Numark NS6: First ITCH controller to get free Serato DJ upgrade

Numark NS6 ITCH free Serato DJ upgrade

While Serato have been busy pumping out a slew of paid upgrades from skinny Serato DJ Intro to full fat Serato DJ, the long awaited free upgrade from ITCH to DJ has kept its head down. But they said it would happen at some point, and happen it has, for Numark‘s lovely NS6 controller has made it first past the post to get the free upgrade from ITCH to Serato DJ.

As mentioned in the previous post, Serato could have just lumped this into the official Serato DJ 1.1.2 release PR, but I figure that they consider it important enough to warrant its own words:



Serato is proud to announce that the latest upgrade of Serato DJ 1.1.2 now offers support for the Numark NS6 – The first of many ITCH controllers that will be supported in 2013 by Serato DJ.

The new Serato DJ release 1.1.2 is a comprehensive new digital DJ platform that includes iZotope effects, midi mapping and a host of advanced, professional features. Serato DJ 1.1.2 delivers all the features and performance to meet the demands of DJs at the top of their game and sets the new standard for controller DJs.

Sam Gribben, CEO of Serato, says: “It’s been really exciting seeing the Serato DJ world unfold over the last 4 months. Our world-class development team, in partnership with our industry leading hardware partners, are thrilled with the progress of Serato DJ in this short period of time. We are very excited for our NS6 customers, the very first ITCH users able to upgrade and take advantage of the new features and improvements that they have been waiting for.”

The Numark NS6 is the first ITCH controller to be supported by Serato DJ. Users of the NS6 can upgrade to Serato DJ for FREE by downloading Serato DJ 1.1.2 from

The release of Serato DJ 1.1.2 will be followed by further Serato DJ support for other ITCH controllers such as: Numark NS7, Numark V7, Pioneer DDJ-S1, Vestax VCI-300, Vestax VCI-380 and Novation Twitch in a gradual rollout this coming spring.

For Serato ITCH customers, you can choose to be notified when Serato DJ will be available for your controller at

Now… for those of you who might have seen the Numark version of events pushed out at the same time (and is still on their site too), they claim that this is a paid upgrade, something that flies in the face of what Serato said above, and indeed has clearly stated in the past. I’m quite sure that this is in fact a free upgrade, as witnessed by the hordes of Serato DJ forum users who have upgraded and not paid a penny.

So do you have an NS6 with a finger hovering over the upgrade button? Let us know how it’s all working out for you,

  • im curious how the ns6 works with serato dj, i sold mine so i cant test it. Not sure how you can pull off the slicer.

  • The_KLH

    Current owners are going through the “but DJ doesn’t work like ITCH” grumble phase. So far, I haven’t heard of any deal breakers, but time will tell.

    • They moan because they can moan. Personally speaking, any ITCH owner should consider themselves lucky that they’re getting Serato DJ for free at all.

      • ace

        Or unlucky for purchasing Itch in the first place. The fact that DJ was released is a testament to just how poor Itch actually was/is. Giving existing itch owners the finger and still expecting new clientele to put their trust in them??? That would be suicide for Serato trying to enter into the controller market. Im happy to get DJ for free, but I still wont play out with it until I’m sure it wont let me down. …Am I lucky or what.

        • The_KLH

          I’m not sure if I agree with you on either count. I loved ITCH (with the NS7) and only sold it to get four decks AND a sampler with the S4. There are features that I still miss from ITCH (overlapping waveforms, loop roll, brake, reverse, flexible beatgrids). I see SDJ as better able to compete with Traktor’s juggernaut due to mapping. If Serato drops a DVS in SDJ – the world WILL take notice… especially if DJs can connect TTs/CDJs to controllers and can use timecode directly (without requiring a separate interface). That is the last remaining competitive advantage of the S4/Traktor Scratch Pro combo. If SDJ does that AND has flexibile beat grids AND optional video? Uhhh… Traktor who?

          • ace

            First & foremost…. It MUST BE STABLE.
            I wasn’t even able to use Itch for gig’s because of continuous drops-outs. Sometimes it wouldn’t even recognize my hardware was connected. And it’s not just me, go look in the Itch forum, see how many people had issues. SDJ is looking good & once the small issues are sorted I will use it – for sure. Even right now, if you load a large itunes library into SDJ = C.R.A.S.H. Faithful supporters say things like “you don’t need so much music for a gig”. But , it matters not – it shouldn’t do that. Serato can pump in as many features as they like, but what good is it if it’s not stable?

  • ace

    I’m very happy with the free upgrade. I’ve been looking forward to this since the announcement of DJ. Releasing it now came as nice surprise as I was only expecting it some time in late april. DJ is much better than Itch. There are some bugs with the NS6 release that need to be addressed though.


    i appreciate the free NS6 upgrade but SDJ is still way to buggy to be used to play live. Pops & clicking sounds in the audio, slight pops & freezing when triggering efx are some of the things ive personally experienced, and ive read about a few problems in the Serato forum that other Dj’s are having. But i think once they work out the kinks all will be good. For now im still playing live with Itch. Just not comfortable enough with this NS6 upgrade of SDJ…….

  • The unfortunate part is that rather than leave the feature in to be mapped to an external controller… they removed slicer entirely for the NS6 version. I ran it for the first time tonight at a house party, and ended switching back to Itch for my second set.

    First off: The new Izotope effects are overhyped and mediocre. They allow more control over the limited effects suite included… but those features aren’t immediately accessible through the controller. One of the best things about the NS6 and Itch is that you can cycle through most of the program entirely with hardware controls… with Serato DJ I find myself fumbling with the trackpad to go through drop down menus and select what I want. So I pretty much just ignored the effects entirely.

    Second: The view modes. While the display in Itch might have been a bit cluttered, now unnecessary elements are blown up and obnoxious. The virtual platters run overlapped with the current bpm, and the little line showing rotation frequently blocks the numbers. When I’m playing it seems like the bpm listed doesn’t match with the actual tempo of the song more as well. I don’t know what the development team changed there… but my initial impression is that they tried to fix something that wasn’t broke and made it worse.

    Third: When running through crates, clicking the button on the middle of the controller switches out to a useless view and toggles over to file mode… instead of jumping into the selected crate. I know I’d eventually get used to clicking fwd and back instead, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

    Overall, the only advantage I see Serato DJ having over Itch is the ability to map other MIDI controllers. As of now though, the clumsy interface and move away from the more fluid hardware control makes me hope that support for Itch stays around for a long time. I’ll go and research what I can to adjust settings and see if things improve… but for now, Serato DJ doesn’t live up to the hype.

    • When I say: ignored the effects entirely… I actually mean… AFTER going through and testing all of them… playing with them together, etc. I just wasn’t impressed.

  • top gunner dj shem

    need this for my ns7,anyone knows when will this b out????????????

    • I’m told soon, and apparently it’s amazing.