MixVibes Cross — now with Soundcloud


Hooking up with online streaming services seems to be all the rage right now. And not wanting to be left out, Mixvibes has managed to plumb Soundcloud right into the heart of their entire Cross range of products. So that’s OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, all able to stream Soundcloud content live.

Here’s the lowdown from Mixvibes HQ:

Mix SoundCloud in Cross DJ.

Mixvibes introduces a breakthrough feature on all its platforms: the possibility to stream and mix tracks from SoundCloud. In other words, unlimited music at no extra cost.

Your SoundCloud account, in Cross DJ.

Log in to your SoundCloud account to have your sets, favorites, stream & tracks directly in Cross DJ.

Unlimited Music.

Explore, play and mix all SoundCloud tracks directly within Cross DJ. Get millions of tracks on your device – from your favorite producers to your closest friends.

Fast loading.

Load the track and play it right away. It’s almost as fast as locally-hosted tracks. And no need to wait the end of the analysis before kicking it!

Retrieve BPM, Key & Hot cues.

Once a track is analyzed, it’s analyzed for good. Cross DJ remembers the track meta-data of the SoundCloud tracks you played previously. (Key analysis only on Mac/PC & iOS versions.)

Share your mix.

Record your mix and share it directly on major DJ platforms. No re-processing needed, it’s all built in Cross DJ. (Only for Mac/PC & iOS versions.)

No premium account needed.

You don’t need to have a SoundCloud Pro plan to mix SoundCloud in Cross DJ. More about this SoundCloud integration: www.mixvibes.com/soundcloud

Pricing and availability

The update is free for all current users.
Give Cross DJ a try and download the Free version:

Cross DJ Free for Mac: http://appstore.com/mac/crossdjfree
Cross DJ Free for Windows: http://www.mixvibes.com/soundcloud
Cross DJ Free for iPhone: http://appstore.com/crossdjfreemixyourmusic
Cross DJ Free for iPad: http://appstore.com/crossdjfreehdmixyourmusic
Cross DJ Free for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mixvibes.crossdjfree

Boom  — all of Soundcloud inside your DJ app across every platform — for free. Obviously this does somewhat depend on the Soundcloud content sticking around for long enough to be of use. As a copyright-aware organisation, Soundcloud has become a tad over-zealous recently, but that didn’t stop me from finding a lot of recent hits, and using them just like I would with local files. It actually works, without needing a pro account or indeed even logging in at all. I was even able to record a mix including tracks that technically were unavailable for download. Nice.

To recap, the Mixvibes Cross DJ family can now stream the whole Soundcloud library, for free and without a login. And it’s available today.


  • Jared Helfer

    Does this work if the person who uploaded the file has disabled downloading?

    • happydan

      “I was even able to record a mix including tracks that technically were unavailable for download. Nice.”

      • Jared Helfer

        Heh, totally missed that.

        Not sure how I feel about it, though. Raises some interesting questions regarding ownership and licensing, though the ToS is probably pretty clear that something like this is allowed. Just that soundcloud is REALLY different from the spotify/beat music model.

      • Jayson Joyce

        Actually it’s really bad that you can do that. Artist lost out

        • “artist lost out”….really? aren’t they getting free exposure to a global audience by using soundcloud? it’s not like someone is streaming the content from their crummy blog that nobody visits..smh

          • Jayson Joyce

            Exposure doesn’t pay bills. Buying songs or getting money from streaming does. If you can play my song for free on soundcloud I can’t eat. The Majority of the people that buy dance tracks are DJs. The clubbers that care about the individual songs will shazam them and find them on Spotify, which is an incredibly small income streams for most but at least it’s something. A very small number actually buy songs that aren’t “pop hits” from Avicii or Hardwell. So without the large portion of income from the “industry” dance artists are in trouble.

            • Well then i guess the fix for this is to just not put your tracks on soundcloud in the first place, since you dont need the exposure. (Seriously cant believe i’m in this debate, over and out) 🙁

              • Jayson Joyce

                Didn’t say artists don’t want the exposure. That’s why soundcloud is full of millions of 2 minute previews. I’m saying dance isn’t the same as other forms of music as far as how much is given away for promotional uses. The solution is to ask the artist or have an agreement in place before you stream music to the world using software that wasn’t planned in the original use of soundcloud.

              • Jayson Joyce

                Actually I just thought of a simple solution that would solve problem.

                Soundcloud should just add a box on your upload settings that says “Allow Songs To Stream To Cross DJ” that way if you want free exposure you can get it per song.

                I would be willing to bet a large portion of labels and artists wouldn’t check the box for most songs but if you wanted to you could.

                • Baptiste

                  This actually already exists. Next to the download box there an option that makes the track available for that. If you don’t want it in Cross DJ just uncheck this. (It also means that apps like hype machine won’t be able to stream it)

                  • Jayson Joyce

                    Cool I will check to see if It works after I get the update.

                    Does anyone else feel like something is weird in that Soundcloud hasn’t said anything about this ” new feature”..you would think streaming to software would be something that would be front page news for a company with over 30 million users and much more widely known and used than Cross or Mixvibes. But I haven’t seen anything from them on it.

    • Tony

      Yes you can, but 128kbps only !
      Otherwise it will be at original quality.

  • BelgianJungleSound

    This feels like one of those features that is actually really cool if it was exploited, but I doubt many people will use it. Still, loving mix vibes so far! Prefer it to Traktor although the the lack of midi out is a tad annoying

  • Jayson Joyce

    I like the concept but I hope it lasts..As a label owner I wouldn’t load full tracks if they could get streamed and mixed for free and I haven’t heard or seen that Soundcloud is going to share the subscription revenue. The head of Soundcloud had a meeting with music industry representatives last week about the number of illegally streaming songs on the site. Think this may lead to more copyright infringement emails and take downs. Maybe this is a test to see how this model works on a smaller platform like Cross (Which I Love & Use BTW).

    Soon Beatport will have there streaming subscription running (End of the Summer) and then it will be able to be included in software like Spotify is offered now. Soundcloud is testing the waters on next moves as everyone goes to the streaming model.

    Anyway, we will see but I would think that this will change a lot over the next 6 months

  • Wouldn’t use personally. I like to remove variables in the equation rather than add more. Stability is key, and I don’t want to risk a network issue.

    • well, the venue provides electricity….couldn’t they provide an wired internet connection, too?

      • Bastien

        It’s just a matter of time before streaming for DJing goes mainstream. The industry went from vinyls to CDs, then from CDs to mp3s, and now we are witnessing the shift from mp3s to streaming. Streaming is the future of DJing, and this Soundcloud integration proves that.

        • CDs to MP3s was a great move as the number of skipping CDs I’ve heard over the years has outdone the amount of scratched vinyl skipping I’ve heard.

          I disagree that streaming is the future. The way technology is allowing us to remix tracks on the fly will get more granular I think. There was talk of audio tracks being delivered with each track in the song separated, allowing you to use only the drums, or the vocals or whatever else….I’d like to see it go that way personally.

          Less “Everyone playing the same songs” more “Lets remix and rework it to our own styles”

        • Mark

          I agree. As soon as the infrastructure supports stability in streaming – it will happen.

    • sheik_yerbouti

      So true… as a more or less professional DJ you cannot rely on stability of a web service and especially not on the soundquality of some soundcloud previews!

  • Jane

    nice one – loving Cross – got 3.1, and this is a nice extra.

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  • djnevplatinum

    I dont like soundcloud, but i do like cross dj… any chance of some integration both ways with mixcloud or mixcrate at some point in the future?

    • happydan

      Traktor DJ for iOS has Mixcloud uploading now.

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  • chris blah

    If you use windows 10 it tells me that “you’ll need a new app to open this com.mixvibes.crossdjfree” and it shows one option to look for an app in the store and the app doesn’t exist in the store. What do I do?!