Musikmesse 2014: DJ Tech LF-12 Turntable update

DJ Tech LF-12 turntable Musikmesse 2014 (3)

We’ve got an exclusive update to the DJ Tech turntable that we broke at NAMM. Things have moved on dramatically in the six weeks since we last saw the DJ Tech LF-12, and it’s getting very close to being launched.

This turntable is now much closer to the finished article.  What we have pictures of is still very much a prototype, sent straight from the factory and the final product will be a lot more refined.  Importantly, and fixing the biggest problem, the ins and outs are now recessed. We’re very happy that DJ Tech listened and fixed that one.  It would have been a deal breaker for a lot of DJs, especially turntablists in need of a budget deck. The large start/stop button will sit a little lower than the one in the pictures. The change we’ve yet to see is with the tonearm. The one in the photos is a standard factory one, but it will be interchangeable with straight and S-arms in the box. The mechanism works differently to Numark‘s patented TTX design: Rather than just swapping the tube itself, a fair lump of the tonearm mechanism is included in the interchangeable parts.

DJ Tech LF-12 turntable Musikmesse 2014 (5)

But here’s an interesting one — the motor is capable of sending 14 bit MIDI and HID messaging using the included USB port. At this point we have no clue how that will be handled in software and while the intention is there, the actual implementation is quite unclear. There’s also some hushed tones about further advances with USB and secondary controllers too.

The good news is that unlike Pioneer’s trial balloon of a turntable, the LF-12 is real with a projected but pretty definite delivery date of late April at a price of €249. That may well translate to a direct 1:1 euro to dollar price as well, but we’re awaiting confirmation. Even if it was £249, though, it would still be a great buy. While DJ Tech doesn’t carry the same legacy of Pioneer, their gear also doesn’t come with their expected price tag. This is budget priced, but with features that others just don’t have. Time will tell if the quality will stand up, and that no corners have been cut to effect performance.

One thing is for sure — you won’t read about anywhere else but DJWORX.


  • Madfingaz

    okay… that looks ugly

  • Ian Lewis

    correct me if I’m wrong, but what’s the good of the motor sending HID Midi? surely that should be the platters job? isn’t that why the NS7 has a “pinned” vinyl on top acting as the platter, keeping the motor separate?

    I like it tho, it’s good to see something new & innovative coming out of the vinyl TT scene.

    • Ken Brandenburg

      That was exactly my confusion. Almost amazing to think DJ Tech has a shot at beating quite a few giant companies to market on this one.

    • Akiem

      Could be it would work to control pitch only. Might be usiful.

    • Ezmyrelda

      I think (hope) this might be a misunderstanding.. It would be useful if as the platter was moving it was able to sense when it was slowed down or sped up externally I.E. by putting your finger on the strobe. It might be the solution that a lot of people interested in a moving platter jog are looking for.. If it just changes the platter speed via MIDI.. meh.

  • gusset scratch

    artsy photography is nice but it would be even better to be able to see the details ie in the top right photo.

  • Jon

    Not a fan of the aesthetic but the (proposed/possible) feature set is cool, especially for the price.

  • sinjintek

    Wow. That is a VERY interesting update indeed! I’m sure we’re all interested to see how this HID/MIDI feature turns out (if only motor controlled I suppose scratch won’t be supported, but I’ll wait for further update before casting any judgement). So far I am digging the prototype update, the shape thus far is a modest departure from the typical “Technics clone” ..mostly due to the recessed sides and the chunky controls. I feel like even if the consumer didn’t totally love the finished product, a little color customization could help out (and I’m sure the decal vendors will jump at the first opportunity to tool up the templates).

    My biggest question is: Will the body be metal or plastic (to reduce cost)?

    • RDelight

      i was wondering the same thing, hopefully it’s metal.

      • sinjintek

        I do hope it’s metal, but if plastic I won’t completely disregard it. I’m quite happy with the performance of my Vestax PDX decks. I’m not really in the market for any new decks, I have several, but I do like to keep up with what’s new 😉

        • Mark Smith

          The article says metal.

      • Alessio (DjTech)

        thanks for Your feedback and comment.
        yes, will be in Metal!

  • RDelight

    Looks like they merged the Numark TTX and the Gemini tt04 together and came up with this. It’s cheap, i might get me one just to try it out.

    I wonder if the send/return option could be used for something like an EFX 900? cause im not using DVS and i probably never will.

    • Mutis Mayfield

      It seems like an integrated soundcard?
      What will be the audio routing if not? Fx?

      I missed something…

      • RDelight

        it has send/return input output so im thinking hooking an external fx device to it…my mixer’s fx loop is not ideal for me, it doesnt seperate the 2 channels (HAK 380)

        • Mutis Mayfield

          Thanks for that point!

  • Louis

    It does look like a Ya Horng table, doesn’t it Drew?

    • Alessio (DjTech)

      thanks for Your feedback and comment.
      yes, will be in Metal!

      • Alessio (DJTech)

        Hi Louis, sorry I mistake Reply. 🙂

  • TimDL

    It’s definitely had a beating with the ugly stick, let’s hope the finished version looks a bit less cheap.

    I’m a little concerned about interchangeable tone-arms, at this price point surely either a straight or S-shaped tonearm would be fine, especially if properly engineered, optimised for the turntable and well-executed. I’d much rather have one amazing tonearm setup than two mediocre ones. The difference in arm shapes for most users this will be aimed at is pretty marginal if properly setup anyway.

    It does have some pretty promising sounding features, I’ll be watching with interest but won’t be rushing out to buy.

    • Alessio (DjTech)

      Hi TimDL,
      agree with you 🙂
      The prototype is not so “beauty” as mostly all font and silkscreen is really Not definitive.
      the Tonearm, and all mechanism around this turntable are studied to give the best feeling possible. It will be inexpensive turntable but our intention is not to give “cheap” scratch experience. For DJTECH this project (like DIF series) is a big investment to give possibility to all djs to try our “new generation” products.
      thanks for all your great feedback and comment!

  • Ezmyrelda

    I was going to say, yeah it looks ugly as hell but then I read the 14bit MIDI message part and my jaw dropped.. I hope to hell they figured out what is needed with this and went in the right direction. I hope there is clarification needed on it.. because it’s of little use to change the platter speed through MIDI but it would be an absurdly amazing development if the platter was able to sense changes in speed and direct that back to the software.. I’m thinking a needle-less moving platter jog type workflow with the ability to be the perfect DVS and analog hybrid.. Anybody else understand what I’m on about? Mutis?

    • Mutis Mayfield

      Yes sure but the problem is separate the platter movement from disc (vinyl) movement…
      I’m not sure if the midi/hid comes from motor as the article says or from an attached disc like cdx/hdx and son…

      The first case it will be useful for things related to pitch bpm calculation ( you could do slip effect scratching the disc and platter keeping the poistion due to bpm + offset movement) or even becoming the Master clock tempo of ableton live (like the bridge) and scratch in dvs software (improving the bridge experience…)

      The second case will be like v7 more or less…

      Third possibility will be disconect the platter movement and se it as jog but then motor will be a no sense… ¿?

      • Ezmyrelda

        I think a lot of clarification needs to be made about the motor HID. To me the context of the term HID implies that you are still interfacing with a computer. Because the interface of a TT, is simply the platter and the pitch.

        • Mutis Mayfield

          Yes, the lost midi din connector make it most a “end point” unit than a Master clock but it could be solved with a usb host to midi gadget (there are some out there this days)

          HID is tarjeted for serato for sure…

    • Djs of the round table

      You can control the platter from a controller if you wanted to, hahaha like a mpc or sumthin with pads.

      If its midi you can do anything, allmost

      • Ezmyrelda

        Yeah but like I said.. That’s of little use to most DJs. That’s what the pitch fader is for. The only real sense in adding midi to the platter is the ability to control software by touching the platter. Like Mutis referred To in the case of the ns7/v7. At least that’s my feeling..

        • stevesweets


    • Clay Ford

      if that’s the case and it’s Traktor compatible, sign me up for 2 and I’ll put my TTX’s on the market.

    • stevesweets

      That’s precisely what i was commenting on the pioneer turntable post.

    • Ragman

      I understand where you’re coming from and this would be revolutionary if that is the case. Especially for DJs still using SSL with MIDI who are tired of going through needles.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Midi from motor + dvs = slip mode and better sync for bpm.

    • Djs of the round table

      Slipmode on a vinylplayer, hahaha, its like putting a autopilot in the car and you ride in the boot or back.

      You want slimode, then buy Pioneer, even if this is a hybrid, i think they should respect the legacy

      • Mutis Mayfield

        Tools are tools, option are options… In other hand midi sync is far away old in taoe decks and drum machines for recording and syncing av material altogether. Manual control of the vinyl record was the (maravelous) exception… So it is a matter of time to implement it and expand the possibilities for control.

        Drum machines didn’t killed the drum player… And autentic drum players still push the limits IE: Mr Jojo Mayer.

        Don’t blame technology for evolve. Use it or not but don’t expect others “keep it real” in the same manner as you… This mentality was the Serato and at last they must put sync in their software… They becoming less real? I didn’t think so, They only were growing with userbase whose now are more focused on music than keeping the artform (by itself) over the music creation/manipulation.

        Artform is ok but if people want things lik mixtape feature or remix decks/the bridge/ms pinky m4l clip scratching… Then sync is a must not to perform the work for us but useful to keep beat/fx in time meanwhile we perform scratching or finger drumming or wathever make you enjoy the music playing…


  • Stephen Snow

    I asked DJ Tech why it’s so much uglier than the earlier prototype, and was concerned that they were doing away with the tech style stroboscope/platter, and that that big ugly plastic play button was permanent, the former of which they assured me was not the case. We will be getting a stroboscope, and the finished unit, according to them, should look closer to what we originally saw essentially… and the housing will be metal.

  • Djs of the round table

    One word, BALLSY, it takes guts to wander into the unknown of dj culture and what hot and whats not.

    Id rather have this, that is groundbreaking than to end up with a SL1200 from Pioneer at a rapeprice.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for DJ tech!

  • Steve Francesco

    DJ tech have some really interesting ideas, build is decent enough and they have the guts to do things others would not dare. I just wish they’d hire some decent designers when it comes to the little finishing touches e.g. that ridiculously huge play/pause symbol in this case and the god-aweful fisher price color schemes of other units they sell (surprised this TT wasn’t bright red, blue or something equally as bad) – really cool looking turntable spec-wise.

    DJ tech – listen up, just because your gear IS cheap does not mean it has to LOOK cheap.

    • Alessio (DjTech)

      Hi Steve,
      Silkscreen/Font is really “not definitive”. Play/Pause Button and all other fonts graphic is really preliminary and will be really different! Thanks for Your feedback!

      • Steve Francesco

        Nice to see someone companies listening to constructive criticism 🙂 I’ll be watching out

  • @ Dj Tech – Raise the price by 30€ (if must be) => give us a brushed metal finish (preferably piano black) and all aluminum buttons and we’re good to go!

    • Alessio (DjTech)

      Hi Omno,
      This is a prototype.The definitive units mostly will be in metal/aluminum. Case will be same of Dif-1s material.
      Thanks for your feedback!

      • Hi Alessio
        Thanks for the feedback and for commenting on my concerns!
        One more thing that I noticed and that really worries me after looking at the pictures more closely. The feet of the turntable “look” sorta stubby and seem like they will

        a.) break easily at the stem – like the older vestax PDX feet used to do

        b.) not do much good in the isolation / feedback reduction department….I don’t really know how to express what I mean, but I hope you get me.

        • Alessio (DjTech)

          Hi; Thanks to you. All djs comments are so important for us. The Feet will be better. In Pictures are just some “piece of Plastic” They will be amortized as weight of turntable will be around 12Kg

          • RDelight

            looking forward to this, best value turntable ever

  • stevesweets
  • Ragman

    DJ Tech please tell me the torque will be adequate. I know you want to keep this deck at a cheap price point but if the torque is a joke, sales will be pitiful. A lot of DJs are looking at how this deck will turn out. You have our attention for the moment.

    • Stephen Snow

      Torque will be 4.7kg/cm, confirmed on the DJ Tech Pro FB Page, although I have a feeling it’s the same motor as stantons st 150, they just quoted me wow and flutter of <.15% as well, which is the same as the stanton… it's a super oem, I suspect they are ordering a massive run of them to get a discount on manufacturing in order to offer them at a much lower price, as well as cutting out the stroboscopic platter to save cost… I hate not having a stroboscope, but honestly if this thing has no major issues and dishes out anywhere near 4.5kg/cm torque, has the quoted wow and flutter, and a convincing interchangeable tonearm setup, I will buy 2 in a heartbeat. Also having the ability to flip a switch to play straight vinyl is freaking awesome. They may just pull it off… I still want my damned stroboscope though. It's going to be hard to convince myself to spend money on a TT without one…

      • Alessio (Dj Tech)

        Hi Stephen,

        Thanks again for Your feedback (and also your comment in FB).
        Please note that motor is not the “classic” super Oem, but is made completely internally from us. This is main reason why we can try to “optimize” cost/benefit.
        Nothing in this turntable is the same of turntable that you referred.

        Thanks for all your comments, and every time welcome to post in our Facebook or give your comment! We are happy to have “active customer” like you!! Thanks!!!

        • Stephen Snow

          No problem, when do we find out if it will have a stroboscopic platter?

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  • jason u

    dj tech turntable, i hate the big corny play and pause icon on the button. make things simple and classy like apple products.

  • SlipKnott

    Leave it to that twink Alesio to put something out that looks really homo.

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  • Dj Geth

    If the build is anything like the DIF-1s mixer the turntable should be well worth the money. I’m just getting into the turntableism side of djing and i’m hoping this will be a great bridge between my old Numark TTpro2 and having to spend double the cost for 1200’s

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  • rael

    Looking forward to hearing from that turntable soon. Will probably get one!
    @Alessio: any updates about the release date? Thanks!

  • Islander

    Any update on these?