NAMM 2014: DJ Qbert Limited Edition Gold Concordes [VIDEO]

DJ Qbert and Thud Rumble are names that just keep pervading the DJ world, and have done for a very long time, a long enough time for Ortofon to want to put out a very limited edition 10th anniversary set of Gold Qbert concordes, featuring artwork from Brazilian twins and graffiti artists Os Gêmeos.

dj qbert gold ortofon concorde

Yogafrog from Thud Rumble (the other guy in the video) has confirmed that this is a 10th anniversary edition of the original Qbert carts (yes it has been that long). Ortofon will be making 500 single units going for $250 each. No word on the specs, but I imagine that they’ll be the same as the originals.

dj qbert gold ortofon concorde os gemeos

Given that DJ Qbert was performing on just about any stand he could at NAMM, footage won’t exactly be hard to come by. So we’ll throw ours into the arena anyway seeing as we got the moment that he used these Gold carts.

  • Makes a change from “aaaah” and “fresh”!

  • how much $

    • Strategy

      “Ortofon will be making 500 single units going for $250 each…”

  • Ortofon had some old GOLD stock they couldn’t get rid off and printed a Q bert logo on it? Really. – don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater – I did spin with this (old) gold ortofon yesterday. Vinyl <3 – AND I got 2 Qbert DVD's – saw him preform @ belgium, the year I got my 1200 LTD

  • I’m good. Already have his previous stylus. Works well.

  • you fancy huh?

  • TheQuakerOatsGuy

    Would be nice to have them release more stylii for his old carts, though. I mean, I guess I could put DJ stylii on them, but I thought they sounded well and held up pretty decently. Not too shabby on the price, either. I got the carts plus an extra stylus for $120 back when they were still selling.

  • RBX

    Another restamp by ortofon to squeeze more money out of people for the same thing. I remember the lesser known scandal about the Ortofon Arkiv actually being the EXACT SAME cart as one of the other dj carts (from memory the nightclub) with the ONLY difference being that the arkiv was white, that was it! but marketed as being more ‘hi-fi’ and thus more expensive. Having owned the Qberts and throwing them out six months later, I wouldn’t bother. Bad sound reproduction and skips badly with anything less than 5 grams of pressure which is stupidly heavy and brutal on any vinyl. If all you want to do is scratch your 10 year old beaten-up copy of Scratchy Seal with more beer and handruf in it than vinyl left it’s fine but anything else it’s total waste of money. Granted this product is pretending to be anything different except for a ‘collectors edition’ version if the Qbert but why bother? It’s like saying come and buy the new version of Windows Vista, same bugs but more bling…

    • I’d have to entirely disagree with my own experience of the Qberts carts. After 24 hours breaking in with full weight on the run out groove of some old vinyl, mine have been very solid performers for the last 8 years. I won’t be getting these Gold ones, but I’m sure they’ll sell pretty quickly to the fans.

      • RBX

        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this. I did not like the sound they produced with very obvious deviation in the frequency response compared to others. Audiophile guff aside (and lets face it they are still DJ carts) the cost of the replacement stylus for the Qberts is expensive compared to some other brands. At the time I owned them, a replacement stylus costed AUD $90! They were the third type of cart I had owned after the Stanton 500II and the Ortofon Scratch needles respectively. After the Qberts, I moved to the Shure M44G (not the M447) which are cheaper, sound better and the replacement tips cost less than half that of the Qbert. Sorry for having to mention the Shure, as it is a little like a Mac v PC troll however I found them to perform better regardless of cost especially when play ‘real’ vinyl.

  • Daniel Lazarus

    Not really any different from the people that collect control vinyl though, (besides the actual music pressings with control tone on one side) – it’s all just the same thing with a different look.

  • thugsucker

    RBX, Arkiv = DJ E (blue), but actually a bit cheaper in many places. And it is a very nice sounding elliptical stylus for modern music and it holds up on mixing as well. The original Ortofon Gold E cart was propably discontinued Broadcast E if I remember correctly. Not sure about that though!
    The price is too deep (500$), but I’d love to get these for my 1200LTD’s.

  • The_KLH

    Qbert is beginning to be more visible from endorsements than his skills. What’s next, a Qbert controller?

    • That’s something he has yet to publicly endorse. Shortkut and D-Styles have done demos on the Vestax Spin, but while Q has hung his hat on the Traktor hook, he’s still to do anything outside of turntables.

      • The_KLH

        The dollars to make that happen must be large indeed…

    • Probe Rok

      Q bert has grown.

  • BigBopper

    The original Gold was the original (neon yellow) nightclubs. The Arkiv was never sold as a hifi cart, Ortofon has a whole division for that. it was marketed to guys to use to rip their vinyl with the idea of selling 3 carts instead of 2 to each dj.

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  • Probe Rok

    at the end of the day, if you can’t afford them, don’t buy em. and is Ortofon really beating people in the head? I say no. What the hell is wrong with a little variation? They all sound and perform different. If they made the blue di’s purple and just called the the dj 2’s would y’all really care? “oh Ortofon is trying to make me spend money on new carts.” STFU. Q Bert is the F’ing man and Ortofon look and sound better than those ugly ass 1968 Shure 44’s.