KICKSTARTER: Thud Rumble’s Superseal 7″ single

Vinyl projects on Kickstarter are nothing new. But when a stalwart of the scratch DJ scene decides to use it to finance a project, my ears prick up big time. Thud Rumble aka DJ Qbert and business partner Yogafrog have decided to dip their toes in the Kickstarter pool to bring a very special edition of their ongoing Superseal saga. Fancy a 7″ picture disk? Read on.

Superseal is an absolute classic scratch record. It’s a dependable workhorse that should be in every turntablist’s record bag. And a number of Seal themed releases have appeared over the years in a variety of styles and especially colours. But now the venerable 7″ is getting some Superseal love. It seems that Thud Rumble want everyone to have a Vestax Handy Trax, and for  that to become a mobile weapon of choice. Here’s hoping that someone finds an easy way to hack a decent crossfader into one.


You know how these things work — various levels of funding exist, from a single dollar just to say you were involved, right up a crazy cool $5000 for a one to one full day training session with Qbert himself that involves flights, hotels and an extensive session with the man himself.

This particular event is running for another 28 days.

  • I’m sure they can’t afford to put it out theresleves,

  • I’m with Matt Love. I feel this is a cynical use of the kickstarter scheme… I’m not suggesting that they’re millionaires or anything, but a successful small business who are choosing to keep their capital in their pockets because they can.

  • The_KLH

    If TR can make a 7″ disc, then DJWorx needs to kickstart a project. Slipmats? T*shirts? DJW combo timecode disc (TSP on one side, SSL on the other)? How about a track library translation app that can move libraries to/from TP/TSP, ITCH/DJ, VDJ, SSL, etc.?

    • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

      i like the sound of that! I’d chip in for some quality DJWorx wears… over to you Mark. A picture disc would be a nice way to celebrate all the hard work and i’m sure enough of us would pitch in to make it happen.

      I like the idea of the Thud rumble one but in hindsight they do already have the plates so its a bit cheeky really.

  • Mr Brown

    All due respect to Q etc but these guys make more than enough money to not have to crowd source to put a record out (and a gimmick record at that). Kickstarter is a great thing for struggling creatives etc to make their ideas, projects and whatnot come to life when they have little to no money. All Thud is gonna do with this is soak up money that could be better spent helping upcoming ideas and talent.

    • Mr Brown

      Also if anyone remembers they actually did this 7″ record already, so the mastering/metal work for the pressings (the expensive part) has already been done in the past

      • espy.

        it think it’s more of a bait and switch to see if at least one person would do the Qbert training for 5,000, which is mad expensive and overkill on funds needed for only one day of visitation. Oh, and probably also to grasp how many vinyl copies they need to make without having surplus.

        best bet is to not pledge.

        • Cutselekta

          id rather spend 5.000 on equipment and records instead of going to some guys house for a lousy day who happens to be popular in the scratch world…i heard the ahhh sound more than enough already..these Superseal records/45s are of bad quality for the most part..the sounds other than the predictable aahhs and freshs are straight up bad quality for the most part..thats cause they dont sample from the bastards…specially Yogafrog

  • Looking into doing a double sided picture disk to celebrate 10 years of skratchworx and DJWORX. It’s a crazy expensive thing to make!

    • espy.

      yeah, but aren’t picture discs the worst audio output of all vinyl types?

  • Scrash

    A new lowwww. Abusing Kickstarter and using it as a marketing ploy 🙁 They already have all the mastering done, re-order as a picture disk. Anyone can check pressing prices on the internet.

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  • Rich Qbert Quitevis

    FYI: Sounds on the pic disk are switched up different than the first pressings w a new beat on the b side of the 7″… so it did cost a bit, plus labels and cover to make the mini 7″ look authentic.

  • Thud Rumble