ION’s Scratch 2 Go – a sucker for iPads

Last week, skratchlounge member Supacuts came up with an idea, one that fuses a hardware fader with an iPad. He mocked it up with assorted household stuff and produced a video, followed up with another on his theories of controlling iPads with little more than tinfoil disks. Seems this left field thinking is doing the rounds right now as inMusic’s consumer brand ION have come up with a similar concept called Scratch 2 Go and have it and others on display at CES 2013.

The idea is simple – individual hardware components sit over the iPad screen via tiny suckers and take over control of the on-screen controls. The Verge was there at the pre-show and posted a series of quality images.

It’s certainly clever, and from an iPad perspective does offer a viable and ingenious solution to the limitations and obstacles to touch screen DJing. Obviously I have no idea how well this works, but each time I look at it, a wider smile forms on my face.

Like the Frisk fader, Scratch 2 Go should be viewed as a gadget rather than serious addition, but equally should be applauded as a smart idea. Apparently it’ll be $29,

  • this concept has been around for a few years now. Surprised to see it make it to production! It seems a bit silly in some ways but it definitely offers a solution to one of touchscreens biggest problem.

  • with the next generation of screens maybe it will out dated before it hits the shops

    • cool video. I think this stuff has a way to go before its ready for DJing, though.

  • For $29 its worth a go in my opinion!

  • I wonder if Pioneer will be bringing out stick-on CDJ-2000s for those big Emulator screens? 🙂

  • Funny stuff!

  • Cool solution to a complex problem.

  • loll this is some funny stuff, could’ve been a cool xmas present if it was available back then for DJs to mess around!

  • no way I’m putting that on my iPad. takes all viwe from browsing the liberary and what if it over time moves some millimeter so it will be of when you want to make a kill

  • timsensei

    I quite like the plant pots.

  • Getting closer…

  • TheMeta4

    That sounds kinda fun for portable stuff!

  • Look, I’m not about to start a Digital vs Vinyl debate here (for the record, I use a kludge of both) but garbage like this makes me want to punch someone.

    I’ve written off any touch screen as a non-starter for DJing in any form, and this includes a rather pretty TouchOSC layout I used in Serato. Tactility is VITAL for Djing in any form imho. (dont get me started at the lack of midi-over-dock-lead. wifi in a venue? yeah. right.)

    This is the kind of wet arse dribble I expect on Deal Extreme.

    • Woah there – don’t take it so seriously!
      Assuming you drive a car, do you get worked up over plastic pedal car toys?

      • Far worse. I’m a cyclist. I hate drivers and spandex wearers with equal measure.

  • The_KLH

    Clever is an interesting choice of words…

  • My friend recently performed with two iPads via DJ Rig and iRig MIX from IK Multimedia. He wanted to take a visibly different approach, and despite my initial reservations after hearing his set I can attest to this platform being a viable option for many.

    Scratch 2 Go seems like a cool enough idea at first glimpse, but after some examination a few key concerns arise. The primary being, how exactly do you go about controlling other functions of the software like selecting tracks and assigning them to decks?

    Anyhow, If products like this are being introduced so early into 2013 I can only
    imagine what the rest of year / beyond will hold for iOS users. Should be interesting to observe at the least.

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  • Djsureshot

    I think the whole thing Sucks! LOL

  • Djsureshot

    By the time it’s all said and done you may as well just have purchased a controller. I applaud the effort, but I just can’t see how practical this would be.

  • Christiaan Gombert

    This is the worst press photoshot for a product ever. That crossfader on the screen isn’t even underneath the real crossfader.

    • Actually, that’s where it is in the software. I’d have to say that the software is made upside down.

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  • Cyellz94

    Can I use this with ableton?