NAMM 2013: Behringer CMD controllers with Deckadance v2

Behringer CMD controllers NAMM 2013 Deckadance v2

This time last year, we had a world exclusive look at Behringer‘s on-trend CMD modular controller series. But Behringer is a behemoth of a company and the wheels move incredibly slowly. So one year on, and after a string of tweaks, changes and improvements, the CMD controllers are ready to ship. The big surprise (certainly for me) is that they’ll come with the new Deckadance v2 from Image Line.

Behold a press release from Behringer:

BEHRINGER Partners With IMAGE LINE to Release CMD Controllers With Deckadance Software

1/24/2013 Bothell, WA — Today BEHRINGER announced the release of its much-anticipated CMD DJ controllers and an alliance with IMAGE LINE, the company behind such acclaimed producer software as Fruity Loops and Deckadance. The full-featured set of MIDI controllers consists of the CMD MM-1 Mixer Module, CMD DV-1 Digital Vinyl Control Module, LC-1 Live Control Module, CMD PL-1 Platter Control Module and the CMD DC-1 Drum Control, all of which will now come with IMAGE LINE’s Deckadance Software.

Professional features such as high quality faders, extensive MIDI feedback, and rotary encoders with bright LED indicator rings are organized into a logical layout on each device ensuring a highly ergonomic performance experience. Additionally, all CMD controllers are class-compliant so the artist can simply plug and play without the need for additional drivers. While all individual CMD components work well as rugged, portable stand-alone controllers for most popular DJ and production software programs, the series is designed to easily connect multiple controller configurations.

The new Deckadance software application provides all features that DJs need to move the dance floor. It features up to 4 software decks, allowing performers to mix different sources to energizing tracks. Smartknobs link a single knob to any number of FX and Mixer interface parameters, while the GrossBeat function in Deckadance provides 8 user adjustable FX per deck, including programmable and automated glitch, stutter and scratch functions. Additionally, Deckadance includes effects, a sampler, plus up to 8 smart panels for user configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels. The software hosts VST plugins and can act as a VST plugin in any DAW production environment.

“I am extremely excited by the prospect of working with Image Line and bundling our CMD controllers with the new Deckadance software,” stated Craig Reeves, DJ Product Manager at BEHRINGER, who continued, “The new GrossBeat and Smart Knob functionality is unique in the market, and the move to 4 decks makes Deckadance the perfect software package for modular controllers like our CMD line.”

Deckadance you say? Indeed – an unusual choice given the dominance of Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ. But Serato’s route is closed, Traktor isn’t really bundled much anymore, and Virtual DJ is in a massive state of flux right now. But it’s when you look at the screenshot for Deckadance 2 that you realise why m’good friend Craig Reeves has plumped for it. See below:

Deckadance v2 Behringer CMD controllers NAMM 2013


That’s a whole heap of fun happening in the middle there that seems to be a perfect fit for the triggering, firing and otherwise wrangling of button based features. I’ve yet to see it in person, but I know someone who knows someone, so hopefully we can get the inside line to what’s happening with Deckadance v2.

It’s certainly nice to have an alternative to the big 3. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy the CMDs and use them with the others. But I’m all for giving others a chance, especially when there are perfectly good alternatives to the standards.

All we need are prices and delivery dates on the controllers and then perhaps we can finally start making them work in the ways our minds have thought about for the last 12 months. Time to grease those wheels and get these things to us quicker Uli!

  • Finally. I’ve been hoping to catch one of these in stores all year, and now i see they never released them. too bad, it looked like it could’ve been a hot product for them last year but this year there’s a lot of interesting new goodies to compete with and they all have bright multicolored lights all over them. hopefull i’m wrong and they’ll claim a fat share of the market this year, i’d like to see Behringer do well with these new products (NOX included).

    Deckadance sure has come a long way from where it was when my roommate was using it. the GUI looks pretty impressive with these spectrum waveforms and mulitple deck options, i’m not even sure what to make of the center section and the line of selections above… looks like Deckadance has a lot up it’s sleeve!

  • Last year these would have been a topseller no doubt! This year…..hhm….I guess it really comes down to pricing and quality! I’m hoping they hit the stores soon and I wish Behringer the best of luck, cuz these puppies really do look the yummy, but they could be a bit late!

  • It is a pity these didn’t appear last year but I don’t think they’re too late. It’s a great idea for anyone that does a bit of DJing, a bit of remixing and a bit of production – or those that can’t make up their mind which controller suits them best.
    I think I’ll buy a whole bunch.

  • Are the CMD modular controllers as good as the Steinberg modular controllers?

  • lsanoj

    Had them in my hands last year at Musikmesse. They felt horrible. Certainly hope they changed materials.

    • wpetraska

      That’s not really surprising to me. It’s Behringer after all. Don’t get me wrong, I like their stuff but the fit and finish is usually spotty. I remember using their DDM4000 mixer when it first came out and although it looked great, once you start using it, you begin to feel and hear where they cut corners. Not to mention looking over small details like blindingly bright blue LEDs that make you blind in a dark booth.

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  • I really do like the sheer amount of combinations you can have using these units (quick bit of maths indicates over 5000..I could be wrong though!) Could be the next best thing to a bespoke controler. My opinion of Behringer DJ gear changed when I took a punt on a secondhand DDM400 after reading a positive review on ………Skratchworx!

    A lot of their Pro audio gear did always seem to be a better overall quality item than the DJ gear, I use an old rackmount Behringer 32 band EQ for recording vinyl and it works well and feels like a tank. They can make good budget equipment, check out any pub band, chances are theres some behringer gear in the loop somewhere!

    Had a play on deckadance years ago using virtual dj timecode, quite responsive, easy on the eye and some nice features. Pleasantly surprised to see its still out there.

  • wpetraska

    Am I the only one that hates all of these colors?

  • Sephyr

    Followed these closely for a year, had my eye on a MM1 to go full midi on my setup. Ended up buying a Xone K2 with the money I was setting aside for a whole year. No regrets.

  • jayfonics

    these are good products if they work ….hands down!!!! and the price is real good much cheaper than anything out there …if they work well….all they have to do is work well!!!! and im on board…

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