MixVibes Cross hits the iPhone

CrossDJ iPhone screen shots 1.0 - effects

Things slip through the net from time to time. And in the pre-Christmas spirit of giving fest, I neglected to inform you of what my MixVibes buddies have been up to. It seems that they’ve thrown their MixVibes for iPad into the hot wash and shrunk it down to snugly fit into the iPhone.

First, let’s hear all about it:

Building on 10 years of expertise in the DJ software industry, MixVibes releases a stand-alone DJ app for iPhone. Easy to use for music lovers yet powerful for experienced DJs, this app allows you to achieve the same level of performance as with real decks.

The Paris-based company has a successful experience in developing pro DJ software. Its flagship product, CrossDJ, is already available on PC, Mac and iPad and its today available for iPhone.

In order to stand out from the crowded DJ app offer, CrossDJ for iPhone focuses on industry standard DJ setups. “CrossDJ is the easiest way to start Djing. When you step up to iPad app or regular decks, you’ll already be familiar with standard layout.” states CEO Eric Guez.

With its scratching, loops, effects and hot cues, CrossDJ is the first app for iPhone that provides professional features in an intuitive design. Its layout was optimized for the Apple device: smart tabs, large controls and Cue/Play/Sync buttons. Based on the same engine as previous CrossDJ versions, CrossDJ for iPhone provides the most reliable synchronization engine and BPM analysis on the market. It guarantees DJs to be always on the beat. Plus, you can visually preview your mix using parallel waveforms and sync meter.

On top of that, Cross DJ for iPhone provides direct access to iPhone’s iTunes library and playlists. And best of all, it’s free! Playtime is unlimited, and no ads will interfere with the experience. For $2,99 / 2,69€ / 1,99 £, users can upgrade to a premium version with additional effects and the split output function.

Download the app for free on the app store


More info


Video introduction


Oooof! Look out djay – seems that MixVibes want a slice of your action. Adopting a slightly different pricing structure, the regular version is free and to get the multi-channel stuff and extra effects, you’ll have to pay $2.99, €2.69 or £1.99.

So there’s nothing stopping you trying it out, and if you like it you can upgrade for the price of a coffee.

The iPad version has been out for a while, and gets some quality updates for iOS 6.

Audio via Bluetooth
Multi-audio for USB compliant multichannel soundcard
External mixer audio routing mode

It looks like we’ll have a bit of a Cross-fest soon as we’ll cover Cross 2, as well as the iPad and iPhone versions.

  • This looks very slick and nicely put together (and free is a bonus)

    With their background in multi-platform/os is it to much to hope there might ever be an Android version… can’t see it being as much fun on my old (redundant) 3gs. I suppose i will just have to download it to my ladies Ipad2 🙂

  • loopbg

    I got both the iphone and the ipad versions today.
    This is now my favorite DJ app. Especially on the ipad. Very good UI, much better use of the screen estate than djay.

    they are also about to anounce aupport for their own controller, which i find to be very nice option for about 200€, its even greater.

    The only gripe is that during track analysis, the audio thread is getting stuck on older devices. Yet on A6 based, its amaIng.

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