to set and trigger up to eight cue points, a totally refreshed user interface, four-deck mixing, and more.

Beginning in December, DJs who own the following Numark controllers can upgrade to Serato DJ, and for a limited time this will also include a license for the powerful Serato Video plug-in: Mixtrack Pro, N4, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express, and Mixdeck Quad. NS6 will begin shipping with Serato DJ in early Q1 2013, with NS7 and V7 to follow shortly thereafter.

  • I left this same comment on DJ TechTools, but still haven’t been able to get a good answer but I am deeply confused…. ITCH is free, so how do you upgrade ITCH users and then charge Intro Users? How do you differentiate the Users?
    Does that mean if I have a account registered with ITCH and an ITCH controller, I get a free upgrade? Or does that mean I can download I can download Serato DJ for “free,” but it will only work with certain controllers?I’m confused… can anyone better explain?

    • I suspect it’ll be hardware based and require an ITCH upgrade version and a DJ Intro version. I could see how you’d have to enter your hardware serial number to generate your own hardware specific version. If they don’t, one copy of Serato DJ would upgrade everything and for free.

      • dj dick driver

        yea ur right. states that its based on the controller you use. This makes sense cause itch was specific to controller i.e ns6, ns7 but for the mixtrack pro for example, dj intro was only available and not itch

        • mixtrack comes with VDJ or a lite version of traktor, Intro is available for it but wasn’t originally designed for it like controllers for itch. itch controllers can be mapped for other programs. but really if your hardware came with itch the 2 items where designed specifically for each other.

      • jprime

        I’m throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening again. 😉

    • Samuel S

      Hey DJ PC3, Serato DJ Intro users will need to purchase a Serato DJ license and authorize it for their controller to be recognized within Serato DJ. ITCH users will simply be able to connect their ITCH controller when supported and go.

    • it will work with the specific serato hardware. basically Serato is taking 3 software applications and making it 1. Intro is free to download, but itch and SL are hardware specific and thats why they are charging for it. Intro is free so Serato can get everyone hooked on serato vs Vdj or traktor (which I don’t personally like play out with) Itch and SL are for djs that like to spin music and don’t require a bunch of effects etc…

    • Candy Monstr

      @DJPC3:disqus Once Serato DJ is released, ALL (except A&H:DX) ITCH controllers will have a free update to it. As for Serato Intro controllers, they have to shell out $199 for them to upgrade and use the capabilities of Serato DJ.
      •Only Serato certified controllers can use Serato DJ.
      •You can add additional midi controllers to your setup ONLY IF your Serato certified controller (which is upgraded to Serato DJ) is plugged in.

      Hope this answers your query. Cheers!

    • Anthony Parks

      I am wondering the same thing. I have a NS7 and Mixtrack Pro, and want to know if I wait for the NS7 version will I be able to save the $199 for the Mixtrack Pro version, and since I use the same laptop for both, will I have to have 2 installations of the program, 1 for each controller? Or will the $199 Mixtrack Pro version work with my NS7?

  • Shishdisma

    Jeez. $200 seems a bit steep for what Serato DJ adds over Intro.

  • ElTiburon

    And V7 users have to wait until next year for the software update. This is nonsense. If NI was smart, they would move forward to provide native support for the NS7 and V7 to stick it to Serato. The best motorized controllers on the scene and both Serato and NI treats them like stepchildren!

    • I have two V7’s and agree best controller on the market. it does suck to have to wait

  • All I can say is “SWEEET”! Biggest contention with Itch was Effects and Closed Mapping……both of these have been answered in this upgrade! Thank you Serato…..and thanks Mark, I read every article and congrats on the studio space!

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  • ace

    This is really great news. The next few months wait is gonna seem like years!

  • Djoldschool

    Just need to find someone selling the NSFX unit now to add to my NS7……

  • top_man

    I get that Serato want to be just like Native Instruments now but 199.00 is way to much money. The seem a bit out of touch way out out there on that little island.


    Waiting for the update Q1 2013 or selling the NS6 now ?
    Oh wait the DDJ SX is not there yet…
    GGrrrrr hating this situation !!!

  • zp1luv

    I guess folks could always shell out $1300 for an NS7 or $1000 for an NS6 or $900 for a VCI something or other and get Serato DJ for free 🙂

  • ace

    “Most advanced Dj Software ever created” – Those are BIG words!

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  • Smokin J

    the new Serato DJ update finally works really well with both my V7’s… Glad I kept them after all. Now to add a MIDI Drum Pad and Map It out.

    • it will nice cant wait im looking at the vs7 mk1 as the price seems to be right for me