INDUSTRY: inMusic buys Denon and Marantz

inmusic buys denon and marantz from D&M

Confirming a rumour that has been going around for a number of months, the inMusic acquisition machine has gone and snapped up some prime pro audio brands from D&M Holdings. This includs Denon Professional and Marantz Professional, but of most interest to us, Denon DJ.

Here’s the press release from the burgeoning inMusc HQ:

inMusic Brands Inc., comprised of Akai Professional, Alesis, Alto Professional, ION Audio, M-Audio, Numark, and others, expands its technology portfolio with the addition of three iconic brands.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA – April 15, 2014. Today, inMusic announced the addition of three professional product brands from D&M Holdings to its existing family of brands. Denon Professional, Marantz Professional, and Denon DJ join a family that includes Akai Professional, Alesis, Alto Professional, ION Audio, Numark, M-Audio, AIR Music Technology, and Mixmeister.

“By adding Denon Professional, Marantz Professional, and Denon DJ to our family of brands, we’re strengthening our base of DJ assets while extending our footprint in the professional market to the commercial installation and contractor segments,” said Jack O’Donnell, owner and CEO, inMusic. “We’re excited about the products and technologies developed by these established brands, and look forward to writing the next chapter in the D&M Pro story by creating new, innovative products for Denon Professional, Marantz Professional, and Denon DJ customers.”

“We are pleased to have reached agreement with inMusic to license the rights to the D&M Pro brands as this is another step in our strategy to continue focusing on our core consumer brands,” said Jim Caudill, CEO at D&M Holdings. “We are confident that inMusic will bring the required focus and investments to accelerate the growth of these well respected brands.”

So inMusic grows even stronger in pro audio, snapping up brands that not only supplement their existing DJ based brands, but also give them a strong foothold in new areas for the group. It really doesn’t seem so long ago that D&M adopted the same aggressive acquisition model as inMusic. The difference here seems to be that D&M has tried to work Allen & Heath and Denon into something more, but now has decided to offload them both in comparatively double-quick time. Just last year, A&H was sold to venture capital company Electra, and now the Denon Pro/Marantz Pro/Denon DJ trinity has been moved on too.

From a DJ perspective, it’s a very smart move. When you compare Denon DJ with the Numark product range, there is a degree of common ground, and areas where both Denon DJ and Numark are strong. But Denon DJ’s higher end offerings, including media players and mixers, whereas Numark is stronger at the lower end (and indeed has no high end mixer offering), will get a serious boost within the inMusic roster. It’ll be interesting to see how the DJ brands will coexist, and if they naturally develop areas where both can prosper. With this move, inMusic just fended off Reloop a little, but also stepped toe to toe with Pioneer.

It’s going to be fun to see what, if anything develops from this. inMusic is becoming a huge behemoth of a corporate entity, and things don’t always move quickly in such things. I imagine that there will be the inevitable reshuffling of heads, rationalising of resources, and all that other business acquisition stuff most of us will never see. But one thing is for sure — inMusic just got a lot stronger in pro audio.

  • “eat them up yum yum”

    • Mark Smith

      InMusic Vs. The Pro Audio World!

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      awesome as always 🙂

    • Knights of the round table

      I really love that new tune from the collab of Guetta and Avicci, called Pacman screw Mrs Pac

  • lazysoul

    I really hope a SC3900/V7 type controller will see the day .

    • filespnr

      I would love to have a 3900, if and only if, it ran a self contained video software, with video outputs. BUT..wouldnt pay 800 for it. It has to actually work, and not have drop outs on the rewind -like the current ones, when playing from usb 🙁 …..and not cost one penny more than 375

      • Knights of the round table

        You want video?

        Buy Serato or DVJ from Pioneer!

  • Interesting…..

    I’m thinking that Numark have innovated in certain areas (hard drives in DJ kit) but Denon just kinda dabbled a couple of times (HD2500, HS5500) then veered away from it. Now it just might be possible to combine the Numark innovation with the Denon design and come up with some killer stand-alone hardware, along the lines of the recently pictured NS7 tri-screen etc.

  • I always thought, that the Denon DN-X1600/1700 mixers were way ahead of it’s time even compared with the semi new DJM-900 and just to damn overlooked! I hope those or future mixers get more / the attention they deserve!

  • Yep very interesting times ahead, would love to see viewers photoshop mashups of newmark / denon products 🙂

    • Denmark!

      • SpazzMatic

        Nice …! LOL

      • David De Garie-Lamanque

        with the writing on the faceplate in Norse Runes!!!!!!

        • Knights of the round table

          Id buy one for sure, and call it Thors Jammer!

      • Knights of the round table

        No thats Bang Olfsen!

        Must be Nudemark! cause Denon was munched like pacman by Numark!

  • Shaun Whitcher

    Is it just me or is inMusic and Harman International Industries like the News Corp of the audio industry? Both buy up smaller companies left and right to squash competition.

    • Jared Helfer

      Is competition getting squashed, though?

      • Shaun Whitcher

        The “competition” between Numark and Denon is now…….what exactly?

        • nem0nic

          What would the competition be between Numark and Denon if Denon was either allowed to die, or defunded to the point of being irrelevant?

          • Shaun Whitcher

            A competition with a decisive victor.

            I know why a company would want to do whatever it takes to stay alive, I would do the same if I was in Denon’s situation, truly. Denon is a great company and has built quality gear for quite some time.

            My concern is with this trend of very large companies buying up smaller ‘mom-and-pop’ companies and dying competition. This is happening in different industries on a global scale (think Walmart). The huge telecom mergers in the US haven’t been all that great, from a consumer point of view. As these companies get bigger, so does the cost of the product they supply, not cool.

            I’m always skeptical when huge conglomerations eat-up their competition, experience has left a bad taste in my mouth, but lets hope this merger a win-win situation for everybody and doesn’t end up costing the consumer in the end.


            • Jared Helfer

              Wait… so the only competition that is valid is between Numark and Denon? What about competition between Numark (including Denon), Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Vestax, Reloop, Gemini, Native Instruments and Stanton?

              I also hope this makes the industry better on a whole, but competition isn’t dead. InMusic can take a dying brand and inject life into it (via money, of course) and make it a competitive brand against the larger industry.

              You make an interesting point about larger companies selling more expensive gear, but I’d like to see any references or proof of that in the DJ industry. Usually mom and pop companies sell gear for a lot more money than larger businesses due to, y’know, mass of production.

              • Shaun Whitcher

                I’m using Numark and Denon as examples. Do you think inMusic or Harman would buy Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Vestax, Reloop, Gemini, Native Instruments, Stanton, et al, if they could? Hell yes they would, in a heartbeat! Do you think they’ll stop buying companies, one by one, anytime soon, as to not get too big? How are inMusic and Harmon not considered large in this industry?

                So far, inMusic owns: AIR Music Technology, Akai, Alesis, Alto Professional, Denon DJ, Denon Professional, ION Audio, M-Audio, Marantz Professional, MixMeister, Numark, and Sonivox.

                So far, Harmon owns: AKG Acoustics, Audio Access, Becker, BSS Audio, Crown, dbx, DigiTech, HardWire, HiQnet, harman/kardon, Infinity (home/car speakers), iOnRoad, JBL, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Martin Professional, Revel, Selenium, Soundcraft, and Studer.

                This is what I’m getting at and the reason behind my News Corp analogy and Telecom merger examples.

                Frankly, it scares me when one or two companies own EVERYTHING, in ANY industry, be it food, oil, Internet, telephone, entertainment, etc., because once monopolies form, the consumer is typically the one that gets screwed over. Look what’s happening in the live entertainment industry with Live Nation Entertainment merging with Ticketmaster and purchasing venues around the world, effectively killing off or ‘absorbing’ smaller promotional companies. This merger was so big, it was opposed by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Intuit, eBay and others. If companies as giant as Google and Microsoft smell something wrong with this merger, it must really stink.

                People should be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to mergers, of any kind, because as history has shown, the consumers almost always get the bad end of the deal.

                I’m not saying anything nefarious is going on in the DJ industry, but in other industries, things are pretty damn scary right now and I would hate to see this same sort of monopolization spread within the DJ industry that I love so much.

                Politics aside, I sincerely hope this merger a win-win situation for everybody 🙂

                • Jared Helfer

                  I don’t like monopolies either, I completely understand where you’re coming from. But I’m not sure how Denon going away, or collapsing and disappearing, is better than being revitalized back into the industry. It isn’t the same as Live Nation and Ticketmaster merging, since they control, through their various companies, so much of the entertainment industry that competition can’t be started at all.

                  InMusic and Harmon don’t stop new companies from showing up, they don’t stop other companies from entering the market and they surely don’t stifle innovation. These one or two companies don’t own everything in the music/dj industry.

                  Actually, what I like about InMusic’s companies is that they each exist in their own little universe. Numark has competition, Alto has competition, Akai has competition, Denon has competition, etc., and they are all actively competing.

                  I think we agree on the politics side of thing, but the DJ industry is a FAR cry from the oil and telecom industries.

                  I think this merger will be a win-win, honestly.

              • Stanton is not a contender since Gibson discontinued their cartridges, good mixers, and even the advancing of the firmware on their Hanpin media players. Vestax is completely gone. Gemini is rushing strait ahead with more USB players and controllers, but dumping TTs and mixers. Allen & Heath is only mixers and MIDI. Reloop has almost no presence outside of Europe, though they do appear now to have exclusive rights to the standalone USB/MIDI transports. So right now the only companies selling a full range of products throughout the world are InMusic and Pioneer DJ.

                • Jared Helfer

                  So… this post is from 2 years ago. 2 years ago Vestax was still around, there was a chance that Stanton might not disappear, Reloop was very much coming into their own, and Allen & Heath hadn’t decided their future yet.

                  2 years later is a very different world. I wouldn’t make this post today, but that’s because the market and the industry has changed. Not sure why it needs to be rehashed now, though.

          • Knights of the round table

            If a liquidation happens i will never lower myself to buy a Numark product ever again, they can and will never reach the higher standards that Denon DJ, Allen & Heath and Marantz had.

            “I really hope for a competitor brand that squash both Pioneer and Numark to nothingness in the vast space of sound!”

        • Knights of the round table

          Numark + Denon = Nudemark!

    • filespnr

      There is no competition. Thats an illusion used by marketers. There is only collusion.

      • Shaun Whitcher

        Bingo! Someone’s paying attention 🙂

      • Ragman

        Agreed. This gonna be an interesting mix of companies from a product development standpoint.

      • Knights of the round table

        or collision, diffrent brands make the same sort of shitty products, all made in china!

    • nem0nic

      I totally understand the sentiment behind this post, but I see it a different way. The reality is InMusic didn’t reach out and aggressively court these companies. Denon wasn’t in strong financial shape, and Bane has said as much twice since NAMM in public statements – so it’s not a secret.

      We KNOW that InMusic will do something positive with these brands. People from Denon will continue to draw a paycheck, and good products will continue to be made – so it’s a net win. It’s good to see venerable brands live on instead of fade away.

      • Shaun Whitcher


    • Knights of the round table

      They are the Audioindustries counterpart of M$, Apple, Sony and EA
      They much up the competition, grab the good stuff and chunk the rest, bury the brands that ment something.

      Its a sad day, it really is

      R.I.P Denon DJ

      The only thing that is good new is that the hardware people take care of will go up in value!

      Pioneer dont stand a chance, even if the crap is limited!


    Denon and Marantz quality will go down the drain.

    • debunk

      Yeah just like Akai has and all the other brands they currently own… oh, wait…

      • Knights of the round table

        I really hope not you mean that Akai has good quality as they did before?, cause now they are SHIT!

    • Deleted_Account

      I think this is the perfect scenario for InMusic having a budget line in Numark while chasing Pioneer on the high end.

  • Toastmonster

    The quote in the article says LICENSE. This must not be a 100% buy out situation.

  • Knights of the round table

    Its a sad day for people that care about quality and price, R.I.P Denon DJ, im glad i got the chance to know you in the beginning when you were the greatest names in the business.

    Now its up to Numark and Pioneer, which are the same, regarding the toy quality, the only thing that differ is the huge difference in price.

    Pioneer has dropped many points after the launch of Nexus, it feels cheap, acts cheap and sounds cheap as well, ive compared the two CDJs and 2000 gen 1 win in muy book!

    Not to mention their controllers, fisherprice anyone?

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