Meze Headphones give you wood – literally

Luxury, lifestyle and audiophile are words not usually seen in the same sentence. Lifestyle in particular is an awkward fit sandwiched between the others. But Meze Headphones use those very words in that order to describe their oh so desirable range of headphones. I want to don them while wearing a Tweed suit while reading a hand crafted leather bound first edition leaning against my cast iron fireplace. BTW I have 2 of those, but just the jacket of the third.

Nothing screams quality quite like polished wood and gold fittings. And these new Meze cans have heaps of that. Coming in 3 sizes that cover casual use, DJing and production, these appear to somewhat more than simple lifestyle statements. Polished ebony cups with gold plated plugs is the order of the day – a statement making combination if ever there was one.

The Meze 55 Classics are for the street – lightweight and compact, retailing for $120.

The Meze 76 Classics are an on-ear style (my favourite) aimed at DJs and come in at $190.

And the Meze 88 Classics are more for listening to music and retail for $270. All prices are plus taxes and delivery.

So they’re not your usual headphone fodder, and definitely an aspirational statement, that statement probably being “I like wood”. Time will tell if Meze feel that we’re popular enough to warrant a review pair or not.

Does anyone else miss walnut dashboards? Used to have one in my Mini. How I miss that car.