IKEA sort out Harry Love's DJ life

For a very long time, it has seemed to me that IKEA simply didn’t realise just how iconic and throughly suited their EXPEDIT shelves were in the DJ scene. But now they’ve got wise and tapped into the thirtysomething vinyl owning DJ market who now have families but no space to put anything – apart from the kitchen or toilet it seems. DJ Harry Love typifies said market perfectly and gets the full onslaught of IKEA’s extensive product range.

Ikea expedit DJ harry love (2)

I’ve been in this particular fix more than once. Indeed, the new studio is in dire need of some Expedits to make sense of the space. And there’s nothing quite so fulfilling as neatly stacking your stuff into actually designated spaces, rather than stepping over piles of disorganised crap. I keep posting glossy wide angled shots of the new space, but the reality is somewhat different and in need of some tidying up.

Ikea expedit DJ harry love (3)

I’ve never had vinyl stacked in a toilet though, and even though I have 3 in the studio, I have no plans to use them as a music library. But I did have a cat that used part of my collection as a scratching post once, and not in a cool DJ way either. So no cat for the studio methinks.

Ikea expedit DJ harry love (1)

A tidy house is a tidy mind, so if you take anything away from this video, it’s to get your stuff organised ASAP. I know I have, because I had an extensive IKEA based pitch that I wrote but never got organised enough to press the go button on. Bugger. So I’m expecting many a man-cave to get the IKEA treatment in the coming weeks and months. I’ve already got a box of industrial casters ready for my EXPEDIT based moveable units.

I want a ladder to reach the top of my vinyl collection too. 🙁

  • Oh yeah, I could handle that kit out.

  • dj murj

    i have records piled in the garage and basement just getting all sorts of weather damage. Not too long ago I was on a rampage to find a C.R.E.A.M. single that had signatures from Method Man, RZA, GZA, Ghostface, UGod, Masta Killa, and some other wu affiliates… After searching through everything, all I had left was a stack of records that were shoved too tight into one crate that ended up stuck together. I gently peeled them apart with some success, then I peeled a Aesop Rock – Daylight single away from what turned out to be the nostalgic gem. I peeled carefully and slow but nothing could prevent the damage that was done. I thought I learned a lesson…signatures and sleeves need to be protected from dark damp caverns just as much as vinyl needs to be protected from sunlight. Later I learned that signatures and sleeves don’t mean shit. Keep your serato crates fresh with enough TRAP or whatever the latest ish be and you will be happier that the vinyl junkie with ikea shelves…

  • lol. slight overkill on the vinyl placement in the video, but love the little kid popping up. this video is about 20 years overdue – didn’t we all have the big IKEA desk with multiple shelves and swing out monitor arms etc for the ‘studio’ back in the 90s?

    • Mike_Safari

      The Jerker! Yes, that’s its actual name. Hell, I’d still have one if I had the room. Instead I settled for its less-than-sturdy little brother, the Fredrik.

  • My vinyl storage units are individual cubes, in stylish (!) brown woodgrain. Not from Ikea!

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  • I love this vid man! Got all my Vinyl in an Expidit also. This dudes studio is incredible!

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  • Have to agree with this … Ikea furniture was a godsend. Expedite bookshelves for vinyl, and a $50 Malm dressing table that my decks, mixer, sampler & other goodies sat on.

  • Anyone know what they used to give extra height to his tables? Could used that myself… got the road cases scratching up the surfacenow

    • White Wulfe

      Quite possible he used the CAPITA legs to increase the height, and as for the top, the VIKA AMON countertop seems to be a popular choice (especially if you want the extra depth).

  • I have Ikea shelves everywhere.


    Ikea Pimp My Home 🙂

  • Why not have a IKEA in Brazil???

  • Jose Silva

    Vinyl? Needles? 1200’s?…where am I?

    • On a DJ site that still covers such things. 😉

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  • TheBear

    Nice gaff Mr Love