Mini Innofader playing up? Here’s the answer

mini innofader prototype

Customer service should be paramount in any business, and this has always been the case with Elliot Marx and his Audio Innovate company. He’s always done way more than is necessary to keep his customers happy, and has built a reputation for being one of the good guys. And part of this stellar customer service is how problems are dealt with. Some manufacturers would deny the issue and hope it went away, but Elliot has fully addressed it, and has a solution, if indeed you’ve even experienced it at all.

In a post on the Audio Innovate forum, Elliot outlines the problem in immense technical detail. The condensed version is that issues with calibration leading to bleeding or dead space was spotted and fixed pretty soon after launch, but some of the older units are now making their way into the hands of customers, thus an increased instance of issues has come about. Elliot is tackling this issue head-on, and working with the manufacturers to sort any issues swiftly. For the record, I’ve used 4 different Mini Innofader enabled mixers and not had a single issue.

This all preempts the upcoming release of the Mini Innofader PNP. Having sorted out these issues and improved the original design, the new fader should just drop into a range of previously inaccessible fader slots. More info will be forthcoming at NAMM.

So if you have experienced some issues with your Mini Innofader enabled box of DJ tricks, a simple solution awaits. Check the Audio Innovate forum post to find out what to do next. And hats off to Elliot for handling this in such an upfront way too.


    I’ve got nothing but wonderful things to say about Elliot and his team, he goes above and beyond! He’s done so for me MULTIPLE times.

    • Mark Settle

      Agreed. I’ve often told him how he tries to sort out too many people to the detriment of his time. Not a bad thing for the customer though.

      • Elliot Marx

        Actually doing this post helps with the time issue. I found myself explaining this over to many customers now I have a clear link which organizes my response :)

  • GroovinDJ

    “Elliot is tackLing this issue”…

  • Lamont Stigler

    Can’t wait for the new Mini Innofader PNP. If it feels anything like the Mini Innofaders in the Traktor Z2 then we have a definite winner.

  • Nicholas Caris

    massive props. I wish rane had the guts to apologize for the build quality and adjustability on the 62 faders.

  • Nicholas Caris

    massive props. I wish rane had the guts to apologize for the build quality and adjustability on the 62 faders.


      They did on seratofourms and replaced them no questions asked as well as the buttons.

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  • phephiphophumb

    i feel customers, who have bought products with these faders should get some sort of code/discount, if they’re interested in upgrading? either, to the mini innofader pnp or just standard pnp. i can’t fault Elliot’s customer service though!! Native instruments sent me three mini innofaders, until i decided to upgrade

    • Elliot Marx

      Yes I posted this on the thread: “You also have the option of
      upgrading to a full bodied Innofader PNP or Innofader Pro. We welcome
      your support of our product, but again in no way are you obligated to
      upgrade. If you contact us directly at Audio Innovate, we will do our
      best to accommodate you considering the issues with the first production
      mini Innofader.”

  • Elliot Marx

    Thanks for bringing this post to light. A combination of factors convinced me to do this post:

    1) When we started talking about the mini Innofader PNP, some customers wondered if the mini Innofader PNP would have the same issues. We resolved this way back in 2012 so it won’t! On top of which it has a precision cut-in adjustment that doesn’t require full recalibration.

    2) Even though the problem has been long resolved, some recently sold product has this issue because of the time it has taken from parts to be made to end product getting manufactured, distributed, and ultimately purchased by DJs.

    3) One Z2 customer told me he suspected the mini Innofader was an illegal copy of the Innofader. I can assure everyone I’ve been 100% involved with the mini Innofader from the very beginning!

    At the same time I’ve done this post, I’ve also been actively communicating with DJ Tech and Native Instruments to ensure 1) they understand the issue fully and 2) every customer who reports this issue can be serviced properly