Musikmesse 2014: Cerwin Vega P1000X loudspeaker

cerwin-vega P1000X musikmesse 2014

As we slowly expand our searchlight over the wider world of DJ technology, we figured it would be a good time to check out some PAs. And our friends at Gibson have a nice addition to their P series of portable loudspeakers. The P1000X is the baby of the P-Series range, and compliments the larger P1500X and P1800SX bass bin.

FRANKFURT, 12 MARCH, 2014 — Cerwin-Vega!,  part of Gibson Brands Inc., is pleased to unveil its new P1000X 10-inch Powered Loudspeaker, the latest ­ addition to its critically-acclaimed P-Series Line, at Musikmesse/Prolight + Sound 2014 (Hall 5.1, Stand A82). A more compact version of the original P1500X Loudspeaker, the P1000X is suited for a variety of sound reinforcement applications, from live concerts to public speaking. The company is also featuring the newest additions to its popular XD Powered Desktop Speaker Series, which comprises the XD4 and XD5 Speakersand accompanying XD8s Subwoofer.

Featuring many of the same controls as its predecessor, the P1000X Powered Loudspeaker is a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker that employs a 10-inch woofer and high-frequency compression driver. Powered by a custom 1000W Class-D amp, the P1000X has a proprietary hemi-conical horn that provides enhanced sound clarity over an even and wide coverage area. A built-in mixer with multiple channels and I/O connections allows for simple and fast setup, while enhanced EQ, VEGA BASS boost and high-pass filter controls enable exact tuning and exceptional performance for any event.

The P1000X is a versatile product that can be used as a single speaker for a small venue, set in pairs for a larger venue needing more coverage and SPL, or side mounted as a floor monitor. Its lightweight, robust polymer enclosure includes a­ a self-tightening pole cup, as well as comfortable ergonomic handles. These features provide users with versatility, comfort and ease of setup. Built-in rigging points and a remote volume port make the P1000X ideal for suspended installation.

cerwin-vega P1000X musikmesse 2014

The P1000x is a very tidy loudspeaker, suitable for DJs, musicians and general PA work. It can sit on a stand, on the floor or hang from trusses. Soundwise, it has 3 different channels with daisy chaining, plus a handful of options for tweaking sound on the speaker itself, including remote volume control and LED clipping indicators.

cerwin-vega P1000X musikmesse 2014

Having just dipped my toe into the big wide world of PAs, I’m a long way from an expert in such things. I have however just setup some Alto Truesonics in the Worxlab, and one thing that did strike me was the locking cup on the base of the P1000s. Having plonked speakers onto stands and tightening with a single knob, this feels like a more secure solution, and one that should stop speakers being turned easily. What I do like about this setup is that you get a 7.5° downward angle to play with.

Anyway, I’m not really in a position to offer anything else meaningful as our time was limited and the P1000X wasn’t connected. No price as yet, but I’m guessing $599/649. Here’s hoping that we can get them in and be able to offer more words in the future.

  • Darren E Cowley

    Now that looks truly useful to me…. Perfect for sticking in the boot!

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  • Djs of the round table

    Cerwin Vega! – If You Hate Your Neighbours, hahah

    AT100 @ 1000watts

  • DJ STU-C

    1000 watts, jesus. I’ve just bought a Proel Flash thats 250 watt and it nearly blows our front room windows out

  • Clay Ford

    I’m such a sucker for that classic red surround <3

    • TGS

      The P-Series speakers don’t have the red surround.

  • ace

    1000W on a 10″ speaker….. Wow!
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 10″ speaker rated to that spec.
    That little sucker must pump!!
    Very very nice.

    • Gavin Varitech

      There are many on the market right now. Not only 1,000 but higher. Its almost becoming the norm.

      QSC K10 has been out for like 4 or 5 years now. 1,000 watts on a 10″ driver. (the K8 is also a 1,000 watt speaker for that matter).

      The EV ETX-10P is 2,000 watts.

      The Mackie SRM350 is 1,000 watts.

      The Yamaha DXR10, 1,100 watts,

      And now this CV does.

      The tough thing to find is not a professional 10″ powered speaker pushing 1,000 watts. The tough thing to find is a professional 10″ active cabinet at all. They just are not out there because the market doesn’t want them. But when you do find one they tend to have amps rated @ at least 1,000 watts.

  • lol…that 1000 watts is dynamic…whatever that means…probably is the peak rating…the rms rating is probably (guessing here) around 400 watts…you have to watch these marketing guys