NAMM 2014: Thud Rumble TRX Scratch Mixer – Exclusive pics!

NAMM 2014 DJ Tech Thud Rumble TRX mixer Qbert (2)

Small businesses don’t like to spend money on PR. So you can imagine DJ Tech’s delight when scratch God DJ Qbert latched onto their DIF-1S mixer at last year’s NAMM and essentially said it was the best thing at the show. Well 1 year and a DIF-1S special edition later, DJ Tech and Thud Rumble are best mates, and some of the fruits of that relationship are here. The Thud Rumble TRX is a limited edition scratch mixer with some very cool things that older scratch mixer just don’t have.

The TRX forms part of the rewards to promote the Kickstarter campaign for Qbert’s “Extraterrestria” LP. Read the words:

Thud Rumble in partnership with DJ-Tech Pro is proud to present the next evolution of the skratch DJ mixer, the Thud Rumble TRX Professional DJ Mixer.

Taking our cue from previous DJ mixer design innovations (Vestax PMC Series,Vestax QFO TurntableThud Rumble TR-1S), we conceptualized, designed and produced what would arguably be “the best skratch DJ mixer ever built.”

These are the Features and Technical Specifications of the TRX DJ QBert Limited Edition.

  • Exclusive Thud Rumble design
  • High performance 2-Channel skratch DJ mixer
  • Integrated Premium Quality Contactless innoFADER PRO Crossfader*
  • 2-Channel Switchable Phono / Line Input
  • Stereo XLR Balanced Output
  • Dedicated Post-fader Direct Output for each channel (a first for any DJ mixer and great for recording your skratches separately!!!)
  • 1/4″ and 1/8″ Headphone Outputs  (with Master Cue monitoring option and Channel Cue Fader)
  • Stereo 1/4″ Booth Output
  • Stereo RCA Aux Input / Output
  • Neutrik XLR/TRS Combo Microphone Input
  • 2-Channel High-pass / Low-pass Filter Effects Faders with Reverse Function
  • Dedicated Left / Right Pan Faders
  • DVS mode: Switch between the traditional Vinyl/CD setup and DVS software setup without reconnecting a single cable
  • Superb sKratch performance with Adjustable Crossfader and Channel Curves with Reverse Functions
  • Universal Power Supply: AC 100~240V, <= 8W. No more wall warts!

This is the perfect DJ mixer for skratch DJs in the bedroom, on stage and in the studio. This is a Kickstarter-exclusive release limited to 200 pieces only. This is the first and only-chance to buy this mixer.

*One addendum — it seems that the TRX will come with the Mini Innofader and not the Innofader Pro.

NAMM 2014 DJ Tech Thud Rumble TRX mixer Qbert (3)

As an old school scratch head, this is a nice looking mixer, that I have personally dubbed the best scratch mixer that Vestax never made. The good starting point is the revised Mini Innofader, complete with Vestax style square fader caps. And all the faders have curves and reverses, thus all boxes ticked in that department. And as is expected theses days, each channel has a high/low pass filter, rather interestingly with reverses too. Time will tell is faders on filters is going to be popular.

Moving around the back, The Thud Rumble TRX is surprisingly well equipped. Taking the DIF-1S’s DVS channels, this also has the VERY cool feature of individual channel outs. It’s an idea that has been discussed over the years, but nobody that I can remember has ever actually implemented it. Hats off to DJ Tech and Thud Rumble for making that happen.

NAMM 2014 DJ Tech Thud Rumble TRX mixer Qbert (4)

But cramming balanced master and booth out into the TRX, as well as incorporating the power brick inside the chassis is really cool. Overall, I’m struggling to think of what else I’d put in this for scratch DJs. They seem to have thought of everything. I have no doubt however that someone will come up with something.

Now here’s the downside — the only way to lay your hands on one is via the Kickstarter rewards for the LP, and it’ll set you back $500. It is also stated that there will only be 200 of these mixers ever made. This could be marketing hoopla of course, but QBert specific limited editions of Vestax products have traditionally been short runs. So if you really want one, find $500 just to be on the safe side. The other downside is that you won’t see it until June. I’m not even sure that the pictured prototype will be at NAMM.

We can only hope that the Thud Rumble TRX becomes popular beyond this Kickstarter campaign and that it makes it out to the general public, and with a slightly lower price tag. The Kickstarter campaign runs for 24 more days and at the time of writing has reached $25K of its lofty $100K target.



  • “: NAMM 2014: Thud Rumble TRX Scratch Mixer – Exclusive pics! –” @MitchLee @beatdr0p

  • I know DJ Focus has pushed for the independent out’s since way back in the day. I’m curious how it works since it is Post-Fader

    • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

      Focus was def all about this. I’m 90% sure that the Stanton SA-8 Focus sig. has post-fader cues AND individual outputs. I have one in my lab at home, but here is a pic of the back of that mixer.

    • I don’t get it either. They mention recording scratches separately, but surely when scratching you’d be using the crossfader, which would introduce audio from the other channel – and if it was pre-crossfader then you’d end up with just a direct recording of the vinyl.

      • mk

        The crossfader doesn’t do actually do any summing of audio from either side of the crossfader – the summing comes later, before the sound hits the final output stages (booth/master/cue).

        It works the same way effects do.

  • thud rumble has been busy!

  • I’m trying to get my hands on one of these for sure!

  • MK

    The Stanton. SA-8 DJ Focus edition mixer did have direct outs.

    • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

      Yeah. I posted the back of that mixer below, and double checked to confirm on mine in the studio. All hail Focus!

      • DjFocus Meraz

        Words ups, haha. It was my big Marlon Brando moment so I added most of the ideas that I accumulated over the years and some I left out…I thought all the companies would jump on board and implement it since it should be standard in my opinion…Took this many years…Same with the knob indentions and designs…Added a new picture of a Vestax 05pro with Individual Outs to my facebook…peep it out…

  • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

    Mark, do you know what happens if they don’t meet the $100K in respect to the mixer? Like, if you put in the cash and they don’t meet the goal, are they not gonna make them? So glad they putting a real innoFader in there, but mini was not great for real precision cut-in and I know people that had some issues w/ the DJ Tech/Thud mixer (mine has been fine, but people were having issues with clicks when they installed an innofader pro). This looks like a dope mixer.

    • I have no idea what happens. I think it’s a huge amount to raise, and wish that the mixer was being produced away from this Kickstarter campaign.

      • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

        it probably will, just like they made more of the other “limited”

        • DjFocus Meraz

          If they made 200 of these then they are mass production ready and guaranteed to be released unless there is an act of God which changes things..or some Quantum ishness…

    • The_KLH

      Nothing happens. Money is either in escrow OR isn’t taken until the goal is met.

      • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

        yeah, how kickstarter works is pretty much understood over here. BUT, what happens with the mixer? Like, does it come out if they don’t meet the $100K? Like, why would you design and prototype a mixer that may or may not come out? I don’t really care about the kickstarter, just interested in the mixer.

        • The_KLH

          If kickstarter doesn’t meet the goal, then the mixer isn’t mass produced. Simple as that. Prototyping the cosmetics of the mixer is most likely what’s been done – if that – just to make the mixer seem real… to fan interest. It seems like that has worked.

  • Mert Zaim

    what is the main differences between dif-1s and trx??

    • The_KLH

      The cue monitor slider is the biggest difference.

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  • APB

    Not loving the master volume being on a slider… could see that going wrong.

  • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

    Also, wonder why that individual outputs are an unbalanced RCA instead of a balanced 1/4″. The Focus SA-8 was 1/4″ post-fader channel outs…you’d think they’d go w/ a balanced connection considering the only reason to use the post-fader outputs is for recording?

  • DjFocus Meraz

    “From The Mind of Focus” over 10 years ago. The SA-8 has some other advanced features that can only be found on the North Side of Terrestria near Scratchtopolis past the 6th and 7th dimension…:-)
    I am honored and flattered that my ideas and concepts live on, I am Super surprised that Thud aknowledged Dj Focus on the Kickstarter under the mixer post, it was a bit forced but the intent was felt strong. That didn’t hurt too much did it Richie? :-).
    The SA-8 was my Big Upportunity so I packed it with years worth of Creative Ideas and even left some out…
    A side note: The reason it didn’t have a Mic input was because I didn’t want any sucka mcs f*ckin up your cuts at the show, not even with the heaphones.
    No doubt about it , I created this ish and I’ve been working on some Kits to upgrade some other mixers too.
    I’m going to also add that the Original Stanton Team deserves alot of credit too, specifically Laurent Cohen now from Mixware. They took big financial risks by listening to this kid from AZ…Without them we wouldn’t be benefiting from the Contactless Faders and soon the Post Fader Recording and Live Performances…Let me leave you with a beautiful quote to pull on your heart strings.

    “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

    • DjFocus Meraz

      Disclaimer:I’m being sarcastic and witty. Definitely show support to Q’s new project…

    • Andre Djfoodstamp Sirois

      massive respect!

    • TheQuakerOatsGuy

      You know, I remember seeing your Focus Fader at GC. Pretty snazzy stuff. I never got to pick up an SA-8 myself, but mad respect to you for getting it out and respect to Stanton for putting you up like that. I remember their 500AL carts being awesome, then they put out their mixer line, then they had your fader in their mixers. Seems like a great company.

  • Rock Well

    Maybe I’m getting the wrong end of the stick, but I thought the 200 units Kickstarter thing referred to 200 special versions of this mixer with Inno Pros fitted, implying there would be bigger number with mini innos?

    Other than that, purely personal preference, but Innofader caps are my favourite and Lego brick square ones are my least favourite. Otherwise, some really good features and I’m glad people still want to make battle mixers.

    Not really a fan of all this Kickstarter use for established companies though.

  • TEK

    Sick and sleek.

  • Kutmaster TeeOh

    Mini Innofader not the Pro

  • DjFocus Meraz

    Funk yeahhh, the Scratch Arts are coming full circle once again. Still have some freshness that needs to get out. Bip up Dj-Tech for sureness…

  • Mike Galo

    I’m confused. I thought that this mixer was going to have the innofader pro and the post TRX version was going to have an innofader mini. I have had poor experiences in the past with Innofader mini (Z2 and DIF-1S) and want to stay away from that. Anyone know the whole story?

    • Mike G.

      It’s supposed to have the pro or pnp, white and chrome sith album graphics. The non special edition (non isp/kickstarter) will have the mini. I ordered the mixer on the last day, it was inno pro then. I don’t expect a change. I would be sad, sold a mixer with pnp to get this.

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