LIMITED EDITION: Livid OhmRGB Midnight Chrome

Livid Instruments OhmRGB Midnight chrome DJ controller (1)

There’s no denying that Livid Instruments craft stunning controllers for the more demanding and discerning performers out there. And in a bid to add a further air of exclusivity and downright ubersexiness, they’ve got an extremely limited edition of the OhmRGB controller in gleaming smoke chrome. Presenting the OhmRGB Midnight Chrome DJ controller.

It doesn’t stop there of course, for the unit is finished off with hand selected walnut ends. Old schoolers like me remember wood being common on DJ and music gear, but with the advent of an unceasing stream of plastic controllers, classy decorative details seem to have been forgotten.

Livid Instruments OhmRGB Midnight chrome DJ controller (2)

Here’s the thing — if you like it, you’ll have to be quick as this is limited to just 10 units only. Such is the way of small boutique companies that they can afford to do extremely limited quantities instead of having to break even at thousands of units. Yours for $599 plus shipping.