Musikmesse 2012: MixVibes Cross for iPad

Oh how times have changed for MixVibes. I remember the picnic table for a stand days running very early betas of V1 hoping that they’d run long enough for a demo. Now, almost a decade later, they have fully matured software running on Mac and PC – and now iPad, as Cross has now grown up from remote app to fully fledged app.

It’s unmistakably Cross. Visually it’s the same look and feel, but has been optimised to give you all the controls you need. Obviously not all on one screen, but neatly split down into logical sections. Cross for iPad ( I assume that’s the name) has full on screen jog wheels (responsive ones too), which toggle to give access to a large X-Y effects pad. They haven’t skimped on effects either – I counted 13 including filters.

Cross gives you all the usual stuff – loops, hot cues, EQs waveforms, beat grids, pitch control, sync – all the usual stuff that you’d want and expect from an iPad DJ app, including the necessary split cueing. And given Cross’s excellence in library management, the iPad version is equally endowed with solid library skills too.

The other thing is that you’ll be able to use controllers with it too. First it’ll be MixVibes‘ own U-Control, but others will follow.

I didn’t spend anywhere near enough time with it, but did however get a good vibe from it. So much so in fact that given the predicted influx of iPad apps and products, I’ll have to reinvest in an iPad. I sold my original one, but it seems apparent to me that things have matured.

The app has been submitted to Apple for approval so it won’t be long now. It does however seem that MixVibes have beaten the other DVS companies to the app post, although I did see a much simpler iPad version of Deckadance at Musikmesse. We can only wait to see if or when Traktor, Scratch Live or Virtual DJ make a full on DJ app.

  • Carlos

    Any word for the iPhone?

  • Hopefully it’s a better app than djay, I would love to see a full app from virtual DJ.

  • Looks amazing! A question though, in the second image at the top, the buttons above the left deck look like beat grid editing tools, are they? (plz plz plz say yes!) and any word on pricing?

    Thanks for the great coverage, can’t wait to get my hands on this.

    • lionel@mixvibes

      Hi Justin,

      Yes! a beat grid mode is included for adjustment and downbeat definition.

      • Thanks for the confirmation ^_^

      • Thanks for the confirmation, just looking at the screencaps, it looks like you guys have really put some thought into the app, can’t wait to give it a try πŸ˜€

  • DJCraigV

    If this year is showing us anything, it’s that the iPad is becoming a serious contender in the digital DJ market. I haven’t used Cross personally but it looks very functional. I wonder which of the Big 3 will be first to the plate? My guess is Virtual DJ. But I would LOVE to see an iOS version of Traktor! Yikes…

  • GroovinDJ

    I reckon top contender for ‘proper’ DJing is Red Bull BPM DJ, simply because (it would seem) it offers you a separate stereo output by installing the free Master Out app on a second device, which links via wifi – so you can have the DJ app on your iPad and cue via an iPod Touch (for example).

  • Louis

    They still haven’t fixed the auto gain issues from 1.6-1.7 versions. The auto gain is all over the map – some tracks it distorts the heck out of.

    THEN they removed the option which allows you to bypass the auto gain entirely. I don’t get that – not EVERY DJ wants to have their stuff auto gained (especially when it’s done without any consistency). I’m sick of posting this stuff on their forum – they never listen.

    • unclevibes

      “I’m sick of posting this stuff on their forum – they never listen.”
      This isn’t true. The developers of Mixvibes read and sometimes answer directly to the suggestions of the users.
      “not EVERY DJ wants to have their stuff auto gained (especially when it’s done without any consistency).”
      Of course…
      But Louis, your comments on this pages are out of subject!
      Cross for Ipad is a dedicated application for IOS and there are no common lines of program with the original Cross for PC or OSX

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