Mixed In Key FLOW is a go!

Two teasers and a beta later, Mixed In Key’s new DJ software is ready for the world. Thankfully the codenamed Danceability beta has a much more palatable name – say hello to Mixed In Key Flow DJ software.

Mixed in Key is still taking a small steps approach. Not much has changed since the beta – obviously bugs have been squished, but rudimentary looping has been added. At first glance, it all seems to work well, and we can only hope that features can start getting trickled out with regular updates.

mixed in key flow dj software

There’s a free 30 day demo that like the beta only has a limit on the number of tracks you could work with, but 150 should be enough for you to make a buying decision. And if you like what you see, you can directly upgrade from the Mixed In Key Flow site to the full version for $58.

If you’ve got questions, the Mixed In Key Flow FAQ is a very good place to start.

  • leavesremix

    I’m going to check it out. i like the idea of keeping it simple. seems the big guys are adding features left right and center. features not everybody wants or needs, and things start getting a bit convoluted.

  • I don’t see any pitch controls, and there only seems to be one BPM display – in the centre. How does that work then? Is there only a master tempo like Ableton Live, that every track plays to?

    Being able to edit track info/ID3 tags is an important thing too (and it’s missing from The One as well). How about the database? Is it one file like MIK?

    • alkivar

      looks like its set up to use sync for pitch by default… you may not get a pitch control option without turning off sync.

      • I’ve just tried mapping a controller in the demo (it walks you through step by step) and there’s no jog wheel or pitch fader mapping.

        • Yakov

          @GroovinDJ: Feedback noted, thank you.

    • Yakov

      Yup, there’s only the “Master Tempo” exactly like Ableton Live. Everything syncs to that. The weakness of that approach is that it’s really hard to mix between House at 126 BPM and Hip Hop at 100 BPM or 140 BPM. It’s not really designed for tempo changes, yet.

  • Sergio Pantaleo

    Looks so close to the One.dj

  • EVO

    Any effects inside pls? Or nothing?

    • Yakov

      @00afb8fb6ab07c3ee3e9c1f38777e2f4:disqus: Nothing yet, because the typical DJ effects are over-used and too boring. We’re creating something unique and exclusive for Flow that won’t be in any other software.

  • stevesweets

    Quite a lot of really nice features here. The playlist export thing is a nice touch, and editing segments looks easy. Impressed.

  • Mark

    I was not able to check the demo out, but I like this a lot. I think it’s an indication of where things are destined to be going.

    ie. The focus on zones instead of cue points, and putting automation and sync (and detailed metadata about the track) at the foundation.

    I think it’s only a matter of time before the “deck A, deck B” paradigm is thrown out here, for the right reasons. Actually I think it’s probably only in Flow initially so we are all in our comfort zone. Why take the risk when introducing the software — it would be less likely to be accepted if it were initially radically different. A “grid of zones” anyone? With new track/zone suggestions flowing onto a scrolling screen, for example.

    So the engineer in me loves this, but not the DJ. It’s very clever, and they’re doing things right, but (and it’s been said before) pushed to its logical conclusion we end up with a computerised DJ. Like playing the piano with quantize on or a drummer that keeps time perfectly to the microsecond; it has no ‘swing’ and loses the human risk factor (in the precision timing) that is part of why a live DJ or live music is so compelling for me.

  • Jonathan Redsell

    I like the look of this. Simple just mixing two tracks together. Keepng it simple and about the transition and the music choice. Just like it was back in the day 🙂

    • Agreed. People get caught up in wanting more and more as if they’ve used up everything that software gas to offer. But for the majority of the market, mixing one track to another is all that’s needed. And Flow brings a new dimension to this as well.

      • Jonathan Redsell

        I would love this on the iPad (just as it is now) with a little mixer unit like the z1 but with a mic channel (and mic eq). Then I think I’d be the happiest man in the world.

        • Yakov

          @jonathanredsell:disqus: One of my teammates just installed TouchOSC and made an iPad controller for Flow. It looked awesome, he showed me a video of himself playing on it… That might be fun for you too http://hexler.net/software/touchosc

          • Jonathan Redsell

            Far to complex (cool but complex), I would like exactly what is in flow now, on the ipad with a midi controller similar to that of the Z1 with a mic channel. Basically a simple mixing unit so I can use the touch screen for music play and selection then the midi controller for the mixing, eq. I’d be happier than a pig in poop if this happened.

          • Guest DJ

            Why Touch OSC when there is the way better (and better looking) Lemur app?

  • Gulli Johansen

    Just going to be honest I tried the Demo I like how it analizes the songs. But there is not one thing about the way the play mode works that I like. So for now and probable forever it’s not for me.

    • How would you like to see it work? What does it need? Yakov is reading comments, so your opinion counts.

      • Gulli Johansen

        I don’t need it to be changed because I already have 4 alternatives that work in a way that I like to mix. Some more then the others

  • DJ Kompiler

    When this software grows a feature to export a set list into Traktor I will be interested in it. To me this software is better suited for doing set prep than playing out with it.

  • DJBrainStormer

    Still stuck with the 3 digit BPM 🙁
    So when ou have a 131.27 track you see it only as a 131 when it’s not! It’s a goddamn 131.27 BPM not a 131 BPM.
    I pointed out this problem with mixed their Mixed In Key software and they haven’t done a thing to correct this, what a shame.

    • You’re wrong there. Mixed In Key can be configured to display either a round BPM (i.e. 131), one decimal place (131.2) or two decimal places (131.27).

      • DJBrainStormer

        Cool, that’s good news. It’s all about the “created by Mixed In Key” and the bad memories I had about having to re-analyse my whole collection of a few terrabytes of music. Do you know if Mixed In key software also changed this feature?

        • DJBrainStormer

          Sorry, you said Mixed In Key, so it also applies to Flow. I will check this out.

  • DJBrainStormer

    Thje worst part is when analysing the tracks it erases previous metadata, so if their BPM detection engine erases your metadata you have to re-analyse everything again with another software.

  • Vinylicious

    I’ve been testing Flow since the beta was released in October. Software worked pretty well out of the box. Glitches, questions, and suggestions submitted via the built-in Feedback pane were responded to at first, but not lately.
    The 4:30 official video is the first tutorial released with any meat to
    it. But, I found out about it only by initiating a Google search for
    Mixedinkey Flow DJ Software. Searching constantly online for some sort of centralized repository detailing issues as they’ve come up, or how/when they are being resolved had been fruitless, not to mention frustrating. Glad to see that an official topic has been created after many weeks of seeing basically nothing mentioned in your own forums. Those of us who’ve seen the potential of, and are willing to help test and refine your product should not have been left without guidance until now. It would have been very helpful to know of resources such as the new video tutorial and forum topic via email. Communication and feedback is a two-way street, guys.

  • DJ TwoCities

    used the link to the software and av tagged it as malware so it was deleted before I could even install it.

  • Bizarre! They’ve discontinued the demo. Only option now is to buy it.

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  • MadHausNYC (Engr. Mehedi)

    I bought MIK6, PN4 and FlowDJ yesterday, Last 24 hours I went through deep analysis and I VOTE ALL THESE SOFTWARES AS A MUST HAVE. Specially Flow DJ is a time savvy easy and hassle free dj mixing software which can be control easily by any MIDI aor Controller and Mixing House music wasn never so fun.

  • Jake Hale

    Can this handle tracks with changing bpms?