NAMM 2014: ADJ’s new lighting range


Lighting is a huge part of a DJ’s arsenal, but one that up until now neither skratchworx or DJWORX has covered. But we plan to change that in 2014 and make good use of our large worxlab space to expand our coverage to new areas that we’ve previously left alone. And kicking this off is the first post New Year pre NAMM coverage. ADJ (that’s the softly rebranded American DJ) has announced some (and by some I mean 40) new lighting products that’ll appear at NAMM 2014.

The PR from ADJ:

The Future Looks Bright!

ADJ To Showcase Three New Products At NAMM 2014 With Focus On Value And Versatility

ADJ will be displaying 40 new products that have just started shipping in December, or will be available in the first two months of 2014. Thus, giving retailers, and any end-user lucky enough to get in, a great reason to stop by the ADJ booth #5774 at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim, California from January 23-26, 2014.

Whether in a band, a club owner, a mobile entertainer or a light designer, users are asking for versatility in the lighting products they buy. They are not looking for a product that just does one thing. They need it to achieve two or three objectives to meet their vision and bring the type of value that says, ‘I have to have this product.’ ADJ recognizes this need and will be displaying a fully programmed light show at NAMM 2014 fill with value, versatility and pure lighting excitement.

“Our focus for 2014 are products that give user value with a lot of versatility,” claims Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager of ADJ USA. “More than ever users want to be able to get the brightest, most versatile products and the most value for their money. I believed our new line-up of products give the most bang-for-the-buck in the industry, all back by a great sales and service network.”

Among the 40 new products are three that ADJ will be showcasing for their value and versatility; Dotz T-Par System, Quad Scan Pro and the Inno Spot Pro.

Dotz TPar System – The Dotz TPar System is an exciting all-in-one LED Wash system for mobile entertainers bands and stage lighting. This lighting system features a 4-head T-Bar light system, each with one state-of-the-art 30-Watt Chip On Board (COB) TRI LED (RGB), producing wide, saturated color washes of light with LEDs rated at an extremely long life of 50,000 hours. The system washes a very large area with its 90-degree beam angle. Or change the light output to a 25-degree beam with the included lens kit.

Great for any performer on-the-go, the Dotz TPar System is easy to set-up and take down. Plus, with low heat emitting LEDs performers stay cooler on stage. The system includes a tripod stand, a foot controller, RF remote control and a gig bags to help protect your equipment.

In addition to it’s built-in programs and the wireless foot controller, the Dotz TPar System may also be controlled by an external DMX Controller via it’s XLR In/Outs. User can also mount two smaller lighting fixtures on top of the T-bar and plug them in directly on the back of the bar.

Quad Scan Pro – A brightness bump from the original Quad Scan LED, the ADJ Quad Scan Pro is designed to scan the room and dazzle a crowd with its higher output 4x 10W Quad 4-IN-1 RGBW LEDs. This fixture offers all the latest features sought after in special effects lights such as: DMX-512 for programming or linking capabilities, exciting built-in sound active programs, no duty cycle (run all night), a long life LED source (approximately 50,000 hours), 4-button DMX display on rear (for easier programmability), IEC power daisy-chaining and is compatible with ADJ’s UC3 easy-to-use mini controller (Sold Separately).

User may change out the GOBOs to custom artwork that reflects the message or mood they want to communicate. The GOBOs may also be completely removed to project bright spot beams of light. The Quad Scan Pro is a great complimentary lighting fixture to wash lighting,  lasers and uplights. The scanning beams bring extra excitement and fun to any party or live event.

Inno Spot Pro – ADJ continues to push the boundaries of LED technology with the Inno Spot LED, a compact intelligent Moving Head with a bright 80W LED source. It features 6 rotating, replaceable gobos, 8 colors plus white, and separate gobo/color wheels. Its hard edge beam is similar to a traditional halogen or discharge lighting effect with a fraction of the power draw (140W) or the hassle of changing out light bulbs (LED source rated at approximately 50,000 hours).

The Inno Spot Pro is lightweight and small in size making it extremely mobile, and can be set up by any size entertainer. It’s feature packed with exciting built-in light shows when used in Sound Active or linked in Master/Slave mode, offers 14 DMX channels, a motorized focus, manual zoom, 4-Button LCD DMX menu, Dimming, Shutter and Gobo Shake effect. The Inno Spot Pro may be controlled via Sound Activation with it’s own built-in programs, a DMX controller, or the ADJ UC3 easy-to-use controller.

“The NAMM show is an exciting time of year. It’s always the beginning of a new year when retailers and end users are anxious to see what new products will be revealed for 2014.” said, Gonzales. “We will be showing the 40 new products announce at LDI 2013 in Las Vegas, as well as some new, never before seen products for 2014. Stop by ADJ booth #5774 to see all our new gear!”

Why cover lighting?

There’s a couple of reasons. Firstly, I feel it’s a massively underestimated area of DJ technology. Being able to play tracks one after another is just part of being a DJ. Imagine playing a set in a fully lit room… yeah exactly. So you can immediately see why lighting is a subject that you should think about.

It’s not only that, I recently had a baptism by fire after buying some cheap PAR cans for the Worxlab. Yes I could plug them in but had no clue on how to control them. 8 hours later I had basic knowledge of dimmers and DMX controllers. And when you consider that superstar DJ light shows are often run from a laptop and Ableton Live, you soon come to see why DJWORX will be covering the whole subject starting at the very basics.

So hopefully within a short amount of time, we’ll all get a grounding in lighting technology, and actually understand what’s cool about ADJ’s new stuff.  Nonetheless, for those who are into lighting, I’d love to hear what you think about this new ADJ stuff. Let’s get the lighting ball rolling… terrible mixing of metaphors… how about let’s begin to shine a light on this subject? Better?

  • Gulli Johansen

    I’m interested in these DOTZ par lights hoping this somehow makes it to a border line of lights I have several LED par cans but they are all with 100+ less and I hater the looks of them. Seeing several small dots instead of just one color. theses with 3in1 RGB are better but they also have 3-9 dots.

  • Rudy

    I would appreciate some articles about lights and their practical applications.

    • Darren E Cowley

      As a total beginner i’d agree, a step by step how to build a system would be great!

  • Sprockit

    I can dig it and fully support DJWORX’s foray into covering lighting technology. Being a roadie (and eventually DJ) for a mobile company in high school, the owner had a few pieces for his setup that I had to assemble, but didn’t know how to operate. It’s something I’ve ignored for years, though certainly acknowledge the value a proper light display brings to any performer or venue.

  • Oh wow! It’s great to see DJWORX covering lighting!
    I do wish though that manufacturers would put the higher powered LEDs into some of the basic fixtures (like moonflowers) rather than “reserving” them for the bulky expensive moving heads etc.

    There are a handful of products now with 50W LEDs, but it grates when they’re sold at 3-4 times the price of the lower powered models. The bulk of the product (case etc) is the same, yet they fit a 50W LED and whammo, the price triples!

    The LEDs don’t add that much to the price!

  • Mario Nunes

    Its great!!!!
    I ved been a LJ for the past 13 years working in major clubs mainly with Martin LigthJockey. Doing a lot of real-time music/beat sync lightning. I dont really like to work with presets and cues. A good DJ doesnt go live with a pre recorded set does we?
    Doing the lightning or being a LJ (as you wish) is like being a silent DJ.(not really because ligths make noise to…) anyway is 33% of the club or the show, the other 66% is the dj the music the staff and the crowd.

    Putting some ligths of sync, doing to fast or to slow fades can ruin a moment. Imagine that the strobes is all nigth long out of beat. LJ is a art….

    Its not only press some play on a cue or turn of and on one switch.
    Theres a lot of soul and feel and ofcourse moment there.
    Happy to see DJWorx covering this too.

  • I’m looking forward to DJ Worx coverage in lighting equipment. I hate setting up lighting equipment at an event, but it pays off in the end.

  • DJ STU-C

    thinking of getting some small portable lighting for my gigs, makes hell of a difference, our local DJ store has a full room dedicated to lighting, there are some amazing lasers etc you can get

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