NAMM 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Gemini GMX Pro All in One DJ Controller

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Since computers hit the DJ world, our lives seem to have got a wee bit complex. So for many, dispensing with the laptop is the logical step forward that eliminates dependency on another lump of hardware. And it seems that Gemini agree. Say hello to their brand new GMX Pro. And it’s pronounced Gee Mix just so you get it right from the start.

As ever, because the manufacturer’s own voice is vitally  important, here’s the press release:

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Gemini releases the ‘GMX Pro’ Compact Form Media Controller

Anaheim, CA – January 7th, 2013 Gemini, an esteemed manufacturer of DJ and Pro Audio equipment, is pleased to exhibit the GMX Pro, a full featured media controller within a compact form factor. Gemini will give NAMM attendees a chance to see their new product and take it for a test spin at Booth 5700 Hall B.

The GMX Pro is a versatile media controller for the DJ who desires portability and multi-functionality. DJ’s can playback tracks from a single USB drive or from a laptop as a versatile software controller for Virtual DJ or another host application, the newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheel and high-resolution 14-bit USB/MIDI digital signal ensure precise and intuitive control over every aspect of playback, mixing, and effects.

With all the features a working DJ regularly employs such as: variable pitch control, master tempo control, auto-beat loop, and hot cues the GMX Pro offers beginners or professionals alike the opportunity to have a single, lightweight, and compact media controller for live, studio, or home use. As a 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface with multiple high quality output options: monitoring, recording, and playback through a sound system are simultaneously available.

Aside from great sound, the high-contrast screens, adjustable waveform display, 7 step LED level monitoring, and backlit function buttons provide visual feedback of the performance and take the guesswork out of setting cues, edits, and loops.

GMX Pro includes Virtual DJ LE and VCASE music management software and is compatible with other popular DJ software applications.

Since 1974, Gemini has designed products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and Pro Audio markets. Today, their portfolio continues to develop in scope and diversity, providing gear for DJs, musicians, engineers, professional installers and general music enthusiasts around the globe. From CDJ media players and digital controllers, to high-quality mixers, monitors and loudspeakers, Gemini has built a legacy with passion for innovation and devotion to their customers.

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All in ones aren’t new. But in a market drowning in controllers that are worthless unless shackled to a laptop, there are scant few that can operate without recourse to a computer. Stanton‘s SCS.4DJ dared to be different and did away with laptops completely, as did other units before. But the SCS.4DJ did offer a better performance that the previous ones. And Pioneer’s DDJ-AERO seriously raised the bar in terms of functionality and price too.

So for many, the Gemini GMX Pro will be a welcome addition to the DJ world, especially as it’s a lot less faffing around. It comes with Virtual DJ LE (so it’s a MIDI controller) and VCASE which I assume is like Pioneer’s rekordbox (so you can use it with USB media). And frankly it’s likely to be as cheap or cheaper that the SCS.4DJ.

Gemini are saving details such as price for release a little closer to NAMM, but I had a few questions based on a quick scan over the release:

  • Outputs are balanced XLRs and RCA for booth and master
  • The screens do give MIDI feedback. Well they do in VDJ anyway, we’ll have to wait and see about other apps.
  • You can run it with an iPad via the USB camera connection kit, but it will require external power.
  • The GMX Pro is due in April.

I’m sure the bigger picture will become clearer in the coming days, especially after the DJWORX NAMM team have groped and fondled it at the show, so I’ll reserve the detailed analysis for when we’ve actually touched it. NAMM kicks off this Thursday and we’ve got people on the floor armed with cameras aching to bring you the latest in the DJ technology world in infinite detail.

  • love the idea of these standalone players/controllers. Just makes your setup that much more versatile. If your playing a 1 hour set in a cramped booth with packed with another 4 DJ’s gear, being able to rock up with this and not have to mess with cables and laptop would be great. Lack of effects controls pretty much would make this a no goer for me though.

  • billylinos

    Nice! But i’m waiting for Numark’s, Denon’s and Pioneer’s new products.

  • There is a music manager now for the SCS4DJ. It’s called QuickGrid.
    It should have been there from day one but they did listen to advice and knock something up eventually!

    • Only Windows it seems.

      • You mean QuickGrid or the Gemini one? QuickGrid is OSX and Windows. That said, hopefully Gemini will make an OSX version. They are some smart guys over there, and, last I checked, half their people were on a mac.

        • Clearly I have my wires crossed. I though this hadn’t been released. Article amended accordingly.

  • Bulge

    Sometimes I think controllers can be a little too cramped, but this seems to head to the other end of the spectrum. Lot’s (perhaps) too much blank space. It looks like it could have been 1/2 the physical size.

  • I am not sure about the pitch control being on the non standard side

    • I think it’s the kind of thing that people get used to very quickly. I wasn’t immediately a fan of symmetrical layout, but now I way prefer it.

  • does it have grooved jog wheels? i like that. should’ve gone bigger on the jogs, though.

  • does it have grooved jog wheels? i like that. should’ve gone bigger on the jogs, though.

    • It’s hard to tell but I think it does. Small wheels didn’t harm the Kontrol S4 though. It does make for a bit more breathing space around controls.

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  • i’m glad to see another standalone media controller hitting the market, but i can’t help but to feel like Gemini is shooting themselves in the foot with their design aesthetics. while anyone can get used to the odd placement of various controls, a buyer’s first impression is likely to be poor.. i can’t help a feeling of dread as i look at the right deck pitch only mere inches away from the EQ.

    ergonomically i feel like they made poor use of the space alloted. either larger jog wheels or buttons would have been a huge plus over the current design …but i am impressed by the long throw of the pitch, if only the resolution is high enough to matter.

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  • This thing is way bigger than it needs to be. I have a controller that is almost the size/weight as this and does what looks like 2x more. This thing is such a waste of effort.

  • sd43

    They haven’t done themselves any favours with that press shot of DJ Journey by photoshopping “GMX Gemini” over the displays – unless you knew better, you’d think there were to massive stickers serving no purpose.

    • wpetraska

      I completely agree. Show off the screens. I don’t get why they made it look like those were just gaudy labels.

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